As High As A Kite

I was sitting on the beach the other day watching a kite (In the shape of a two winged aircraft) flying high in the sky. It made wonderful acrobatic maneuvers as if piloted by a person with a lifetimes experience of flying. However, we all know a kite cannot fly without the power of the wind. So how real was the performance I was watching?

Firstly, it took a person with great imagination to design a kite shaped like a tiger moth aircraft that can encompass the aerodynamics to be powered by the wind. That accomplishment in itself takes great skill and awareness of the forces of nature.

Secondly, the person who purchased the kite needs to read the instructions and learn how to apply the winds forces to achieve a great display. The mind and hand coordination requires a mastery to
attain the required skills.

Thirdly, without the power of the wind, the kite would just be a charming, colorful, textured replica of a Tiger Moth aircraft. We cannot see the wind....but we know it must exist, for we can feel it and see the consequences of its power.

So, we have a relationship between the designer and manufacturer which ultimately will connect to the user. It then needs a power of nature that cannot be seen in order to allow the kite to operate. The display I was observing had a lot of behind the scenes work that needed to be performed, before the show could go on.

But, where did the designer get his ideas from?
How did the user coordinate his thoughts with his hands?
What are the invisible forces in our lives that project all the physical actions we see all around us?
And what is more important...How real are they?
Are the intangible force the true reality and are the physical things we see, taste, feel, smell and hear just a manifestation of a display
that looks great, but is only a finite illusion?
Are we all flying our kites in a wind of fantasy?
Are we living a life with self- images that mask the truth of the real power of who and what we are?
Are we living on the breezes of discontent that takes away the true Love and Joy that we are intended to live?

Somewhere beyond our brains belief system and conscious awareness, lives the cosmic truth of a reality that creates "all things." Hidden in each cell of our being exists the secrets to divine immortality that transcends humanities divisions.

The next time you observe a kite flying high in the sky, become aware of the divine cosmic power of spirit that is flying your kite (Mind) to higher, elevated levels of True Love and Authentic Joy. Say to yourself out loud "I Have The Spirit to be Wealthy, The Soul To Be Healthy And The Heart To Be Wise." 


More by :  Michael Levy

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