Is the Male Gray Matter Muscular Too?

You sometimes wonder what makes men react to situations the way they do which is so different from what you, I mean we, as women would do in a similar situation. Why does he go so much into the football match when you want to talk about your plants. And the way he discusses about golf, oh Goddess. Wish he was a little more aesthetic towards my frames. And why is it that they all think and react the same way and so different from us... Men and women of every culture, creed and hue constantly argue over their partners' opinions, behavior, attitudes and beliefs.

Men dominate TV remote controls and love to murf; women don't mind watching the commercials. Your man has hit the bar early today, he is under pressure, silly you, you should understand. Who would not agree women have better ways fighting out her stress, a trip to the malls and an indulge in chocolates does all the magic.

Men, we all wish to brand them, are insensitive, uncaring, not listening, not being warm and compassionate, not talking, not giving enough love, not being committed to relationships, wanting to have sex rather than make love, turning the temperature down, and leaving the toilet seat up.

Men criticize women about their driving, for not being able to read street directories, for not being able to navigate rightly, for their lack of a sense of direction, for talking too much without getting to the point, for not initiating sex often enough, turning the temperature up, and for leaving the toilet seat down. As a boyfriend this species always claimed that he hates mess and loves his things to be in order, as his role shifts from a friend to the husband he is always groping for his underpants and socks, and forgets that he was the clean freak once when he throws the shoes as and where he thinks it needs to be exhibited. But dare one try and mess up his collection of CDs, they are always in order. Women can always find the missing set of car keys. If a woman is out driving and gets lost, she would never mind to stop and ask for directions. A man on the other hand would cease to be a man if he would ask for some directional help. Men think they're the most sensible sex. Women know they are. How many men contribute to the cleaning of the toilet. It's unknown. It would have never happened.

If you love to cycle more and love to watch sports for sure your brain is more muscular than your counter sisters you are nicknamed tomboy. How many of us had parents who would have appreciated some kind of aggressiveness that we would have shown for some reason or the other, as women /girls are not supposed to be aggressive. Men still are not very open about their facials and moisturizing lest he will be laughed at. It is sad but true that work has been always understood as central to the lives of men, a major basis of their identity, it is often seen as been identified with masculinity. Beauty and caring on the other hand are often viewed as something intrinsically feminine. Men and women have always been torn between such differences in their thought processes, finally for them to be branded to have been from different planets.

A study has found that there are subtle genetic variations in their brains. The researchers have identified hundreds of genes that are switched on and off differently in the male and female brains, a finding which also suggests that many behavior patterns regarded as typical of each sex could be actually founded on the nature vs nurture issue.

According to the researchers men and women also differ in their approach to finding sexual partners. men generally place a higher value on youth and good looks, while women are often more attracted by status, the study found.

Researchers have provided scientific proof that the brains of men and women are physically distinct, which means that men and women show differences in behavior because their brains are physically distinct organs (eureka, does that mean our brains are fairer). Male and female brains appear to be constructed from markedly different genetic blueprints, the team says.

The differences in the circuitry that wires them up and the chemicals that transmit messages inside them are so stark as to point to the conclusion that there is not just one kind of human brain, but two, according to recent neurological studies.

According to a review of recent neurological research appearing in this weeks New Scientist magazine, it is becoming clear that the brains of men and women show numerous anatomical differences. Some of these divergences could explain a number of mysteries such as why men and women are prone to different mental health problems, why some drugs work well for one sex but have little effect on the other, and why chronic pain tends to affect women more than men. Although it has been long known that there were some male female differences, it was thought they were confined to the hypothalamus, the brain region involved in regulating food intake, fighting and the sex drive among other things.

But it is becoming clear that the relative sizes of many of the structures inside the female brains are different from those of males. The mere fact that a structure is different in size suggests a difference in functional organization, said Dr. Larry Cahill of the Centre for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, at the University of California.

One school of thought believes that men are socialized to idealize blue, physical strength, success, manliness, competition and aggression. sports embodies all of these things. Women are socialized to idealize physical beauty, material things and their appearance. Women are also supposed to make a comfortable home, traditionally. All of these require the acquisition of physical goods, often, which explains that a lot of women like/have to shop. So according to this school these stereotypes exist because of how men and women are traditionally socialized everywhere.

Confusing I guess. The stereotyping whether it is due to physiological differences or whether it is ingrained in our societal pressures and upbringing the simple fact is we think different. To make it simple and logical and when done two plus two, it is what our researchers claim, our brains are different, plus what sociologists say ,that stereo typing of pink and blue is a traditional socializing process, the demarcation gets much stronger and solid. And to repeat, the fundamental problem here is simple: men and women are different. Not better or worse - just different. Women basically are very basic in nature they know how to get peace and derive pleasure out of sweet small little nothings. Isn't it is wiser therefore not to be torn apart between the age old debate of gender ideologies. But have to agree that men n women do think differently, not better or worse-different. It's only by understanding the differences between men and women that we can really start building on our collective strengths - rather than on our individual weaknesses. For all the times to come, all Allans would say that women cant read maps and of course all Barbaras would scream their hair off to say that men never listen.  


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