The Experience of Being Naked

In my childhood days I watched opposite to my apartment little urchins jumping naked in joy in the little pool of water stagnant in the areas of land dug for building constructions. The sight of joyous little naked innocent urchins who had nothing to lose and had no identity to be scared of and their enjoyment caught my attention and wanted to feel that experience. 

As years passed and I moved to US for further studies and the first encounter of being in a clothing optional beach transformed my awareness completely. We were students then and we just casually planned to visit one of the California beach. We were unaware of this trend of clothing optional beach and even felt leaving immediately. The beaches in California had a textile beach on the south side where it is mandatory to be in a swim suit but in the northern side it is clothing optional or completely naked. We were from a conservative background and in our conservative swim suits and did not even dare to wear a two piece bikini. 

We strolled from one end of the south beach and walked to the north end taking courage holding our hands giggling and feeling our nerves. The sight of naked couples and singles guys and gals strolling with the bare body uninhibited left a blush in our face. The sight was cool with all shapes and sizes of human bare body. I was questioning myself as to how to experience the bliss of being naked without catching anyone's attention. The lack of privacy, gawkers and hidden cameras were definitely a show stopper for me in experiencing being naked with the nature. We left the beach satisfied with new experience of watching naked folks enjoying the subtler aspects of life.

I was longing to experience nakedness with nature in a more solitude and secluded place where privacy is respected. I sought looking for private naturist place where privacy is respected with photography banned. I took courage and requested my class mate to join me in the quest of experiencing and feeling the divinity within us. My class mate was reluctant and once I convinced her that it is clothing optional place she agreed to give me the company. 

We visited one of the hot spring resorts and we did not have enough money to stay in the rooms but there was a provision of bringing your own tents and we just would pay for using the facilities. The place was all silent, meditative with the people polite and greeting us with 'Namaste' and I wondered where could have this namaste be coming from these American folks. I later found out that there were lots of Yoga institution and they teach yoga and the culture of greeting could have been passed from the yoga teacher. 

The hot springs required us to be completely nude in the pools and my friend initially stayed back as a spectator. I was also nervous as I headed to the dressing room to undress and the dressing room happened to be a co-ed changing room. I immediately stepped in to the rest room sighed, relaxed with a deep breath and slowly undressed and left my belongings in the lockers and headed out to the common shower with my eyes still not wide open and felt the shower over my body and watching all the naked folks around felt electricity running in my spines. 

There were three kind of hot spring pools; warm, ice-cold and hot pool. My friend was giggling at me as I walked passed the shower naked in to the warm pool and just the feeling of the warm water over my body relieved all the tensions in my mind and body. I hopped from the warm hot spring water to the ice-cold spring water and I could stay in the ice-cold only for 2 minutes and immediately hopped in to the hot spring water and continued my meditative session hopping from one pool to another. The whole place was quite and even the whisper was silent. There was no sign of any sexual overtness among the seekers. It was very important to detach yourself from any Identity (Self), Emotions, and Intelligence and be with the experience of feeling the 'Prana' or subtle energy around you. The whole experience was rejunavating and I felt a sudden flow of electric current in my body and felt transformed. 

My friend later took the courage and she experienced the same transformation and it was our experience of life time and cherished this moment of life. I remembered my grandmother preaching 'Taking dip in the Ganges spring water cures one of all sins'. 

Hee Haw the experince of life has become wonderful. 


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Comment Nice to read ur guts to get naked and explore naked bath....Its most beautiful thing to be naked it it is detached from sexual feelings

18-Apr-2015 04:43 AM

Comment Good, Honest one Meena

13-Oct-2014 08:00 AM

Comment Wow, thats bold :). But i never had any such oppurtunities. May be one day i will get to expereince the bliss like you did. :) As of now i can only envy you.

29-Nov-2013 07:02 AM

Comment Good story Meena.
I love being naked myself.
It is the next thing to being with God.

Gavin Airey
31-May-2012 01:45 AM

Comment Good story Meena.
My only wish is that I wish I was there with you.

07-May-2012 10:17 AM

Comment Hi meena

Being a fellow nudist from the same country and the same place, i understand your feeling.

Welcome to nudist world.

07-May-2012 03:56 AM

Comment A great article Meena.
We are born naked and are naked inside our artificial dresses. We give too much importance to covering up our bodies. We forget that our naked body is divinely beautiful, pure and most natural. It is most natural to be naked.
As for sexuality, it is an inherent part of our identity and the very basis of our existence. We tend to forget that.
Congrats for sharing your experience of being naked and discovering th ethrill and divine joy of the sense of happy abandon that accompanies it, that is being naked.

10-Aug-2011 14:58 PM

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