Eliminating Stress by the Natural Process of Evolving Creation

The Quest for Truth

Who am I? Where is my place on earth? Wise sages have discussed these two questions since the beginning of human time. If these questions cannot be authentically answered and lived, then humanity will cease to exist. Without any doubt, daily world and local events, family disputes, money problems, job security, and health issues can lead to depression, fatigue and  anxiety. This in turn can lead to overeating the wrong type of foods, lack of exercise, addictive habits such as smoking, alcoholic drinks and recreational and medical drugs.

You may ask how I have the answers to two of the most demanding questions ever raised. I was born with weak genes and a family history of heart attacks and cancers is not very conducive to living a long and healthy life. I realized many years ago that I cannot manage stress and if I allow stressful situations to attach to my brain I will surely succumb to an illness.

Therefore, it made perfect sense to me to eliminate stress from my life. Now, you might be thinking that is impossible to do. I agree it is impossible to do if you are a normal person. Happily, I have never been accused of  being normal. I am a natural person because I identify myself as an eternal creative energy that does not rely on an ego or personality to act out my roles in this lifetime on earth. I have found that when I observe any damaging, negative thoughts such as anger or spite as the witness rather than the participant, they will evaporate before I can act them out. Let's examine five problematic areas of life that can enhance positive health and wealth. Then I will show you the secret code that will unlock your true potential to archive the five maintenance points effortlessly.    

Communication with Family and Friends

Changing the conversation from idle gossip and chatter to meaningful dialogue can make a difference in your life. It keeps your mind in trim order and helps every cell in the body to regenerate healthy particles. We are told that we need to socialize with other people or else we may become depressed by isolation. If we have a choice to associate with negative gossips or be alone with happy thoughts there is no contest.

The best remedy is to find people who like to parley in meaningful conversations. It does not need to be boring. In fact the opposite is true. Idle chatter is boring even though it has become an addictive way of expression.

Money Matters

Is money the root of evil or a beneficial ingredient that can enhance your lifestyle. Do you feel the need for greed or do you understand when enough is enough? Do you require expert advice? Is it your money they are after or do they have the ability to genuinely help you?

Do you pay high brokerage fees? Bank fees? Insurance fees such as life, extended warranty, old age care ? Do they give you an umbrella and ask for it back when it rains? Are you in debt?

The only person you can depend upon is yourself and you are about to do just that!

Overeating and Addictions

Food - junky or healthy eater? Overeating gluttony.

When the urge to overeat or needlessly snack tries to sneak up on you have
you been told to fight back with these ideas?

  • Put on some dance music or dance with yourself if you do not have a
  • Go for a walk
  • Have an invigorating shower
  • Go out to a bookstore or library
  • Do some sit-ups and press-ups
  • If you drink - Alcohol, coffee, sodas change it to simple filtered
    water. Dehydration is the cause of many illnesses that lead to disease.
If you have tried all this good advice and you are still addicted then you
need to change something else in your life.


Exercise can become harmful when it grows into over exertion or an addiction. Moderate exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga, stretching, and a few minutes work out with light weights is all that is required to maintain a fit body. The most important factor is to exercise the mind. I'm not sure where this quote originated however I have modified it a little and it will fit in with what you will read shortly ...

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
          Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
          Walk beside me and together we will embrace love and joy.

What Can You Control?

Only your own emotions and perspective of what you experience through your senses. Everything passes in time so it seems foolhardy to dwell on events that are happening at this moment in time. Pack all your woes into baggage (thoughts) that is easily disposable. Then buy into new luggage (thoughts) that only contain love and joy. They are easy to carry because they are weightless. Every new day that dawns frame your mind in an empty canvas so you can paint a fresh picture cultivated by the cargo of love and joy. You are now about to find out how to live at the right location to address everything you care about. Firstly, read and meditate on this three line haiku for a few hours before you read the explanation that  follows it.

          The 361 degree
          The mystics point

You are the extra one in the center of the 360-degree circle. Without your
one degree there would be no circle simply because you would not exist.

Every wheel needs a hub so that it can turn with balance and precession. The hub is stationary and the wheel revolves around it. The roles you play revolve around the thoughts in your mind. You are both the activity and the motionless at the same moment in time. Your physical form is in motion whilst your central control affects the parts that move. Your real abode is in the center of the hub with 360 spokes connected to you. Each spoke (degree) is a tree that contains the roles you play on each branch of that section of your life. a place of love, truth and beauty. At the base of the trunk of each tree is truth.

The branches spread segments of the truth. The blossoms are on the tip of each branch that become full of fruit (fruitful) - They contain Divine flashes of wisdom that make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Your mortal self lives on the surface of the wheel (earth) where each branch manifests into human actions fed by yearnings and desire. You live on the rim in your human garbs. This is the place of discontent or pleasure. For most people who recognize it as their only home their home is filled with numerous mental catastrophes and pitfalls... It is a place where the intellect, ego and personality enjoy or endure their life on earth. In your central location you live in a place of where your intellect, ego and personality cannot influence the direction you will travel.

You become the - Self-Existent ‘One.' You make great progress from this location, the more you understand it is your only real source of natural evolving creativity, that feeds the surface role-plays in the temporal space you perform them. You are infinite, you are eternal, you are creative magnificence in your true identification.

Home is where the heart is ...

The heart of the matter is a symbol of  love... To balance the past with the future you need to become the fulcrum of the moment. You are the small i (eye) fulcrum in the center, that is the seer of intelligence, directed by the big I(eye) that is the I (eye) of your creator, evolver... Some call it God, others say ‘by chance.' Whatever label  you appoint, it is your only source of intelligence and creative energy.  Together you make life on earth a paradise. A Garden of Eden that never  needs to become stressed out or affected living amongst family, friends, money, eating, addictions or anything that surfaces from unsavory minds.   


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