A Life and Death Situation

Most of us have a virus protector on our computer. Unfortunately the world is full of sick minded people and we have to be very cautions and guard against many attacks. But what shield do we possess to help our minds cope with the stresses and strains of modern day living? The answers is a simple one. We are living as a human being, but we are in essence a loving soul. The essence is eternal whereas the human beings mind & body is a temporary identity. 

A few weeks ago I was asked to explain the sensations of the soul by a delightful lady.
I started by saying;

A soul is the essence of intelligent energy that recognizes true wisdom within the senses of Love in Joy. The soul becomes part of the physical human being, the moment the first cell is born. It is the true "life" identity of a human. Just look at a babies face when it has food and comfort. It embodies a pure bundle of joy.

The lady then asked me, What about death? Doesn't that take away our joy? Is anything left?

I responded;

There can never be death of a soul. The body expires but intelligent energy cannot disappear.
Joy is the core understanding of a soul. The only true feelings are love and joy and all the positive feelings that grow from them. Once we are aware of our love & joy in our physical life, then the spirit of past loved ones are sparked in our minds. We are aware there presence is "Alive" and connected to our souls. We are still connected to all the loved ones who have transcended back into pure spirit.

This understanding should be the true mental picture of the myth called "life & death," otherwise we will just hold a memory of a physical being and that brings a loss and sadness. We will feel a loss, which attaches to a negative emotion, instead of our souls joy. We love our family and friends but love is not a possession. There are no permanent structures in a physical life. Why concentrate our thoughts on a finite individual that is a temporary visitor. Isn't it better to be aware of our continuous true self?

She then inquired;

Do you really want to say "The ONLY true feelings are Love and Joy"? Doesn't this invalidate people that are feeling other things such as grief, sadness, loss, anger right now? Those feelings are indeed also very real, necessary for the grieving process and true...aren't they?

I answered;

Only in the eyes of the physical beings conditioning dwells grief and suffering. This ego (Ease God Out) image of ourselves is only a temporary condition and not true reality. We cannot live by such basic, illusionary emotions, or we will waste most of our life in a negative thought mist. This may sound harsh, but the opposite is true. To live in joy, spreads joy, to live with grief, spreads grief. Giving joy is caring. Spreading grief is selfish. We grieve for our loss, not for the loved one, for their physical presence has gone.

There is a big difference in words 'emotions'- 'feelings' although they mean the same in the dictionary. We can only hold grief when there is a loss. Physically there is a loss and our emotions feel that loss. In our true state of feelings of love & joy, there can never be a loss for spirit cannot die, for it was not born. It flows through us as the wind brushes our cheek. That is our true identity. 

The whole of the cosmos is our domain. How can we grieve over an eternal energy force that we are? It makes no sense to cry and go against the realities of infinite wisdom.
The emotions that seem so real are part of our ego's view of the world and not real at all. Reality means lasting and nothing in the physical lasts. This is a deep subject which many folks take a lifetime to learn and then it is too late. Most people never do comprehend the true meaning that surrounds "life & death."

Folks need to continually ask more questions and the more questions we ask, the clearer our reality becomes. The only true, eternal feelings, are love & joy. There can be no other reason to exist on earth without these feelings. We are not put on earth to suffer as many religions preach.

Over many thousands of years, we have been trained to be-lie-ve grieving is a normal response to the death of a loved one. Especially a sudden death. But that does not mean it is natural to grieve. To understand it is like peeling an onion. Each layer will make us cry until we get to the end. Once we eat it, we will stop crying and just enjoy it's flavor and goodness. After a while we learn If we cook it first, then peel each layer, we will not cry. Why live life in the raw?

We need to accept who we truly are and the recipe for that take time and practice. If we function with half baked ideas, we will get indigestion very often. If we live only by emotions, we will cry very often. We will all feel negative emotions, for that is how our bodies have evolved. But the fight or flight emotions we originally felt, are today replaced with many other emotions that injure our immune systems and put us in an early grave. Our minds have not adjusted to modern day living and some religious rules & regulations only make matter worse. The spiritual essence of each religion is pure, but mankind changes it to suit it's own power base.

The simple answer to the meaning of life is, 'God put us on earth to enjoy every second,' no matter what chaos, catastrophes and tragedies surrounds us. 

Now who wants to argue with God?

If we do, we will cry and grieve a lot. When we walk with Spirit in each step we take, no harm can befall our essence of de-light, so what is there to be unhappy about? Health, wealth and joy will flow freely in our direction if we allow spirits nature to flow its course. 

Once we can accept our true identity, we can live as an authentic member of the universe. What is the point of subsisting detached from a higher reality, as an ego being, with no club card into spirit's truth? 

A soul's energy ... is life's potency. Where there's life, within and around a being, there resides a loving soul... Our sole purpose is to en-joy from an air of love. What are you waiting for... After all; it is not as though your boxed in a life or death situation?


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