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Make Modern World Serve Best Purpose of Humanity!

Knowledge, freedom and democracy are very important for all;
Economic and social developments should go hand in hand ever;
Then only equality, liberty and fraternity of democracy can be
Possible for all nations to progress on par with reality sure!

Both religious and communist countries should adopt democracy
In the governance of their nations based on human culture,
Civilization and modernity of world to have true rapport with
All nations and contribute best things in reality for all!

Not only the democratically developed nations but also all
Trying to establish democratic system pay attention to the
Conservation of natural resources and utilize renewable
Source of energy to live in harmony with Nature for safe life!

Civilization of modern world based on Nature, culture and art
Then only can serve best purpose of humanity in reality sure!

Never Go by the Face Value of Fundamentalists!

Not well versed in true knowledge, the fundamentalists aways
Eschew wisdom of religion, philosophy, culture, civilization
And modernity, but take into account only the really visual
physical and material things to believe and accept in world!

For them, religion is opium and for ever the fundamentalist
Fanatics religion is terrorism making them take all beneficial
Things from others and return sans any gratitude only very
Bad and harmful things only to others sans any hesitation...!

Such humpty and dumpty friends are now China and Pakistan
Functioning as movie villains in the material world today;
Such hard nuts are very difficult to understand anything
About culture and civilization taking them as just make ups!

The fundamentalists of the world appear in modern attires
With down to Earth ideas like tigers in the garb of cows!

Means to Real Progress of a Nation Lies only in Democracy!

During World War II time, many European and Asian countries
Were shattered to pieces, but recovered after a few decades;
World was divided into two blocs controlled by capitalism
And communism bringing prosperity and progress only to first!

Even after decades, communist system failed in all respects
Making staunch follower of it by Soviet Russia to realize
That communism is suitable only for village level but not
in national and world level and made it a democratic one!

It was Russia that had exported Communism to China with
Branches in North Korea and Cuba without any progress long;
Only China changed its economic policy by globalization
Without social progress in the absence of democracy now!

Sans democracy and modernity respecting culture and Nature,
No country can see social progress with real civilization!

Nothing Can Stop Evolution of Nature of its Alternative Course!

By natural selection man is evolved from green algae,
From a single cell to a complicated cells formation;
But if man meddles with Nature's course of action like
Destroying forest and natural resources, he is in soup!

By his pollution of environment and contamination of
Rivers, lakes, canals, ses and oceans, marine life is
Endangered along with animals on the Earth becoming
Via media for deadly diseases man cannot cope with!

That leaves Nature no choice but to opt for better
Evolution by putting an end to man's dominative acts
Over men, animals, plants and marine lives everywhere;
When this is so, how can man escape the checks of Nature?

At least realizing the greater plan of Nature, man has to
Respect Nature and go according to its course for good!

Mother of All Mothers Nature is Invincible ever!

Can anyone has the heart to harm one helping in many ways?
No human cultured or civilized or otherwise will do that;
It is the same with Nature, a living scientific art ever;
Nature is not a lifeless art, but a living scientific art!

No son or daughter has a heart to harm a loving mother
Who has taught love in the world with many benefits to
The loved ones from the birth to death in the big human
Society that follows a culture based on experience long!

Nature is the mother of all mothers of plants, animals,
Fish, birds and humans in the world sustaining all lives
Ever and has made this world a living planet in the whole
Universe being the paradise of the Universe of many Stars!

Mothers of all living beings may be harmed and even killed,
But mother of all mothers Nature is invincible by any force!
The happenings of the world by man and the reactions to them
By Nature clearly reveal the all time truth very well ever!

Without Nature Mankind is Nowhere in the World!

Without Nature mankind is nowhere in the world sure;
But not realizing this fundamental fact, man is meddling
With natural process not bothering about the consequences
That has led to climate change and spread of deadly disease!

People are dying in huge numbers not only due to disease
But also due to curfew, lockdown of all works to counter
The spread of deadly Corona virus, jobless migrant men
Are stranded everywhere and dying for water and food now!

To overcome this abnormal situation, humanitarian support
And cooperation of all are needed at this hour to avoid
Further spread of disease by wearing face mask, maintaining
Social and physical distancing and washing hands often...!

Based on the consequences being faced by all now, all should
Realize and resolve to respect and conserve Nature for good!

Which is the Time to Know Real Character of Anyone?

Nature, character and value of one can be known in life
Only at the time of general crisis in society or world!
The great values of friendship and love can be more well
Revealed at that instance than in other times of crises!

This is true not only for individuals in life but also
For all nations in the world to assess who is who sure;
When all are fighting to overcome the Corona attacks,
China and Pakistan engage conflicts with India at LAC!

When talks are going on oficial level, they start wars
From both sides with India over the integral part of
Kashmir, a wholly finished matter long, long ago rather
Than digging the grave yard to give life to dead ones!

With this sort of incorrigible ones how can anyone have
Any sort of love or friendship or any other relationship?

Achieving the Super Power Status!

Just economic development and military power can't
Make one nation a Superpower in the whole world
Unless socio-economic progress of people is achieved
Governed by democratic system with freedom and liberty!

Without intellectual development of knowledge, maturity
Of mind and creativity, a nation cannot produce quality
Products by invention or innovation to have even market
Ever in the modern material world of great competition!

What Japan does so achieves first rank in the world
And its follower South Korea achieves second rank, but
The copier of the two China by substandard quality works
Though achieves big market by chance, is third rate only!

It requires knowledge, talent and hard work, to achieve
Developed status but not by aping others sans quality!

Let Sense Prevail over Mad Mind of Man’s War!

The activities of China and Pakistan with India at Corona crisis
Time of the world are as funny as the famous Spanish novel by
Cervantes called Don Quixote about the lunatic chivalrous knights
Sans maturity of mind, shame and sense totally undiplomatic sure!

Even after so many misadventures with India, they repeatedly
Doing the same idiotic acts relying on their conventional army
As if they indulging in the adventures of 19th or 20 century
Caring nothing about pollution, climate change and new disease!

Instead of joining hands with India and other developed nations
In fighting against the virally fast spreading Corona disease
Capable of wiping out the whole of mankind from the Earth sure
If medicine is not found out soon for the well being of all here!

In this advanced and developed and polluted world, all have to
Know its our duty to keep humanity healthy for posterity to praise!

Wisdom of Man Lies in Best Utilization of Nature ever!

The living scientific art Nature is the beginning and end for all;
Nature is the life, science and art in the world sure forever;
Nature is the mother, friend, philosopher and guide for everyone;
Nature is the source or origin and destiny or end of all beings!

Nature is the foundation, building, world and the Universe and
Is ever activating whether it is creation or preservation or
Perpetuation or protection or destruction or destiny or end
Without any doubt for all living beings and plants forever!

Meddling with Nature is just like a child playing with fire only;
For all constructive works, preservation of natural resources
And living in harmony with it are the best way for better life,

Promotion of evolution, but destruction is destruction of life!
Both for construction and destruction by man, Nature is there,
But wisdom of man lies in the best utilization of Nature ever!


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