The Necessity for the Cultivation of Mind

It is not a wise thing to flee from worldly responsibilities, duties, cultivating relationships, being tired of their harsh, unpleasant, disturbing and unwanted realities, to a far off place to do “meditation” or “penance”. Our memories follow wherever we are. Such an “escape” leads us to nowhere as our individuality and personality as memories, moods, experiences, understanding or lack of it, thoughts and feelings accompany us. Peace is not in a place: peace is an attitude of mind.

Almost all our worries, grief, unpleasantness and the like are our mental projections as we identify ourselves with our ego. We must learn to ignore our activated memories, pleasant or unpleasant and associated happy or unhappy moods, feelings or thoughts. They all have to be managed by smart handling of mind. The dictum, “Ignorance is Bliss”, instructs this reality. Here ignorance does not refer to lack of knowledge but to the ability to neglect.

The real troubles or actual suffering is the lack of food, shelter and clothes. Poverty is the real disturbance. Poverty which causes but cannot remove hunger, troubles because of lack of shelter or shame for lack of clothes to wear, is to be removed by earning and only by having money. Rest of the disturbances for lack of desired or wanted life, or personal relationships, career, are to be managed by cultivating the mind and by our efforts; but not by worrying about it.

We must have faith in us and the Almighty. Faith removes doubts arising out of reasoning or logic and clears the mind; strengthens its resolve. Faith gives peace and motivation. Thus, as most of our unpleasantness is the result of and caused by, vagaries of mind, we must make our mind our friend and not allow it to master us. It can be achieved through our diligence and efforts.

Cultivating the mind saves us from lots of worries, fears, guesses, imaginations and associated  wasting  of our time and energy. A human being is most the mind and its functions not mere body, though body is creator, holder and absorber of mind. Mind can not exist without body. Mind and body are together. Mind is awareness of body, psychology, mental faculties responsible for mental functions, including all kinds of learning, knowledge including spirituality and ego related senses, understanding, moods, feelings, thoughts and associated pleasantness and unpleasantness, grief, aches, pains. Mind is necessary for learning; unfortunately the same mind also causes suffering to us.

Let us learn to cultivate the mind by being aware of its origin, form, structure, function and the benefits of its missing or absence.

Mind is our creator as self-consciousness, cause for our troubles and disturbances as experiences, understanding, misunderstanding, various moods, feelings, thoughts and emancipates us by liberating us teaching transcendence of body-consciousness, self-consciousness, individualism, personality, and limited awarenesses of all kinds and hues.

Thus mind is essential for our being and liberation. Let us master the art of mind management.

Cultivating patience, forbearance, understanding, compassion, love for humanity and environment around, will take us nearer to Divnity and our ability to help will give us peace of mind and serenity together with bliss and silence.

Mind is the felicitator of both attachment and detachment; bond and liberation; disturbance and peace-bliss-serenity-silence.

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More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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