Achievement of Liberation

Dream of Liberation

Full liberation is the dream of everyone in the world. To achieve liberation in all respects man dreams, imagines, thinks, plans, works and dies in the world. After the World War II many nations got liberation from British Imperialism. Four decades after World War II also nations got liberation from Imperialism, Nazism, communism and Socialism. Yet some nations are still under the control of monarchical rules, dictatorship regimes and military rules waiting for liberation under some kind of support, which is gathering strength everywhere.

On the other hand, the process of democratization is going on in the erstwhile States of Socialism. Even in democratic States people are dominated and exploited by one-sided, selfish, self centered and egoistic politicians and corrupt bureaucrats. In such nations of weak democracy, people are struggling to get liberation from restrictions, controls, licenses of the government, social conventions based on religion and class, perpetrations of violence by antisocial elements and the horrible tortures of terrorists, besides rampant corruption, casteism and sexual harassments.

Of the pillars of democracy such as legislature, bureaucracy, media and judiciary, the last two are trying to safeguard the little liberty enjoyed by the common people. But even in the democratic States freedom of the press and independence of judiciary are often attacked by biased and fascist like politicians at the helm of government administration, needing strong condemnation and opposition by the people who are the custodians of democracy. Social equality and social justice are only in the slogans of the politicians. Only when people are economically, socially and culturally liberated besides political liberty, which is alone not enough, they can really achieve social justice. In this regard press has got heavy responsibility to educate the people with proper solutions to social problems and guidance through their media.

Alertness Necessary for People

When the press and the judiciary themselves are attacked by the political party in power, how can the people's freedom and their constitutional rights be protected? So, people believe that politicians are most powerful and do anything for them so that their lives can be protected and rehabilitated by them. Likewise people are kept as under dogs and exploited by the politicians. Good respect towards honorable persons, natural affection in families, friendships among worthy persons, respect of subordinates to superiors are all considered nothing before the loyalty of workers towards their political leaders. And politics has permeated in all fields of human endeavor and everything is spoiled by the politicization of everything due to the ignorance of the mass. Hence people have to be alert and keep themselves abreast of all the world information everyday, then only they can fight for their rights and get justice in al matters concerning their welfare.

Not only this, newspapers and magazines also should provide all information necessary for the development of the people. It is the duty of the press to create social awareness among the people of the nation by exposing the wrongs it comes across everywhere, expose the financial status, educational qualifications and criminal backgrounds of influential persons, politicians and wrong doers so that even though reforms are made very slowly in education, election, legal and administrative systems people won't be exploited or deceived before their own eyes. Then only if journalists work sincerely by providing true and quality information to the people and people also cooperate for such good causes, democracy can function effectively and be useful to the nation. So, only when democracy is effective, efficient and excellent, liberation in all respects can be achieved for the people.

Historical Liberation Movements

  1. Due to President Abraham Lincoln's sense of justice and love equally towards both white and black people and the efforts of Martin Luther King, the black leader, American Negroes got liberation from slavery and equality rights as a citizen of USA. But both the leaders were killed by assassin's bullets.

  2. In South Africa Gandhi first started the non-cooperation movement under the principles of truth and non-violence to fight for the rights of the people against the white government there. He felt it was most necessary in India rather than anywhere else first. So, Gandhi returned to India, used non-cooperation movement by means of non-violence against the British government and got liberation for India from them. He was also killed by assassin's bullets.

  3. Other leaders of India at that time felt that to keep secure the liberation of India, liberation for other nations should also be got in the world next. So, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru worked for international liberation by decolonization as the main theme of his Foreign Policy of India based on the principles of peace, friendship, nonaggression, non-interference, cooperation and coexistence with other nations of the world.

  4. The great spiritual leader of Hindu religion, Swami Vivekananda at that time worked for spiritual liberation of humanity, which could be possible, as per his view, not only by political liberation alone but also by economic, social and cultural liberations, provided poverty of the mass was eliminated. Education to the mass was spread everywhere and hard works were done on various fields to make the nation strong first by the firm participation of all. To popularize his spiritual ideas of Advaitic Vedanta philosophy he expressed the view everywhere that all are interdependent in the world as all matters are interrelated in the Universe that each man has the potentialities of God as each atom has the potentiality of the whole Universe and that God is the same for all but the path to Him varies by different religions. That was how he tried to unite mankind by spiritualism advocating the policy of unity in diversity and achieve total liberation for the whole of mankind.

So, the process of liberation of humankind could be completed only by the promotion of peace, unity and international brotherhood among the world people leading towards the formation of One Human World Order, for which the foundation has been laid by the creation of the United Nations Organization after the World War II.

Exploration, Colonization and Emancipation

After the European trade route towards East was blocked by the invasion of Ottoman Turk, Europeans from Italy, Portugal, France and Britain went on the sea routes to explore other continents and nations for the revival of their trades there. Before that Marco Polo, a Venetian went to China on land and returned to Italy by sea and whose detailed writings on Chinese developments increased the interest of Europeans towards East. From China, they came to know about gun power, paper, glass and compass.

Columbus crossed Atlantic Ocean and discovered America, where Europeans colonized and settled themselves there; after the developments in science and technology, agriculture and industries there, America prospered and became a Super power. Vasco Da Gama, another European going round Africa reached India by sea. Afterwards only Europe came to know about spices, tea, coffee, medicine, mathematics and spiritualism.

Both the French and the British people colonized Africa and India, and became the rulers of those nations for some centuries. They transported to their homelands many valuable goods, men for labor and ideas for developing their knowledge and life from the East and became prosperous. Then revival of learning in Arts, Literature and other fields took place there. Scientific inventions took place. Industrial revolution along with Agricultural innovations took place.

Consequences of Liberation

Around 1950 they gave independence to Asian and African nations, which are functioning as independent developing nations. Poverty, disease, ignorance and unemployment problems are there in Africa and Asia. So, after exploitations and dominations by Europeans, it has become their debt and duty to help these nations. The political liberation, these Asian nations obtained after a long-time of struggles, has become a burden to bear; besides, the developments they have to make even after decades of hardships have got a long way to go. The consequences of liberation have a high price to be paid by them, from which there is no escape or relief unless they are helped by the developed nations.

On the other hand, the people, who were taken to the other colonies by the Europeans and responsible for the developments there, are stranded in those countries with no identity of their own; and those people, who have no permanent nation of their own in Sri Lanka, Fiji, South Africa, etc. suffer different kind of humiliation, which cannot be imagined by others. Yet another category of men who try for immigration in European countries are denied visas and permanent citizenships because of tight immigration laws there. This is the irony of liberation in the modern world.

Globalization towards Liberation

Since 1990 onwards, globalization has the world door wide open for the developing nations like India, China and others to transform past losses into profits through new developments in the field of knowledge based computer and information technologies as well as biotechnology. Privatization, liberalization and globalization of economy of these nations have created opportunities for the people to try their level best through knowledge. Among these nations, India has got a wonderful chance in biotechnology and information technology to come up top most in the near future because of their English knowledge, sincerity and hard work.

In the South Asian Association meetings of various nations revival of the past cultural ties were being discussed and the possibility for the promotion of free trade, tourism and communication, and information technology among the nations was explored. There is a proposal being arrived at for the laying of road links from Singapore to Istanbul via Myanmar, India and Afghanistan. The impediments to the realization of such goals in the process of globalization are international terrorism and the unresolved dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir due to cross border terrorism and infiltration of terrorists across the Line of Control between them.

The immediate unilateral war on Iraq led by America with the support of Britain, Spain, Hungary, Poland and others for the disarmament of Weapons of Mass Destruction and ousting of Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq from power is questioning the credibility of UN Security Council and the world unity at large in spite of the oppositions by the countries like France, Germany, Russia, China and others. So, time only has to decide for the normalization of the process of globalization of economy, then the globalization of politics, society, culture and so on towards the formation of One Human World Order in the future with the cooperation and support of advanced nations. That is the only way by which achievement of liberation in all respects for humankind in the world could be possible as time goes on. Fortunately for good or bad the trend towards this possibility has been started by the globalization of economy, etc. among world nations.        


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