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Natural Human Life A Great Boon of God!

Expect on Earth, nowhere else natural life is possible in the Universe;
Stories of Alien's life and advancement are amazing but not reliable yet;
Humans are creations of Nature that we know is only on the Earth;
Even by Aliens without humans, no new species can ever be created!

Knowing this fact, preservation of our Earth, a production of Nature sure
Need to be maintained sans pollution and new disease for human survival;
Even if migration to any other planet is made, natural atmosphere and
The beautiful and lovely natural surroundings cannot be created by us!

Even something remarkable achievement is made on other planet somewhere,
Natural human life is impossible to live as on the Earth by any means ever;
Otherwise, our forefathers, who were advanced in many ways, could have gone
To any other planet long ago and could have made greatest strides in life!

Our life is more precious than all materials including gold and diamonds;
Natural human life is great boon of God we have to protect and live best!

Let Love and Knowledge Make Modern World A Utopia of Paradise!

Instead of living natural life, humans are living artificial life as civilization
In the modern world that relies on Science & Technology ignoring Nature;
Poisoning Nature by pollution, can modern world escape total destruction?
Going according to Nature, if Science is used for growth, life will progress!

Scientific knowledge is necessary to disprove superstition of religion
For people to rely on truth to live in peace instead of indulging in violence;
Before terrorism takes up politics to make world graveyard, all wake up
To put an end to extremism and madness to go by knowledge and love!

For, only love and knowledge will give freedom to think and live well;
That way only natural life can be enjoyed in joy and bliss in Nature;
By spreading love and friendship instead of rivalry and fights, peace and progress
Can surely make this modern world into a real Utopian one to paradise soon!

Let best moral principle of religion instead of superstition and terrorism
By love and knowledge rule the world as in the dream world of Utopian paradise!

Love Only Gives Life and Prosperity by Nature!

Sans love, natural life will not click well according to one's desire sure;
For, love only gives confidence, courage and power to do even impossible;
Hesitation, shyness and fear fly away by the grip of love in the world ever;
Love decides one's ambition to function as driving force of life ever here!

Love with experience and knowledge gives one a strong conviction to rely on;
With that power ever in one's self, one even moves the mountain tall;
For, with love one can surmount even an Everest like mountain sure;
Like spirit in the eternal world, love is supreme on the Earth of humans ever!

Love transcends all restriction, barriers and laws too created by men of world;
Love is the deciding factor of good or bad in anything and anyone sure;
The greatness of a person lies not in knowledge or wealth but in love by all means;
For, the problems that cannot be solved by any means are solved by love finally!

Knowledge may be power, but love is God all have to know and remember;
For, love only is giving life and prosperity by Nature to all in the world ever!

Wingless Free State of Natural Life!

Nature is no man's land for all living beings there in all over the world;
They are mainly crows, mynas, pigeons and squirrels we see everywhere;
Despite difficulties how happily the collect food, eat and love every day;
Love gives joy and peace to enjoy natural life as if in paradise of Nature!

They are all free from the circles of all isms, differences and conventions;
The see reality as it is not from some circle or other but above all in the world;
This is the simple lesson all have to learn seeing their life in Nature ever;
How small a creature they are but how high in mind and heart they live...!

Nature never denies anything to anyone even if however mean one is;
This simple mind and high heart are reflected in the spirit of any disciple;
Discipline of the disciples of Nature are well organised naturally sure;
This sort of discipline if humankind also has, world will be heaven and paradise!

Only if the mind is high and heart is light, sure all can fly free in spirit ever;
That's the wingless free state of a Poet all can have, if one lives natural life!

Relying on Nature Love and Live in Peace!

A vast, endless no man's land is Nature for Poet to explore, discover and create;
Mother, friend, God, love, beauty, truth, art and music are in one is Nature;
That's why Nature is all embracing eternal philanthropist gracefully bears all;
Magnanimously and mercifully accepts all even after doing harms to it sure!

For all the beginning and end is Nature whether one is king or pauper or anything;
All have come knot that this all absorbing power is invincible to all in the world;
Nature saves when we suffer and harms us when we try to destroy ever;
Knowing this great power, all have to obey to its dictates for our survival!

It is foolish and an impossible attempt ever to destroy or excel Nature for sure;
This great friend, philosopher and guide has taught great lessons by ideas
That are impossible to know of our own self not only in the past but also ever;
With those ideas poets have written masterpieces, scientists made great feats!

All religions are born out of Nature to preach love, truth and peace for all;
So, what is the use of fighting with each other rather than love and live in peace?

Preserve Nature and Maintain Unity to Live in Peace!

Living natural life, really benefits of freedom can be enjoyed in Nature sure;
For, Nature is living scientific art that entertains and guides all in the world;
Sky, sea, green fields, rivers, snow mountains, mist and clouds inspire
Not only Poets to compose poems but also give relief to weary souls!

Starting from Poet Wordsworth to ordinary street dwellers, Nature is comfort;
Sans Nature's solace, how can all live with renewed spirit in woes of world?
Pollution, disease, terrorism and wars are wrecking the Earth to destruction
Tarnishing its beauty, love and life sustaining acts to the level of hell forever!

Preservation of Nature, maintaining friendship with all by unity in diversity and
Entering into joint ventures all problems of world can be sorted out for
Peace, prosperity and progress of modern world and all live in civilization
According to the course of Nature and unity of human society for the good of all!

Due to disunity and unnecessary conflicts by politics, hard earned freedom is lost
And world supposed to be paradise of Utopia has become hell instead of heaven!

Creative Way to Promote World Peace is Best!

Previously sounds of terrorists bomb blasts, violence and wars here and there;
Recently football games in Europe, cricket games in the world are heard;
It is like hot day turning into cold evening due to the coming of rain sooner;
This kindles the idea of whole world turning into playground as Switzerland in Europe!

Why can't the fighting spirit be turned into playing spirit to win in games world over?
That way the players like fighters can play game and win great prizes;
That will give great satisfaction to all having game spirits in the world
And also develop friendship among such talented players and fans everywhere!

Instead of preaching for peace, it is better to develop unity by games and arts;
World should be made into big play ground for conducting games often
And game spirit be promoted among all people of the world to play games;
All will witness the games and all will be happy and satisfied by victories that way!

Just talking is not enough, but creative ways through arts and games peace is possible
To promote all over the world for developing friendship and unity among humans!

Natural Life versus Modern Life!

Living natural human life in the world of Nature is enjoyable beauty ever;
Such a thing is impossible in the mechanical or artificial modern world,
Where all things are done in a time bound programme to survive in competition;
Life in the modern world of civilization is mechanical and fit only for young blood!

From educational time on they are trained so to fit in the slot of modern job;
They lack natural way of understanding and dealing by wisdom or maturity;
Sans smart phone or computer they cannot do anything in the world to survive;
Civilization has made them not aware of anything about human culture!

Culture is practical way of living and doing all things naturally with maturity;
Modern world people are totally unable to live so after living life of comfort,
Luxury and convenience being enjoyed in air conditioned flats sans natural exposure
To Sunshine, cold climate, sweating body even for a short time ever sure!

Nature is real healing power of our body against any disease in natural life;
But modern world of total enclosure far away from Nature makes all diseased!

Love and Beauty Develop Friendship for Peace!

Natural beauty is born of true love within reflected by natural life of kindness;
As feathers of same bird flock together, beauty goes with beauty and
Knowledge goes with knowledge, but love only sees all as the same in world;
Natural love and beauty together makes one supreme human as divine being!

Natural love of one only reflects as true beauty all love and cooperate with;
That is why love is divine and all are swayed by love that opens all doors;
Even children are immediately attracted by love of any person though unknown;
Love only can surmount all barriers and has no restriction what so ever!

Love only has the capacity to develop friendship with one and all in the world;
Love is affection, devotion and swaying power none can excel in human society;
If love plays major role in all walks of life, there won't be disputes and wars;
That's why love is called as God by all religions of the world everywhere sure!

By love and beauty, friendship is easy to develop among all to foster peace;
The natural world called paradise is where love and beauty prevail for peace!

Simple Natural Human Life Makes All Live Best Life!

Natural human life can best be lived by truth and non-violence in the world;
Non-violence is one of the aspects of love like devotion, affection and attachment;
Non-violence with truth is invincible by any force in the world sure ever;
That's why like Christ, Gandhi succeeded in his mission to get freedom for India!

Body may be weak, but mind and spirit are strong with truth and non-violence;
With such a power, Gandhi live simple life of high thinking to win in his mission;
Gandhi has become a divine being like Buddha and Jesus to guide all in world;
All over the world his example of natural simple human life all like to follow now!

Developments of modern world has created civilization to overlook all isms;
But due to its too much concentration on machines and technology,
Modern world has failed to pay attention to pollution and disease to its grief;
Now it is time for Nature to show its power and necessity to go according to it!

Simple natural human life in harmony with Nature only can make all live best life;
Machines and money make all live life of slave in fear, but natural life makes all free!



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