Real RDX

Whenever we think of terrorism the first image that crosses our mind is that of an explosion and the word explosion invariably brings up RDX. The three lettered word has become so much synonymous with terrorism and terrorists that any suspected terrorist caught without a few kilograms of RDX in his kitty is not worth his salt. But what is RDX? And what is Real RDX? Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine may be the chemical that makes up RDX, but the real RDX is definitely not that.

More dangerous than the chemical are the circumstances or environment that make people do such dastardly acts. In that sense, it would be more apt to expand it as Radical Doctrinism or Relentless Discrimination. Both are terrible concepts that lead susceptible people to kill innocents just for attracting public attention to their legitimate or illegitimate cause.

Just as many people are susceptible to clumsy ideologies that promise incentives for doing wrong, there are an equal number who are adamant in whatever they come to believe. What both of them forget is the vast amount of knowledge that is lying outside their realm. They do not want to accept the simple fact that even the most intelligent man who ever lived could have imbibed only a fraction of the total knowledge that is available in his or her area of interest. What we do not know always far outweighs what we know. This is true at any point of time in anyone's life. Self-designated intellectuals, religious supermen and people who are susceptible to radical indoctrination are all making the same mistake with regard to what they have. Their knowledge and capabilities are superior only in a limited sense and that too in a limited crowd. For every celebrity known there are at least a hundred unknown who are equally (if not more) capable.

Radical Doctrinism

Man is a rational animal and he must live like one. Those who are easily deceived by ideologies and ideologues are not living like humans. Seeing is not always necessary to believe, but it is a must to satisfy one's own conscience to believe in or accept anything. But are we always doing that? A majority of the believers and followers of any ideology are essentially born into it. Then they live with it for fear of disturbing the status quo. Slowly and steadily some of them develop the unwanted and dangerous trend of indoctrinating the ism they have inherited as the best in the whole universe. What started off from the false pride of a few develops momentum as more money, manpower and muscle gets pumped into it by vested interests. The original intent of the ism fails and it develops into a radical doctrine that brings tragedy to those who happen to be in its way.

It is very easy to indoctrinate certain type of people. All those whose 'windows of mind' are closed and not open to 'winds of knowledge' fall easy victim to the evil designs of evil teachers. It is there in every man the rationality to weed out chaffy isms for himself or herself and understand the eternal truths that have always existed. Instead of fulfilling their lives by discovering the eternal truths for themselves, many humans fall easy prey to the dubious isms and its evil teachers. To a large extent all these are due to the circumstances and environment into which we are born. But the sad thing is that it is no more the case with all cases. Many of the victims of radical doctrinism are willing guinea pigs from the upper strata of our society. What else can be more threatening for our existence than the sight of highly educated young men and women with belt bombs shouting to the whole world that they have found a solution to our problems?

Relentless Discrimination

Another sure recipe for encouraging and nourishing terrorism is relentless discrimination. Any form of negative discrimination is bound to result in revolt and breeds terrorism. This is not only true of nations but also of ideologies. In the case of nations, it is almost a certainty if there are no provisions for relief valves in the political system. If there are ways and means for the victims of any form of relentless discrimination to air and vent their grievances, chances of an explosive revolt are limited. It is not because there is a lack of resistance against the relentless discrimination, but because the heat stirred up by the leaders gets dissipated in the other avenues available. The British were the past masters in this 'revolt dissipation technique' during the height of their colonial era. It is not mere chance that A.O. Hume who is considered the founder of Indian National Congress is a British. They had developed the technique of appearing to run with the hare and hunting for the hound which was later perfected by the Missionaries for harvesting souls.

The devastating revolt against relentless discrimination can have a multiplier effect if it is coupled with ideologies which are exclusive in nature. Indoctrinated with beliefs that reject everything else, the anger among sufferers can take very ugly turns. Victims of relentless discrimination in such scenario are not only suffering political imprisonment but are additionally aggrieved by the fact that it is happening due to people who are outside their exclusive beliefs. Nationalist leaders using religious symbols to flare up revolt against relentless discrimination in political arena are clever users of this human tendency. The simple fact that almost all those who form part of such bloody revolts forget to notice the irreligiousness of the same leaders is an eloquent testimony of their vulnerability. The clever but insincere leaders encourage the ordinary to detonate when the leaders themselves have bullet proof vests on.

Though man has discovered and invented solutions to various problems, a foolproof antidote against the real RDX is not at all in sight. Democracy and dialogue are the oft suggested solutions, but are not always found successful. The other extreme option of a world policeman also cannot assure success. Perhaps there is no single solution to such problems universally applicable anywhere in the world. Like the problem, the solution must also come from within. One thing is certain ' if mutual respect between adversaries arise out of a clear understanding about the impending mutually assured destruction, a solution is very much possible to any conflict arising out of Real RDX. Until that respect comes about, the violence and destruction will continue.  


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