The Art and Bliss of Sexual Union

In the entire existence there is vast non-dual oneness and there are many manifestations of dual and many forms of creation are rooted in duality of nature. Many of the manifestations have resulted in life. Due to this duality there is a leela(game). Duality is light and darkness, life and death, male and female. What was one has manifested into two. Due to this conflict of duality the conscious being seeks union to become one. The union is two opposites making an attempt to become one.

The longing to become one, forms expression in many forms of union. Our natural state of mind always seeks union unconsciously. When intelligence is overtaken over by hormones and emotions we constantly seek union in form of physical sex and physical love and feel the pleasure or orgasms which are momentarily, but the union or bliss with the divine is not experienced. When the body, intelligence, emotions and energy are transformed and aligned with the divine we seek union in form of Yoga.

Sexual desire is a biological process and the physical sexual act is a necessity for procreation and survival of the species. The sexual desire is driven mainly by our bodily sex hormones. The method of physical sexual union is hopeless without experiencing the union with divine. Divinity exists everywhere. For the divine to manifest in one self, one has to learn to transcend the struggle of duality beyond the physical limitations and experience the union in higher dimensions and this method of union is what we call Yoga or Spirituality. Two physical bodies cannot become one. They are always two and will always remain two. What can become one is the conscious being or what we call self.

In pre-Vedic times in India Yoga and Tantra were synonymous and extensively practiced. Men and women had equal rights and there was no discrimination and women were into spirituality and practiced everything that man practiced. Vedic literature or Shruthi underwent lot of changes after the invasion of Mongolians from China and Middle East. Tantra practice was stopped, women were suppressed and Manu Smritis were changed to down play women. Kama sutra was the gift to the world and this was possible only when society was more mature, tolerant and civilized. Brahmachari, Sages or Aesthetic saints who are not in Grahasthiabstained from sex as they feel the bliss anyway through yoga and these sages consider even body as an external object and associate sex energies with the body and use their inner energies prana to work and attain with the divine. India was also been blessed with the science of astrology and nowhere in the world has astrology been so much explored as it has been done in India.

In these modern times, we are too much identified with the physical body. Sex in the body is beautiful and when it comes to mind it becomes perversion. Sexuality is a measure of physical attributes and spirituality is a measure of our inner nature or attributes of the conscious being. Today's modern era virginity is condemned and laughed about and the value, sacredness and power of being virgin and the experience of the bliss of virgin sex is only felt and reaped when one is attuned in the state of union or yoga. That is why our forefathers have been telling us that we remain virgin and wait for the union and the method of union has slowly changed over centuries in form of marriage by reading scriptures mantra and rites rather than means of union or yoga. Marriage is considered union of two individuals who take oath of commitment for being together in union for lifetime. In the current era even astrology has been misused and folks are misguided and horoscope match making has become superstitious and obsolete. A good astrologer can verify the horoscopes and check the compatibility factor of two people who are seeking union in form of marriage and only in awareness we understand the value of Indian Astrology.

When one is in a union with the divine by suppressing sex, one is not using the sex energy to attain union. Sex energy has also to be carefully used and misusing the sex energies without Yoga will result in depression and sadness and one will not be able to attain the Liberation or Nirvana. So when two persons are in yoga or union, sex will be fruitful and bliss of oneness can be easily achieved. So it is very much encouraged that teenagers learn yoga from a renowned guru so that they can become less spontaneous to physical aspects of sex and can plan their sexual quest with experiencing the divine or in a union. Pre-marital sex has been the trend today as it has been accepted as long as we practice safe sex by means of using a condom as the method of contraception as it prevents both pregnancy and contact of any sexual diseases. By means of pre-marital sex we have less control of our sex hormones and the sexual act has become more a physical need rather than a desire for union. Married couples and other folks who tend not to trust the partner indulge in sex using condoms which are in many way safe form of sex due to scare of aids and other sex related diseases, but the use of condom comes as a hindrance and takes away the bliss of making the tantric contact when one is in a state of union or yoga. The whole method of sexual union has become a hopeless method in the present times.

In Yoga there are only four realities by which we can attain higher states of union. We use by means of our body (Karma yoga) our love, devotion, emotions (Bhakthi Yoga), our intelligence, mind (Jnana Yoga) and by transforming our energies (Kriya Yoga) to attain higher states of Union. In Yoga we use the kundalani energies to move upward from base root chakra to top chakra to attain the union and in Tantric practice of sex we use our body as a Yantra to experience the union of two conscious being. Tantra literally means to weave and is synonymous with Yoga. In tantric sex, the sex energies (hormones) along with the kundalani energies are transformed to connect two conscious being. Tantra practice in a way is a big foreplay. In Tantra one learns to prolong the act of making love and to channel, rather than dissipate the potent orgasmic energies moving through you, thereby raising the level of your consciousness. These practices were intended to awaken the powerful psychic energies. Tantric practitioners make the necessary preparation and it might be even weeks and months of tantric practice before they take time to release themselves in to orgasm or ejaculation and achieve the results of union or bliss. So with means of Yoga and Tantra practice from a realized Guru one can learn the art and experience the bliss and divinity of the sexual union.   


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