Religion is Itself a Philosophy

Religion is itself a practice-based philosophy in every society. According to the faith, it is considered as Hindu philosophy, Islamic philosophy and Christian philosophy, etc. It is a set of different rituals and believers only perform it for their own inner satisfaction. Sister Nivedita (1907)(in an introduction to the “Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda”) expressed that ‘life is itself religion’ and realization of oneness of all existence is religion. In her realization, Swami Vivekananda removed the distinction between sacred and secular. Swami Vivekananda preached that the purpose of religion is universal, and it provides infinite space of development. Sister Nivedita again opined,‘ we know that all religions alike, from the lowest fetishism to the highest absolutism, are but so many attempts of the human soul to grasp and realise the Infinite. So, we gather all these flowers, and binding them together with the cord of love, make them into a wonderful bouquet of worship.’ ‘None of this world was foreign or alien.’ According to Swamiji, ‘there existed only Humanity and Truth.’ And "If one religion true, then all the others also must be true.”

But when it uses as religion, it creates an environment of a superior and inferior in mind. Therefore, it exposes and plays in the psyche to hate and hurt other groups. As philosophy, it might yield an environment of living together. But it is a barrier of divisions among human species throughout the globe. It separates the geographic location also. This is a Christian country because people live here by faith Christian. That is an Islamic country because people there believe on Islam. Thus, we are segregated, and our behaviour is shaped accordingly. It is significant to dominate and exploit with each other because everybody thinks his/her faith is the best. It causes violence and intolerance against other.

Shree Shree Rama Krishna guides us in His Saying how to nourish this soul. It was His whole’s life achievement. Sacrifice, immersion of self-love/greed, non-violence, love to others irrespective of race, caste, etc. are the prime goals of human life. These are also the human values in every society. Materials greed and attraction to wealth as well as wealth making is central points of violence and division. He preaches for religious harmony through combination of religious faiths in different forms and different names. Every religious faith tells and prays for the Single in different ways. It is according to Shree Shree Rama Krishna water in the different name- jal, pani, aqua or water. Our purpose of drinking is the same.

Everybody should be more conscious about the using of the religion as an identity. It should be limited within a philosophy of faith and practice. Then, the whole world might avoid religious conflict. The world might be a space of peaceful living.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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