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Priority of World to Set right Abnormality of Nature

Just industries and business are not enough for making
Total economic development of a nation unless agriculture,
Agro-Industries and fishing industry too are paid with
Equal attention by developing infrastructures necessary!

Scientific and technological activities sans bothering
About pollution of air and contamination of rivers have
Brought in diseases and no pure water for drinking and
Irrigation purposes needing to be corrected as priority!

Technology should be utilized to divert wastefully water
of rivers falling into seas to drought prone areas and
Deserts to make them fertile areas for agriculture and
Promotion of agro-industries there to export products!

If heavily populated world countries take such steps,
Surely hunger, poverty and unemployment problems can
Very well be solved along with setrighting abnormal
Activities of Nature leading to big disasters ever!

Respect the Power of Nature Ever!

Nature is boundless, free, wild and powerful ever everywhere;
Force of wind, water, fire and energy of Space has to be used,
utilized and harnessed for constructive but never for any
Destructive purposes in the world to save mankind forever!

Just a flash of lightning has thousands of volt power to
Burn even a green coconut tree or banyan tree in no minutes;
Like the storm has the power to pluck and throw away the
Complete zinck sheet cover of roof of any long building!

Sea or ocean water at typhoon times is capable of immersing
Whole town or country anywhere in the world sure instantly;
Also, likewise the volcanic fire can destroy whole town
By lava curry and all running or standing into ash statues!

Not only directly but also indirectly through agents of
Nature like locusts can come as huge clouds and eat away
Whole farm in places like Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya
Unless man is careful conserving natural resources ever!

Save the World Living According to Nature’s Will!

World happenings turn many to the thoughts of how
The world will come to an end for quite a time...;
Will the world end by fire or water or wind or
Land or by what? Correct guess is waste to find!

For, saving the world and mankind are what needed
More than the correct guess by intuition about how
The world will come to an end as solving problem
Is wiser than finding correct guess about the end!

Simple solution will be be keep the world clean and
Free from air pollution and contamination of rivers,
Lakes, seas and oceans to maintain temperature of
World to usual condition for normal life to go on!

For every action, there is reaction in Nature ever;
To have good reaction, let us live according to it!

For a Person of Great Ambition Nothing is Difficult Ever!

Without good water and food, one cannot have stamina,
Strength and immunity to overcome infection, epidemic
Or pandemic to live long doing best works in the world!

Without energy from good food, one will be weak and
Affected by sickness and fever often to the extent of
Catching Corona positive and die sooner than usual!

That too in the absence of proper vaccine to contain
Corona disease, one has to follow the round about route
Of social distancing, hand washing and isolation long!

All activities of all are affected now due to that
Making all think about survival by increasing body
Immunity by food and vitamins so as to sustain long!

For a person of great ambition, maintaining immunity
And strength has been a regular duty along with works!

From World Competition To Complication Now!

The only living planet is Earth that flourishes life of all
From ancient time on man has moved from the forest to villages,
Towns and cities by knowledge and technology forgetting the
Springboard of culture to progress, civilization and modernity!

Paradise of pleasure man has enjoyed as child animal pleasure,
As youth aesthetic pleasure, as man intellectual pleasure
And as elderly one mystical pleasure and by communion with
Nature divine bliss as that is everlasting and real one!

In his pursuit to permanent state of bliss, man has left the
Administration and governance of world to zealous subordinates,
Who in competition with world partners concentrated only on
Economy unmindful of pollution leading to new diseases ever!

Economic competition has made man forget social health making
All fall prey to deadly Corona disease lacking right medicine!

Waiting Business Testing Patience of All Now!

Waiting for the lockdown order, days and months go fast;
But how long all have to wait for the withdrawal order
No one seems to be sure of at this stage of relaxation
For trains, planes and local vehicles to move inland..!

Wearing face mask, maintaining social distancing and
Washing hands with sanitizers are still being followed;
If this kind of practice how long all have to follow
No one can say for sure now and that is a question mark!

Is it punishment or death knell for mankind not caring
Nature for long in the world minding one's selfish works
At the cost of social and natural conservation for a
Long time welfare of all in the world? Wait for answer!

Waiting business tests the patience of one and all long;
Will it be possible to be so lifelong in this world...?

What a Beautiful Living art Nature Is!

What a beautiful living art Nature is just after Spring,
When all green plants, trees, colourful flowers and
Delicious fruits keep eyes cool and body, mind, heart
And soul refreshed and renovated to go ahead zealous!

Despite hot Sunlight tortures and dries plants, animals
And men, vapourized sea water rises high to sky as clouds
Only to fall as convectional rain that cools down land,
Irrigates agricultural fields and eases Sun's domination!

Like a good physician, Nature relieves pain of all by
Pleasure of offering medicine like fruit and coconut
Juices to overcome exhaustion caused by hottest Sun
And after rain music of free birds entertain all sure!

The living art of Nature ever creates beautiful scenes
And joyful atmosphere for the survival of humans long!

World Rank List for Globalization Adventure!

If you see hooligan, keep a long physical distance, they say;
Now social and physical distancing has come into vogue to deal
With Chinese Corona spread globally by globalization system!

This is the greatest achievement made by Eastern giant, China
On its fast globalization of its products to the whole world;
Everything made in China is cheap and available sans fail...!

Not only products are made in China but also death is made
In China now winning in the world race of bug business and
For that all nations are paying heavy prices everyday sure!

What a great achievement China has made in the competition
Of world to the great surprise of all world nations ever
Making all think about the second rank holder in the race!

Will it be Pakistan or North Korea or which country in the
World going to be listed in the world rank list of dons...?

Trojan in the Guise of Friend Betrays Ever!

Trojan in the guise of friend betrays other nations
Playing double game and talks for materializing its
Own goals at the cost of others forever and ever..!

In the world list of betrayers, Pakistan comes first;
Its rulers are hungry ambitionists best at amassing
Wealth ruling military govt. in the guise of democracy!

Its people and supporters are misled by its tricks
not only in Afghanistan but also trying the same game
In vain in Kashmir too under estimating India's unity!

Islamists think they are muslims first rather than
People of a nation/s they belong to and fail to be
Ever trust worthy friends to their neighbours sure!

Pakistan is best at betraying America in the war on
Terrorism as they are all muslims by religion ever!

The Enigma of Right Wing Friend!

If one accepts the hand of friendship, is it mean one can
Do anything withe personal property of a friend as one wishes?
This is the enigma of an Asian right wing friend, China...!

Immediately after independence, Indian Sub-Continent has
Turned into Indian nation and East and West Pakistan complete;
After settlement, will anyone go for a few more space for itself?

This is the character of Pakistan Trojan that has waged war
With India three or four times only to lose East Pakistan
Turning into a separate nation called Bangladesh later on!

Both Pakistan and China became close friends to share a few
More space in Kashmir, the integral part of one india ever;
China accepts friendship and development, but follows Pakistan!

This enigma of China may be acceptable to its people, but
World community likes only social distancing with it ever!

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