Intelligence and Perverted Intelligence

In the long journey of my life, I have come across several people of different nature. It has to be. No two persons are the same in any aspect. Each one of us are different, unique and exclusive in our own way. We also most of the time feel that what we do is correct and fully convinced of our action until it blows on our face or does not give the expected result.

We also attribute intelligence of an individual with respect to his/her educational qualifications. If someone holds a highest degree, position or power we consider them to be exceptional and most of the time they walk as winners in life.

But, is that true or correct?

I am afraid it is not.

Besides academic excellence or intelligence, there is something called normal intelligence, commonsense and balance of mind. I have seen several highly qualified and intelligent persons who are difficult to handle. Yes. I consider their intelligence as ‘perverted’ intelligence.

Wait. If you look for the term ‘perverted’ in the lexicon it will connotate it most of the times to ‘sexual perversion’ only. Pray, perversion need not be sexual alone. When I combed the interent for the meaning again it spoke apart from the ‘sex’ to some tough philosophical terms with respect to faith and religion. I absolutely couldn't understand them.

I looked for the synonyms of the word. There are 23 direct ones and 11 closely related meanings. I feel from my point of view and with my personal experience the following words explain such personalities. ‘misguided’, ‘misused’, ‘sick’, ‘twisted’, and ‘abnormal’.

No doubt they are highly qualified and capable of great things in personal and professional lives. But, it never happened. They either hold high official positions but rarely do anything to justify their status and work. Even if they do something, that would be far from satisfactory. This aspect on most occasions shocked me beyond words because during discussions they raise a lot of logical questions and give suggestions. But, they will never reflect in any way on the work they have to execute. The end product will be nothing but garbage on many instances.

Next, their behavioral patterns and dispositions. They will look more like a crackpot or idiot lacking even basic manners. Their interpersonal skills would be positively antagonistic most of the time. They prefer to enter into an argument at the drop of a hat and incur the dissatisfaction of the one who spoke to him.

Though it is unethical to comment about the personal lives of these people, I find they are positively strained and bad. Some of them parted, some remained single, some kept hopping from one to another. Their choices in this area may surprise one but others could not comment on that since it turned out to be absolutely a personal choice of the individuals on both sides.

Honestly speaking, I am convinced that their personal lives as well as professional achievements irrespective of the positions or money earned are nothing but absolute failures.

‘Intelligence’ is something and ‘Perverted Intelligence’ is something else totally. One can deal with someone with ‘intelligence’ even if he/she is overbearing but it is nothing but a highly futile and exasperating exercise to convince someone who has ‘perverted intelligence’.

Best thing for the normal persons in dealing with such personalities is to keep them at a distance.

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