Terrorism Banishes Fear

At last people are beginning to understand the only way to banish the effects of terrorism is to banish fear itself... As with all big bullies if you stand up to them, they back down and disappear.

The latest terrorist attacks in London, as dreadful as they were, had the reverse effect on the terrorist intent... The stock markets recovered after the initial shock and the next day they went up in almost every market in the world.

This sends a very powerful message to terrorists ... They can no longer intimidate society any more by acts of terror, for even though they may kill and injure innocent people, they no longer have the power to inflict fear. 

This disarms them of their only real weapon of fear, for killing innocent people will be seen for what it is ... just an insane act of sick minds and that is no reason to fear it. ... Their acts of atrocities will now be seen for what they are...Insane doctrine driven fanatics, who now are powerless to inflict fear on world populations who are saying loud and clear... Terrorism can never win or gain any support from sane, fear-free people! 


More by :  Michael Levy

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