Do What You Want Done!

Still can't believe it really did happen. It really could've been me too. Or someone i know. Or someone you know. Or you. Just as easily and painfully. I know everyone's already talking about it but I cant keep quiet when I put myself into her shoes...but are the rapers the only ones guilty?

Yes they should be hanged. Yes this should be stopped and now! But who'll stop it? We've gotta be it guys. What's more shameful than those inhumane drunks' crimes against the very essence of humanity is that after they threw the victims out of a moving bus, none of us had the decency to cover their naked bodies!! Wouldn't you want your daughters or sisters or mothers to be shown such minimal care? I know the images drive you mad, it makes me sad to write them, they're chilling. But she's also a daughter, maybe a sister too but she can surely never be a mother anymore. It makes me feel so pathetic when i hear that people like you and me refused to assist the police in carrying these poor broken victims, who were again, the same as us, to the awaiting ambulances. its not just the police or the government or rapists, you're there too.

they made her cry,
but we let her weep alone and naked!

they made her scream,
but we shut our eyes and ears to her pain!

they raped her,
but our silence let her be raped!

they initiated the assault,
but our indifference killed her!

I cant say if she'll survive but she surely can't live again. why were we waiting for her to die? why are we still waiting?

Speak up, yes, like many already have. But please also awaken a threshold love for humanity. have the courage to be humane. Have the decency to change and speak up for what you know is right! We're humans, but do we deserve to be when we do not feel the pain of someone who could just as easily have been us.

It really could've been you. You really would've wanted those curious eyes to cry for you, to be ashamed, to cover your body, to feel your pain, to be decent humans with hearts, not pits! I would have.

I feel ashamed of myself, my people and my country today....we didnt just let her die, we murdered our humanity which killed her and will continue to kill more of us.

Unless we change. If you change, more will follow. So let's stop these sins against humanity. Lets not murder our innocence. Lets be a little more compassionate. Be human. You were born one.


More by :  Mehak Arora

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