Duty : To Do or Not to Do?

Today nobody seems either to do duty without reward or to toil honestly for honor. Nobody bothers about honor but everybody needs rewards. That is why in schools, colleges, courts, hospitals, government offices and everywhere without bribes no works are done. Now corruption has become a way of life in the society. Though democracy, freedom, rights and liberties are there sincerely, honestly and truly no individual can do any work freely and achieve anything remarkable according to one's wish, expectation, aspiration or ambition in the corrupt society.

Without material benefits no work is done. Therefore certainly to do or not to do duty depends upon material rewards today! Wrong System Indeed. There is something wrong somewhere in the system of the society in which we all function. Political, bureaucratic and other demoralizing forces such as communalism, casteism, regionalism, linguistic fanaticism, fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism certainly control the system of the society and hence corruption, nepotism, favoritism and all sorts of malpractices prevail eminently everywhere in the society. Further economic inequality and social disparities ever keep social justice and security in despair. Therefore responsible individuals in all walks of life face a lot of problems, troubles, predicaments and untoward situations often and in times of crisis bound to think whether to do or not to do duty so that their peace, balance of mind and routine may not be jeopardized by postponing and procrastinating duty as far as and as long as possible and hence escapism in duty and transferring of responsibility on others are very much in practice today.

Cultural Defect

In the modern world civilization has developed to a great extent at the cost of culture. Due to scientific and technological developments a new western culture is spreading everywhere in the world. India is also very much affected by it. Perhaps due to this reason too social problems have increased and the question of social justice has to be solved immediately so that unity, peace and integrity of the nation can be maintained smoothly.


Duties are very many in the world. Among them duty to oneself and to the world cannot be neglected by anyone. Duty has to be done for honor, pride, name, glory, etc. Duty has to be done for the welfare of the society so that everyone can get everything, happiness, peace and prosperity. Duty has to be done honestly, sincerely and truly so that real development is possible in the society and all the problems of the people can be solved truly paving the way to real prosperity and progress. If we don't do our duty there is no prosperity, honor, bright future and happy life in the world.

Nature's Duty is a Lesson

We can learn a lot by observing nature. If the Sun stops appearing then there won't be light, brightness and life on the Earth. If the trees refuse to grow then there will be no shelter, flowers, fruits and rain for men. If the cow does not give milk, man's diet will be incomplete and suffer incomparable loss. If the birds don't fly and sing where is the hope and music for man and a sense of freedom? They all do their jobs with a fixed purpose and never change. They are never selfish and so are simply sublime, noble, majestic, magnanimous and great. This is the lesson they teach to mankind.

Everyone is part of Society

The survival and development of any society depends upon the cooperative and coordinative efforts of all people as each and everyone is a part and parcel of society like various organs of human body doing various jobs to maintain balance, harmony, health, strength, vigor and vitality of the body. Lack of education, improper education and unsuitable education of the people employed, under-employed and un-employed would produce only inefficient, ineffective, nonproductive and unprofitable output or results to the society. So, political rivalries and bureaucratic red-tape will continue to hamper the progress of our society. That is why nobody is ready to waste one's time, energy and money for the social good of the nation and so national feeling or patriotism is lacking in our people. But all aim for immediate personal benefits and fast buck for less work and more leisure.

How has this defect of the social system come up in our country? Drawbacks In the olden days caste based labor system was in vogue in the Indian society. It had its own drawbacks and benefits to the society. Then the foreign powers,  Muslim and British powers invaded and ruled our country. Due to foreign rules for more than 500 years our social system changed and Indian culture also changed. After our country's independence we still cling to the same old educational and legal systems left over by the colonial powers which have not changed the passive, fatalistic and lethargic activities of our society.

Now our society is caught between tradition and modernity, and is struggling towards development, progress and prosperity. That is why our society is not progressing. So, how this defect of our social system has to be rectified is the thing we have to see next.


Everything starts from the educational and other practical trainings of the people. It is not enough if we give our people freedom, rights and democratic government. But we have to assist them to understand what their duty is through education and motivate them to do duty with discipline and dignity for the all round development of our society and nation. Above all, reforms have to be made in the government level, education system, legal system and laws then only social system can be changed and social justice can be achieved.

Political gimmicks

Nowadays it has become a fashion for every politician to talk about social justice and social security. They just talk but not explain or discuss as to how they are going to achieve this. Rich is growing richer and poor is becoming poorer. This is the reality. So, only through economic security social security and justice can be achieved. Through quota system in education and job social justice cannot be fully achieved and is hardly possible in this most populated country. Social justice means providing food, cloth, shelter, education and job for all! When this is going to be achieved is left to the people to image or dream about!


Let us be practical. First government should provide best or quality education to all and provide job opportunities for all both in the public and private sectors. Education should make everyone to think independently, decide, find and develop one's talent and use it in the job one does for the development of one's self and for the society. In that case the duty of the individual in life will be to gain knowledge, earn wealth in the right way, enjoy pleasures of the world and relinquish everything they achieved for the posterity, devote themselves in the pursuit of God or the spiritual attainment. Then the social duty of the individual will be according to one's talent or knowledge or nature one has to choose a field of work, say art, science, engineering, agriculture, architecture, literature, politics and so on and serve for the society in a cooperative and coordinative way forgetting al the differences of caste, creed, language and region. That is called social justice, dharma and Indian culture today.

Work for perfection

According to the dictum "practice makes one perfect".  Everything in nature does the same sort of thing like the sea waves do in order to achieve perfection and permanence. Likewise man also should try to achieve perfection and immortality through his work of art, science, duty with firm purpose and will. Once one's talent is discovered one's duty for which one is born can be found out and doing one's duty will be a pleasure then and not drudgery. When such a position is each and everyone achieves what necessity is there for anyone to think like Hamlet whether to do or not to do duty!  


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