The World is One Family

The necessity of economic and social developments of the people, which is standing as a long due, has yet to be fulfilled by many national governments of the world. Still many dictatorship governments of the world that are adhering to the rigid principles of politics and religions are denying individual liberty and human rights to the people for their developments, though the state sponsored socio-economic development programs have failed or yet to be fulfilled.

Also due to lack of reforms, efficiency and discipline, many democratic States have opened Pandora's Box only that has generated class or caste differences, corruption and violence everywhere instead of providing social justice and welfare State for improving the living standard of the people, even after sixty years of getting independence in some cases, because political freedom has politicized all matters and has not obtained social freedom, economic freedom and cultural freedom for the people in the name of materialism which does not care for naturalism and humanism paving the way not towards civilization of the world but barbarism only resulting in wars over disputes which can be peacefully resolved rather than taking up arms to settle the old scores or complete the unfinished business among nations.

In this respect both the technologically developed nations and religiously orthodox nations choose the path of war to settle their disputes as the people did in the Stone Age. So, in the modern world though man is technologically developed, he has not yet socially and culturally developed, and civilization has made a complete circle to savagery once again making true the fact that history repeats itself.

Credibility of UNO Undermined

Nobody likes war in the world today after witnessing major World Wars I and II, long Vietnam War, Afghan War and now Iraq War pre-emptively waged by the Anglo-American forces supported by Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Austria, Colombia and other nations in order to take control of the world's second largest oil reservoirs and redraw international borders in that region under the guise of disarming Weapons of Mass Destruction and installing new government there. However, the slogans of war and speeches inspiring war are often uttered by the religiously fanatical terrorists on the one side. On the other side, economically, technologically and militarily advanced nations like the UK, the USA and others have thrust war on the world without the authorization of the UNO and against the opposition of the majority of the people all over the world as well as the member nations of the UNO such as France, Germany, Russia, China, India and others.

This is clearly a violation of the international law undermining the authority and the credibility of the UNO which is the only world general organization that can peacefully settle the disputes between the nations and reconstruct the economy and rehabilitate the people of the destroyed nations after the war. Only animals and barbarians fight among themselves to settle their scores. So, if modern nations and backward nations also follow the same method for solving their disputes without any mediation, what is the difference between the latter and the former?

Formation of World Union

After the Cold War, the only remaining Super Power in the world is America. Because of its hyper power nature, America unilaterally wants to solve the problems of International Terrorism and Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons or Weapons of Mass Destruction in the world. Its unilateral approach without the utilization of UNO to solve those problems is criticized by many nations that want to solve them by multilateral approach. Now America's war in Iraq has divided the opinions of the nations in the world, the UNO and the European Union. Further America's too much haste in its pre-emptive war on Iraq has also broken the Vision of the New World Order.

The developments of a new world order are in the offing due to the formation of the European Union and its extension towards East, the African Union and also the possible formation of other world unions on their models. This is a positive trend towards the formation of One World Union possibly by the initiation of the UNO in the later stage.

All these progressive visions, ideas and their implementations are for the moment hampered by the hasty actions of the USA ignoring the existence of the UNO, whose intention, value, honor and power have to be respected by all the nations so that peace, unity and international order could prevail over the whole world and could be maintained by non-aggression, non-interference, cooperation, coordination and co-existence of the world nations on the basis of friendship and goodwill among themselves which could pave the way for the development of nations in various fields that could solve all the problems of mankind and result in the formation of One Human World soon.

Unipolar World only harmful

Unipolar world under the rule of one Super Power cannot solve all the problems of mankind and settle all the matters in the world. The experiment had been tried by Alexander, Genghiz Khan, Napoleon and Hitler, but met with failure only. The experiment had been tried by the Communist ideology of Russia as well as China, but met with failure only.

Further, one industrialized world society controlled by a totalitarian regime is rejected by the international community. One industrialized world civilization under democratic rule allowing all round human development is accepted, but impossible to achieve and maintained by one Super Power. If no war is there in the future, the world may even revert to an Agrarian State fed up with too much industries, machines, computers, pollutions, diseases and destruction of art, culture and nature due to the bad effects of civilization, that have actually started after the industrial revolution of the world!

But now the world trend is heading towards a big clash of civilizations based on technological politics and religious politics. Both are dangerous to humankind and with the nuclear weapons in the hands of those dangerous forces, the destruction of the world is surely soon to be witnessed, which is the worst situation everyone has to avoid at any cost.

One Human World by Human Culture

Realizations regarding the harmful developments of the world should dawn upon every nation in the world. To solve all the problems and achieve social justice, the creation of One Human World is necessary, which is possible only by human culture and not by politics or religion or science and technology alone. Politics, science and religion have harmed much and not united but only divided mankind and confined the people in various circles according to their natures. So, there are clashes and conflicts between rivals on the basis of class, color, community, race, religion and language that are magnified and perpetrated by politicians for the advantages and benefits of their leaders.

Light of truth or knowledge only can save the people from darkness. As said by the spiritual philosopher J. Krishnamurti, people should come out of the circles they belong to and see from above so that they can see the things as they really are. Love and hate are part of life. Hatred divides, but love unities the people. So, hatred for small or petty causes should be dropped and love for a broad cause should be cultivated for human progress in life.

For that human culture, which is the love of, study of and pursuit of human perfection, is the best course to follow in the life of the world both for the individuals and the society at large. So, leaders of human culture like the persons of general knowledge, who have interest in everything, can understand human complexity and unite mankind under human culture, which is the means by which One Human World can be established for the benefit and well being of humankind.

One World Family

It is a fact that man's needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education, employment, intellectual pursuits and spiritual fulfilment can be achieved only by world peace, unity in diversity, love of all living beings and international brotherhood as preached by all the religions of the world but not by indifference, hatred, divisions and wars. It is true as said by Dr. G.P. Gough in the foreword to Steinberg's Historical Tables that 'peoples are connected with one another by a network of contacts and obligations, visible and invisible'Every one of us is a citizen of the world; each nation is a branch of the human race. Geographical, racial and linguistic barriers blur, but cannot destroy the fundamental unity of mankind.'

On a larger scale this truth is also confirmed by Advaita Vedanta philosophy by its main conclusion that 'there is a fundamental unity in this Universe and this basic unity interconnects all matters, mind and consciousness.' In short, Hinduism simply says by the term, Vasudaiv Kudumbakam that the world is one family. So, if the thoughts, ideas and dreams of the intellectuals, mystics and seers cherished much by many from time immemorial are implemented by the joint efforts of the peace loving leaders and people of the world, surely One Human World can be translated into a reality soon!    


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