The Stages In-and-Out's of Life - 2


You may not like what follows next ... but God is not interested in what you like or dislike. That is it! ... Face the facts ...

  • God has no interest what - so - ever if you live or die, if you ignore the cosmic script that is bound by love & joy.

  • God has no interest in what religion you belong and certainly could not care less, which wars you wage in 'his' name, if you replace truth with dogmatic traditions.

  • God doesn't give a dam about your health and well being if you are hell-bent on self- destructive thoughts and habits.

  • God does not care how broke or wealthy you are. If you ignore the comfort zone, programmed within each cell of your mind and body, your emotional depressions may bring everything to do not want.

  • God doesn't care if you pray ten times a day to 'him' ... He'll pull out his tongue ... Waggle his ears ... Put on his clowns nose and say ...Go away and read the original script I gave you at birth and stop making up your own drama that is not in the universal design.

The fact is, you have everything you could ever wish for programmed in your mind and body. However, if you cannot learn how to read the program in silence, you will not discern which act follows this present one and you may end up with flops at every stage in your life. Even though many people will praise you as a success, you perhaps comprehend it does not feel comfortable. If you do not feel cozy inside your own skin, no amount of fame or fortune will ease your burden of a troubled mind.

When you draw close to the end of your show on earth and you go to exit the stage, you may still exit with all the role-plays of mediocrity and only you will know if the stage plays were a true success or if you faked each role. If, behind the scenes, you had regrets and excuses for not performing as great as you could, then your exit will be a finale without any true meaning.

The more comfort, joy, and love you felt each passing moment will be the only yardstick in knowing if you have been following spirits chosen path laid out for you at birth. If you have allowed any moral teachings to interfere with your progress, you can never blame your maker, whoever you deem that to be, or not to be... And that is your question ... What do you want to be - come or not be-come on the stage of earth that is congested with traditional, orthodox, conformist, conceited - masquerades.

The true nature of your reality will endlessly live side-by-side with the facts of life you believe to be so real. As they continually slip though your mind like sand in an hourglass, one day, there may come the realization that all you could ever desire is waiting in the quite silence of a contented, composed mind.        

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