Let's Celebrate Life

We wait for a magic moment to change the way we live, we wait for that magic touch in our life that will make our life extra special.

We are suddenly fed up of the daily drudgery or every day redundant life.

We get depressed easily and we get stressed up at any extra pressure. We find ways to get away from it all and to take that break which is always elusive.

We are now aware it is not only material gains that will make us deliriously happy but that soothing peace of mind feeling which once again plays hide and seek with us that will honestly make us happy both in mind and body.

We know that 'Jadoo' exists only in films but it is also a subtle way of showing us that let not the jadoo in our lives disappear and may we not lose that magic touch forever.

Let us learn to smile, to say hello again to a long lost friend, to hug our children and tell them that we love them from the bottom of our hearts, to not judge people but accept them for what they are, to try and not keep changing rules and values for our convenience. Let us again pick up that paper and pen which has been overtaken by emails and write wonderful letters to our close ones. Let us sit together for lunch or dinner shutting off the television. Let us acknowledge and shower praise where it is due. Let us try to compliment or say a nice thing and not let the moment rush by. Let us learn to forgive before it is too late .Let us learn to say sorry when we are in the wrong without false pride and ego coming in our way. Let us learn to fill our hearts with kindness and love . 

Let us create the magic and live life the way it should really be lived. Fully.


More by :  Viraj R. Rai

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Comment its asssum................................really Life is gr8...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

priyanka talreja
22-Aug-2011 13:15 PM

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