Personification of Nature - 1

Nature the Personification of God The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer!

When I see the blue sky or black clouds therein God Krishna
Ever comes to my mind making me feel He is personification
Of Nature and Universe far and wide in infinite is dimension
Enclosing all Stars, planets and living beings in one sure!

Sure we are all part and parcel of Nature everywhere ever;
We belong to Vasudev family, which means world is one family;
Here Natural justice or Dharma prevails everywhere for all
Living beings to live in unity, love and peace for long....!

Meddling with this natural set up man cannot gain anything,
But only meet with destruction that have been well proved
By way of natural disasters caused by climate change due to
Pollution and poisonous gases produced by man's technology!

Technology is necessary but not at the cost of Nature, Art
And Culture protecting humanity supporting harmonious life
With Nature to enjoy bliss and live all in unity, love and
Peace for the sustenance of life forever in the world sure!

By Incarnations and Noble Mystics besides Nature God guides All!

Not only Nature is personification of God but also reflects
His beauty and voice through beauty of Nature and music of
Birds and artistic performance of virtuoso in musical notes
And songs haunting heart. mind and soul of all in the world!

Further for life to go on in love, joy and peace, He has
Incarnated as divine humans humans worship and pray ever
Following all wise words in holy books of all religions
Being followed by humankind of various races and regions!

Also, He has not only guided humans by incarnations but
Also through noble mystics, philosophers and Poets of the
World through their deep expressions in articles and Poems
That many follow as religious utterances by them forever!

Almighty reveals through Nature, beauty, music and words
Of Verses and truths of sages, seers and mystics of Nature!

Personifications of Nature as Gods Absorb All more than Preaching!

Personification of Nature has many Gods in India, Greece and Rome;
Gods of India such as Sun, Vayu. Varuna and s on are different
And seem to be fathers of Karna, Hanuman and another one quite
Peculiar when they are compared to Greek and Roman ones of past!

Such great god-men are interesting personification of Nature that
Kindles interest to read great epics not on in Indian literature
But also in Greek or Roman literature quite eternally all absorbing
Ones no one can set aside when anyone comes across in studies sure!

Love of God is built up by personification of Nature in an unique
Way quite interesting to read and remember when one sees such an
Aspect of Nature in the day today life in the world from the early
Childhood on and such things are shared with generations as culture!

More than preaching of religious ideas such stories of Gods as
Personifications of Nature absorb heart, mind and soul sure...!

Dwelling Deep in Romantic Adventure in Nature!

When I am introspectively searching for my Self in loneliness
Submerged in viewing vast sea and sky merging at the horizon.
My thoughts have become one with the association of romantic
Friends like Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley only!

Nature of minds among ourselves is of the same wavelength;
A great joy engulfed my whole self in their life and acts;
Not only that, but also, the joyful adventures of great
Characters like Pickwick and friends by Dickens absorb me!

What a romantic feeling electrify me to muse and mingle with
Those thoughts in Nature many a tine in such a way that I
Feel I have regained my real sense to go on an adventure of
Free thoughts in romantic mood and that has led me as Poet!

Myth making Shelley out of Nature has made me to dwell deep to
Make a great stride in the realm of personification of Nature!

Live in Paradise Living in Harmony with Nature!

Romantic Poets of past have inspired youngsters to enquire all
Conventional ideas in religion, society and politics so as to
Follow newer edition to live better life in the world in joy!
It's wise to study history, literature and Nature besides others!

Just economies, science and technology or other subjects are not
Ever enough to make one complete in education to face any odd
Situations in world life to live better life in love and peace
As educational knowledge can be worthier and make one powerful!

Because Nature is neglected along with Art and human culture,
The world is going in the wrong direction quite a longtime and
Due to that climate change has triggered wrath of Nature ever
Leading us face natural disasters in an unprecedented fashion!

Only in living in harmony with Nature humanity can dream of
Living a life of paradise changing hellish world into heaven!

Make Education Useful by Knowledge of Nature!

Nature has Universal Spirit within like human body has soul
That activates everything and is what called as Divine Spirit;
Realization of this eternal truth about God is basic knowledge
That makes all things clear for one to aspire for higher level!

Lessons of Nature and deep studies in Nature make one complete
And clear about Self, World, Nature and Spirit helping one to
Have vision of what one has to do to reach one's destiny clear
With a broad ambition as the driving force of life in the world!

Unless one has such a resolution one's education is useless and
One goes about probing in darkness like a blind man ever or like
One going on a journey not knowing the destination one has to
Reach to complete one's mission in world life with confidence!

Sans confidence with cleat vision and ambition, one cannot do
Anything meaningful and doesn't know how to achieve anything sure!

Save Natural Resource to Aspire for Divinity to Attain Absoluteness!

Resources of Nature are so powerful that that are as Gods
People have been worshiping from time immemorial to man
For help to fight against their enemies and live in peace;
Also, out of fear, for safety and security since long...!

After development of knowledge, man believing to be powerful,
Has stared to exploit natural resources to amass wealth to
Satisfy greediness and dominate others economically and
Also, militarily leading to climate change and natural havoc!

By destruction of Nature, the vast Universal spiritual Energy
Is not going to be destroyed, but only we and our world that's
Paradise of Universe bestowed on us as gift of God to mankind
To live in joy, love, peace, prosperity and progress to divinity!

Not realizing this noble intention, man is wasting time in
Destructive deeds rather than on constructive ones to higher
Order of evolution according to the will of God so that all
Can surely attain divine hood and become absolute in His Abode!

Natural Disasters are Warning Before General Dissolution of Whole World!

Silent looking Nature is not weak like a meek person ever;
Silence is unique beauty that makes all humble birds, squirrels
And all make musical noise in freedom to sing and dance all day
Long to gather food sans pain and take rest in night in peace!
If the meek person gets anger beyond control, even forest
Can't bear the brunt like the wrath prone Nature does havoc
As danger diabolic no one can bear fearing doom's day has come
And that only makes all realize what Nature is all about sure!
Such an incredibly vast power Nature is that there is nothing
That can be compared to it except the all pervading God only;
Meddling with Nature is playing with fire all have to know
What's happening after climate change leading to storms and rains!

Dangerously diabolical Natural disasters are not just passing
Clouds but warning before the general dissolution of whole world!

Two Faces of Nature!

Two faces of Nature are amazing to express in verses many sure;
Silence and arrogance are two aspects of Nature have no words
To say enough about the beauty and wrath of all pervading one;
Many don't care the first, but the second shockingly striking!

Only birds like myna, parrot, skylark, nightingale and sparrow
Under the spell of beauty of silence in Nature have a joyful
Cry of life and fly free as if dancing in appreciation and
Ever gratitude unlike other animals and men too in the world!

For all who don't do anything in gratitude to Nature, only
Its wrath in the forms of Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
Storms, world inundating floods of rains and scorching heat
Of treeless deserts wake all to blink and head to its presence!

Hot and cold, warm and breeze, fragrance and hot smell, flowers
And fire, day and night, pleasure and pain effects Nature!

Nature is Ever Great Against All Powers Sure!

Punishing others by law, one becomes a boss ever;
But loving others to solve things one becomes a leader;
By knowledge one may become an intellect with power;
But by love capturing hearts of all one becomes great!

Knowledge, intellect and technological developments have
Made only mere material things of advancement only sure;
But Nature has created things that are spiritually doing
Physical beings of life impossible to create by technology!

Universal spiritual energy is activating everything from
Stars to all living beings in the whole of Universe ever;
Likewise, Nature has created spiritually functioning
Physical humans that can never be created by technology!

By knowledge and technology, man has become a great power
To destroy even things created by Nature but not become
Great as Nature that has created air, water, fire, lands
And Space with trees and all that sustains life with love!

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Comment Very beautiful expression of the fact that humans should not let technology rule and ruin their lives and the beautiful nature which is a gift of the Divine showered upon us for our existence and sustenance.
Very nicely and beautifully expressed Ramesh ji!

Giti Tyagi
07-Dec-2020 11:32 AM

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