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Misty Dreams of Nature I Enjoyed and Enjoy Ever!

Dreams coming many, episodes of past come in many dreams
Of the visit to the hill station in the Summer time now;
Standing near the boat house of the lake we see in wonder
Youngsters coming out and going in rollerskating hall!

Enjoying boiled maize corn in hand, we moved to the back
Of lake near the Bryant Park to enjoy Summer festival show
Full of flowers of many colours and fragrances in joy and
Sitting on the platform near lake seeing the tall hill!

Men were walking or cycling on the road or riding on the
Horses round the lake and they all are still coming in my
Dreams retrieving that after forty years in my life here;
What a joy we have enjoyed at that time in our life sure!

Hill station is still my favourite place I cherish most
In heart since my childhood of about three years on in
This world where I had the opportunity to see, touch
And feel the clouds like mists in greatest wonder there!

That was the beginning of my love of Nature that still
Inspires and activates my dreams and mind to compose
Natural poetry of great zeal perhaps like Wordsworth
And Coleridge of romantic literature I knew by studies!

Nostalgia of Nature I Enjoyed Much!

First time when I visited Kodaikanal hill station I was 3 years;
Believing mist as clouds I had great fun touching it by jumping
High and dreaming a lot as if I was floating the bed of clouds
And also I got fascinated to see vapour coming out of coffee!

Thereafter I was able to visit same hill station after 30 years;
I enjoyed boating and musing over the mists sitting on the green
Grass lawns of Bryant Park full of many flowers with many names;
Now I am 70 years to remember that great Paradise fresh in mind!

Many poems of great zeal i have written inspired by those nice
Scenes of Nature and also live in nostalgia having vicarious
Pleasure solving many philosophical prob, ems about life in the
World with great surprise and satisfaction nowhere i can get..!

What is life?A big question I used to ponder over walking in
The beach of native town, Pondicherry now and then seeing the
Sea and old lighthouse and the floating boats tossed up and down
By the waves and broken to pieces by storms now and then here!

For me, life is a journey of a mariner caught in a shipwreck at
Night and reaching to shore seeing the light from the lighthouse;
Thereafter he goes on the desert, plains, forests and claims on
A mountain to reach the peak to mingle with mist and clouds up!

The journey of life does not end there as mystics want to be
Ever to enjoy heavenly bliss having intellectual maturity and
Spiritual saturation point, but one has to soar high walking on
The staircase of Milky Way to reach heaven to be in blissful peace!

Life is Adjustments and Achievements in Reality!

We plan one thing to live based on our belief,
But reality is entirely different from it,
For, we cannot know the line of thoughts of
All others connected to us in life and work!

Adjusting to all, we have to take decisions
On a different way no one can be antagonistic;
but our ambition we cannot relinquish ever
As our dream of life never seems to change!

When no one is suitable to our line of thought,
We seek the bosom of Nature to breathe a sigh
Of relief and regain our spirit to take next
Step to go ahead in our venture in the world!

Many years go on a different path to the verge
Of losing faith and frustrated leading one to
Express at last as a poet on poems only finally
To get some relief to pull on the days of life!

Some end life in no way to return path by fate;
Some get a last chance to do what one likes to
See a new world to enjoy life to end in joy sure;
Some achieve dream, and honoured with awards!

Which is Panicky – Cyclonic Storm or Pandemic Disease?

Cyclonic storm with an increasing crescendo moves ahead
From Indian Ocean through Bay of Bengal to inbetween
West Bengal and Bangladesh with escalating speed now,
Though with no sign of its ferocious effect in India!

Sea waves looking harsh and wild have corroded shores
In the Eastern parts of India and with heavy down-pour
Of rain in some places hoodwinking meteorologists here
And tantalizing farmers of rain for crops in Summer!

It is the game of Nature in the tropical countries with
Rain and Sunshine alternating between hope and tragedy
Testing patience of all to give a final verdict quite
Justifiable and a surprising answer to all questions!

Panic of cyclonic storms has passed away by the spread
of new Corona pandemic not in one country but in all...!

Love and Peace of Nature is Divine in Character!

Love and peace reflected in Sky, Rivers, Southern breeze and
Green grass land of Nature rejuvenates human spirit sure...;
Birds, humble animals and all living beings in natural places
Of environment love to enjoy life and live in peace there ever!

Love and peace only survive, sustain and make all live in
Freedom and hope in this world despite hardships due to
Various reasons and causes with renewed vigour to face all
Odds in our day today life and with new hope and enthusiasm!

Love and peace of Nature is divine in character that ever
Gives the ambrosia for living a heavenly life in bliss to
Realize the presence of Divine being in beauty of Nature
And his sweet voice through the music of free birds in Sky!

Love and peace of Nature only give real joy and sense of
Freedom to do all things beautiful and best in confidence!

Wild Nature Trains All with Wisdom to Save All Ever!

Dense rain with terrifying surge of storm is indeed
A life and death situation and time in the world...;
Transportation of migratory workers to their home
Places and evacuation of people from target of the
Storm are the events that all watch with concern!

One side pandemic disease lockout and other side
Cyclonic storm driving to the edge of life now..!
Both happening at the sametime is indeed adventure
For the suffering people to fight and survive in
The most trying time in world life to say stories!

The experience of this tragic situation will surely
Make the affected ones as wise ones to talk to all
And write on websites with ideas that could indeed
Save many in the future to survive, sustain and
Surmount hell of situation with wisdom great sure!

Nature Gives Many More Times than We Do Ever!

Nature gives many times more what we give to it ever;
For both good and bad, Nature follows the same rule;
For pollution, climate change, drought, cyclone, etc.
And for dirty and congested cities, Corona it Gives!

Due to Corona, curfew is imposed, lockdown and also,
Sealing of borders we have made to stop spread of
Deadly virus for want of vaccine to cure affected
Persons leading to clean rivers, places and all now!

If we were careful in conservation of natural resources,
Avoided pollution by vehicular smokes and effluents of
Industries mixing with rivers and canals, we would have
Been maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and health of all!

More than Nature, man is doing havocs incredible and
that Nature rectifies by floods and cyclones forever!

Only Nature Creates Beauty out of Chaos Made by Man!

Due to too much pollution in cities and towns people going
Out indeed cannot do so sans wearing face mask against
Infection and due to industrial effluents mixing with lakes,
Canals and rivers, drinking water problem stays since long!

The longtime garbages uncleared in many places and water
Needed for agricultural irrigation, townsmen and farmers
Wait for rains for relief in all seasons and due to climate
Change, cloud bursting rains and storms are the end result!

All the rubbishes and contaminated waters are cleared and
Purified only by cyclonic storms and heaviest rains now;
At least after such natural disasters, governments and men
Have to continue keeping places clean and free from pollution!

Nature creates beauty of living art out of all destructive chaos
Made by man only for all men to follow suit for the better!

Is World Play A Comedy or Tragedy in 2020?

World is hell now for all to suffer always day and night
Due to Corona killings and storms and rains heaviest in
The first half of the year 2020 waiting to see change..!

Torture, sadness and grief we have witnessed so far in
World life as in all stories of literature with good
Ending in the Plays of Comedy unlike in Plays of Tragedy!

If first half is comedy, the second half will be tragedy;
Now in our world Play, after tragedy happening, we are
Entitled to have the privilege of seeing Comedy soon..!

Amphan storm has crossed the shores with heaviest havocs
To lives and properties sucking away humidity of all the
Unaffected places with hellish hottest climate so far!

Hope Nature has composed itself with normalization act
Of its own style for all the blunders of humans earlier!

Tragedy and Comedy today Reflect Past World History and Literature!

Everyone knows the comedy and tragedy of world history
And world literature are happening in world play now
As common as day and night of human world due to the
Deadly Corona pandemic and Amphan cyclonic storm...!

Due to mad race of economic development by globalization
Of economy at the cost of social development has made take
It for granted pollution and dirtiness of world leading to
Natural disasters and breeding place for new diseases..!

Places unaffected by cyclonic storm is comedy and places
Affected by storm is tragedy needing cooperation from all;
Corona negative makes one's life comedy but Corona positive
Makes one's life a great tragedy extending to many now...!

Disasters and diseases now becoming world history and also,
World literature reflect tragedy and comedy of past world!

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