Suicide: A Crude Form of Homicide

All of us know that ‘death’ is an end of a life; young or old, rich or poor, elite or idiotic, beautiful or ugly. Death comes to many with or without invitation. While birth can be decided today by the advances in science, death cannot be predicated how, when, where and why it strikes. It is so stealthy and insidious. Once it happens that is the end of everything for that individual. It is not reversible.

Death is certain; but, what shocks me today are the news on ‘suicide’; the death, which has been embraced intentionally or voluntarily, and the deaths by gruesome accidents.

Well, accidents are unpredictable except in certain cases where supreme negligence and dangerous feats taken by the individual.

But, suicide?

There are numerous explanations, and discourses have been purported on it; abysmal depths of depression, it is said, are the prime cause of suicides. When, from where and why depression comes? That too happens in the land of India which had taught the greatness of family and values of renunciation to the whole world through their innumerable saints and philosophers.

A teenager at the threshold of education opts for suicide because she cannot get into the field of study. A pair of youngsters who is yet to start their life prefers to end their future just because their ‘love’ isn’t accepted. An individual ends his/her life of inexplicable reasons. A husband of a popular personality jumps to death just for reasons known to him only. A business tycoon who made name and fame all over the world with thundering success decides to exit the world attributing the cause to his inept methods of handling the enterprise.

Apart from the sudden and shocking termination of life, the methods all these followed make one wonder that no mind is ruthless than the human brain. Even assuming the underlying reason for all these suicides are defeat, frustration, incompetence, depression, helplessness, ignominy and what not, I feel it is the disguised ‘greed’ or ‘avarice’ in the human mind and the entitlement syndrome.

Human brain is blessed with good and bad ideas. It selects mostly what it wants and what it desires. One cannot blame it. When the desire or ambition or aspiration tries to overshoot the capacity of the individual, it invariably ends in failure leading to the disaster called suicide; a crude way of showing their anger, protest and displeasure.

A youngster who could not get an education she wants can always go for something which is closely related to the subject of her choice. The lovers who wanted to live together can fight against the odds or postpone their marriage or opt out if it is going to hurt too many individuals. Love or Marriage, definitely, is not the ultimate of a human life. The misunderstanding between married couples could be sorted out in umpteen ways through counseling or in the worst case by parting ways. For a business tycoon there must be innumerable ways because of the name, fame and standing in the business and can rise like a phoenix even it had turned into ashes.

But, none seems to have opted or thought about the alternatives; their objective seems to be ‘I want this, I couldn’t get it and I don’t want to live. Period.’

The decision seems to stem out of not desperation but of appalling avarice or a sense of entitlement which will only show the way to destruction; here, it is, suicide. I am sorry; I have to rename it as a ‘Crude form of Homicide’.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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