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We are Born to Enjoy All Pleasures to Absolute State but not for Power!

Full Moon is very rare to see in the Sky full of clouds in Winter;
But today it comes up red in colour changing to hue of gold and
Then silver lighting the whole Sky at night making all see world;
World is rocking with Earthquake in West and sever storm in East!

There is missile war going on for occupation of a shear mountain
Between Armenia and Azerbaijan as a power fight between two;
Turkey is in Earthquake and Philippines is in severe storm attack;
Disturbing Nature, the world has come to this rocking situation!

Dream, imagine and enjoy all pleasures to absolute state in life;
This is the decree of Nature to all living beings in the world sure;
Instead of doing so, why all fight for supremacy by power fights?
We should live in joy and allow others too live so in this paradise!

Live and let live is the lesson of Nature to all beings in the world;
Live and let die is not what Nature wants all to do by disasters..!

Nature Makes All Noble If All Observe It!

Whispering words of love are marked with seal of kisses sure
Enrich love bond between loving souls ever in human life
Like trees and plants offer flowers and fruits to everyone

More than that are plucked by all by the loving invitation!
That is the nature of real love taught by Nature since the
Time immemorial to mankind most of humanity has forgotten in
The time bound fast modern world life needing great correction

Of that aberration making them feel love and lust are the same!
What we take away out of selfish desire is actually lust sure;
But offering more than before is act of love Nature teaches;
Since many have forgotten to live in harmony with Nature, many

Lessons of love nobody knows in real life but only artificially!
Just observation will show how love is being shown by Nature
And the great feeling of giving will make all divine and noble!

Why is Natural Love Called God?

Feeling of natural love life can be experienced only in paradise
Of the Uni verse, our Earth full of beauty, love and life fine;
Other than that, where else can such kind of feeling be possible?
Feeling of painful pleasure of bitter sweet life is only here!

Spiritual love life is in the higher state of living may be...;
But feeling of love can be experienced only by physical humans;
Spiritual life is feeling-less one whether it is here or in the
Other world of total liberation in the state of spirit forever!

Love is an unique feeling felt only by physical humans of all
The living beings in the world of paradise in the whole of the
Universe and is the greatest gift of Nature to humankind sure
As Nature is another God bestowed to man create and enjoy life!

Spirit can't feel heat or cold, deep sea or highest Space like
Feeling that can enjoy and also suffer and balance itself by love;
That's why not only Nature but also human feeling of love got
From Nature is as powerful as divine itself and is called God!

Heavenly Paradise on Earth by Love of Nature through Beauty!

Moon shines bright like Sun through transparent misty clouds
Lighting the whole Sky all the night as day time in the world!
What a great wonder Nature is due to its influence of love
By beauty that attracts all with the feeling of love sure!

Nature influences all with love by natural beauty like this
Moonlit night and teaches all as to how to practise love ever;
Lovers memorized by such unique beauty of Nature float sure
In a fantasy that gives heavenly pleasure on Earthly paradise!

The spell of and love by beauty of Nature takes one to a state
Of zero gravitation making one fly from the valley of leaves to
Twin hills crossing over plains, forests and garden of paradise
To the peak touching mists and transparent clouds of Sky top!

Moon light there shows the steps to the Milky Way of Stars in
The Universe leading to the abode of heaven by magic of love!

Union of Passionate Lovers is Star of the Universe!

It kindles passion to see twin hills with the valley full of leaves,
forests, plains, desert and finally ending with the blue sea and Sky
Meeting together at the distant horizon so clear of beauty and love
Influencing passionate feeling of love burning in for union to peace!

At the valley down the enticing twin hills a large heart like leaf
Stands as gate and that if opened, takes to the paradise of heavenly
Pleasure between passionate lovers to swim deep in the pleasure pond
For accomplishing union between two physical humans with one soul..!

Such a passionate love has been enacted, romantic lovers take rest
At the beach watching the night Sky full of Stars winking like eyes
Reminding them of the passionate union between lovers by the nice
And intimate coupling of triangle with inverted triangle to a Star!

All Stars of Universe say the same message of love fulfilment by
The union between lovers to enjoy utmost pleasure for satisfaction
And real peace at the end as the lovers lay at rest at the beach;
Yes, union of passionate lovers is nothing but Stars of the Universe!

Love by Sky Damsel of Gorgeous Beauty!

Early morning has drawn a new picture on the Sky canvas;
It's the picture of a Sky damsel enticing trees and hills;
All tall trees and hills rise high to embrace her out of
Love born of natural beauty wonderful and amazing indeed!

Who will not love such a damsel so gorgeously beautiful
Born of Nature vast and wide as Sky or Sea or such lot?
The temptation to get the love of such a beauty of Nature
Makes all rise high to embrace her in passion ruling high!

Seeing this beautiful happening from a lonely place, no
Poet will fail to draw a picture of Poetry by words quite
Novel to absorb the mind and heart of all readers who sure
Love Nature in the same way as the natural things do now!

Beauty of Nature has such a power to kindle love in the
Heart and minds as even meaner things of Nature do well!

Love Fantasy Churned by Dancing Star Couples!

Moon shines bright as Halo of angels in heaven with her group
Of innumerable Stars twinkling like diamonds in the night Sky;
Is this Nature a personification of enchanting Sky damsel with
Her passionately coupled disciples promoting love everywhere?

Face of Sky damsel is the heavenly angel's Halo shining with
Her followers passionately coupled as shining Stars reminding
All union is the best way to cherish love in world life of nice
Paradise nowhere in the whole Universe feasible to flourish!

Face of shining Moon over twin hills can see pretty well the
Heart like big leaf of the valley with the cascade falling as
River passing through forests, plains and desert to the Sea as
The final resort after enjoying all pleasures to enjoy bliss!

Such a lovely beauty the Star couples passionately welcoming
By Tango dance make all mesmerized by love fantasy in gyration!

No Hard and Fast Rules for Lovers and Soldiers as Nature!

Sudden big thunder and rain fall is like big bomb fire in war field;
It's due to too much affinity between hydrogen and oxygen clouds
Impact with loud noise and fall of water happening in Nature sure;
It's like passionate union of lovers after a longtime in life ever!

Even the soldiers waiting in suspense fight with enemies, when time
Of war comes suddenly resulting in heavy bomb fights to the last;
There is no hard and fast rule for love and war anywhere ever sure;
Longing lovers and waiting soldiersend in joy and victory finally!

There is no difference between the acts of Nature and humans ever;
That's why humans are part and parcel of Nature with such traits;
Also, lives are born from Nature to live, die and regenerate again
For life to sustain and subsequently develop lives to higher stage!

Passion builds up along with longing when lovers separate for some
Time or other in world life reflecting Nature's seasons forever!

Natural Healing is Love of Divine Spirit in Nature!

Divine Spirit in Nature is protecting all in many ways
Out of love towards all living beings in the world sure;
To protect against weather cattle, bears, monkeys are
born with fur and birds are born with feathers to say!

Out of love Nature is giving healing touch to animals like
Dog, cow and sheep to cure wounds on their bodies ever;
For men, Nature has provided many herbs to cure wounds,
Diseases and pains on bodies to have great relief sure!

Natural healing is a great act of divine spirit to men,
Animals and birds sure, if all go according to Nature;
Failing to do so, many are affected by changing weather
Conditions due to civilized life out of touch with Nature!

Due to too much artificial way of life, humanity suffers
Much in many ways due to uncaring natural way of life here!

Nature’s Divine Nature of Love to All!

Are they ranges of mountains or trees with many branches full of
Green leaves giving shade to people and providing oxygen air
Sucking carbon dioxide gas from polluting vehicles, industries
And mills for people to breathe pure air to survive and sustain?

Only divine being of high magnanimity of love has such nature!
Nature only next to God can show such a real love of selflessness
That sustains all living beings to continue the evolutionary
Process to go on for development of higher species on Earth!

Trees are really great to give pure air and also bring rain
By their attraction of beauty for clouds to shower their
Blessings to cool tress and land bringing prosperity of crops
For humankind to feed and live healthy life in this paradise!

Love of Nature is immense indeed to give good things receiving
Bad things from people who don't know the divine nature of love!

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