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Live And Let Live!

World is at the edge of the year 2020 not knowing whether
There is a peak to climb or deep abyss to go down due to
Dense mist, fog and snow that obstructs vision for all sure
Now though all are eager to see bright future for all in life!

Bouquet of flowers in multiple colours and exotic fragrance
Seems to be readily waiting to invite all with smiles and nice
Cheers to say good-bye to previous year and welcome to
New Year with hope and joy for love, peace and unity ever!

Life is both painful and joyful like day and night and life and
Death as they are only two sides of the same coin we know
Pretty well and deal with them in the same way of poise in
Both times of storms and Springs against all odds in life sure!

Let us eschew live and let die, but ever chew well live and
Let live so that love will unite all for bringing peace to world!

No Effect Without Cause In Nature!

When energy level goes down one gets hunger for food
For producing energy needed to activate human body;
So also, when the throat and lungs get dried up, one gets
Thirst needing water to wet and supply oxygen for relief!

Hunger and thirst cannot be avoided or stopped once for
All till death comes to one at the end of one's life in world;
They are all there to give pain and difficulties to our Self
So that when they are satisfied one enjoys pleasure in life!

The spirit or soul within doesn't have any pain and pleasure;
Only through our body we realize those feelings in our life;
In one way, due to that fact, from the spiritual state to our
Physical state, perhaps we are all created by Nature to know!

In Nature, nothing happens without a cause and this cause
And effect are like cause and event in history we know sure!

A Rare and Nice Year Ending Day To Share With All!

Last but one day of the year 2020 is wonderful to write
About Nature today that absorbs my heart and mind sure;
Early morning two little dogs white and black cheered my
Mood by their friendly play on the sand near platform here!

Friendship, faithfulness and playful nature are wonderful to
Witness in dogs and makes me believe such quality must
Have come to men due to their living closer to humans sure;
Now it has become rare trite in friendship with fellow men!

Then Full Moon shining through transparent mist after a little
Rain is a beautiful picture Nature draws on the sky canvas;
A rare treat it is for the Nature lovers this evening sure that
Has made me to mention it in this poem to share with all...!

Happy incidences I am sure must be mentioned in poems
To share my joy with all in this nice year ending day indeed!

Let New Year Bring Cheers To All!

Birds have no restrictions and no traffic rules and regulations
To fly in the Sky anywhere in groups and single as they wish;
But we men and women have all those to follow to over-
Come troubles and now to prevent ourselves from Corona!

Yes, in the last day of the year 2020, no one can gather en
Masse in the beach or roof gardens of hotels to celebrate
Good bye to this year and invite New Year in fun and joy
With friends and loving persons anywhere in the world...!

Too much of civilization and modernity sans bothering and
Caring for pollution and climate change and careless in the
Handling of scientific researches and lack of cleanliness and
All have led to face the consequences in the form of Corona!

Let New Year bring cheers like the free birds fly in the air
Overcoming the obstacles on our freedom to enjoy better!

Difference between Nature and Art!

From the morning squirrels are busy going here and there;
Vehicles and tourist people are also going all over the town;
For the year end celebration despite restrictions all over the
Town, people are eager to celebrate with friends somehow!

'What is the difference between squirrels and people going
All over the place? ' ask I to myself sitting on an arm-chair
Seeing the busy town and I find no difference at all as both
Are brisk in looking for their own things of interest here sure!

In Nature, all are of the same kind in doing things of interest
Sans any exception except that humans are evolved higher
Than small animals good and gentle but there is difference
Vast and great as far as naturalness between the two sure..!

Natural character and developed personality are like the
Difference between natural and artificial or Nature and Art!

Heath is Real Wealth!

Living in harmony with Nature makes one have strong health
With immunity to fight against any disease what so ever here;
Sans health, it is impossible to shine in education, work and life;
Even if one has education and wealth, sans health, all is effect less!

Even crippled and handicapped people with sound health are ever
Achieving great feats in sports, jobs and life too in the world…;
But health only without proper motivation and training, many
Indulge in antisocial activities and terrorism threating world peace!

Both physical and mental develops are a must for everyone by
Good education that motivates one to shine in the field one is
Best at making one best in education, capable in work and also,
Make one fulfil the purpose of life better than others in the world!

Health is real wealth as with the support of education and motivation,
One can become wealthy materially and achieve all in work and life!

Corona Reigns to Discipline Human Society Everywhere!

Corona pandemic has changed the life style of people everywhere;
Especially in the dress patter of all there is uniform wearing of
Face mask while going out for various works without touching
Anything with hand and washing hands and parts exposed out!

Discipline, self-control in handling things, not mingling in the
Crowd to avert or avoid touch of body with others to protect
Oneself from infection and paying attention to take food that
Can improve immunity of body against infection in general!

All protective measures have become a regular habit to follow
By all look to be a great wonder whether they are old women
Or children or tourists roaming about picnic places anywhere
And what a sea change of behavior and activities of humanity!

Neglect and disrespect for Nature by society have led to all
Problems to the level of Corona reign now to discipline all!

A New Place of Paradise World will become Soon!

Competition in production and sales of vaccine to cure Corona disease
Seems to be in full swing among capable nations in the world now…;
Success or failure is known only after the vaccines are injected in all
Patients, doctors, nurses and all involved in the treatment of |Corona!

Due to precautionary measures being taken by almost all people in
Many nations of the world, disappearance of Corona is already on;
Before the vaccine is given to patients and others concerned, perhaps
Corona also meet with the end of other illness like Spain flu, etc.

Medicines for many diseases of the past are still in research stages only
Needing completion of research and discovery of curing medicines…;
Since Corona has affected people all over the world, many nations are
Taking steps to find medicine and eliminate it at the earliest for good!

Cooperation and joint venture like this are significant way to unity of
All nations for the common good of world humanity if extended to
Other aspects of world problems, certainly one day world will become
A new place of paradise living in peace and harmony with Nature sure! 

Dreams And Desires Will Become Realities In 2021!

New Year has arrived without much pomp and pageantry;
Everyone wishes for disease-less healthy life for this year;
All are moving everywhere with precautionary measures;
Freedom lost can be regained soon with immune health!

Friends and close companions are best in relations now
Wish to be so throughout this new year 2021 end sure;
Many are eager to continue previous year's resolution
And fulfil all their dreams and desires before the end sure!

Breathing fresh air in the beach and having a nice time in
The park of our paradise, all wish to enjoy life in Nature sure
To regain lost paradise without much fuss ado about none
So as to be free as birds and strong as elephants in forest!

All dreams and desires of all will com true and become a
Well defined reality in the course of this New Year 2021 sure!

Natural beauty is Truth Beyond Imitation Ever!

Out of jealousy, some spoil and destroy good one's life
And work and in competition, artificially try to be genuine
One but fail to imitate good one's natural talk and behaviour
As truth makes one triumph whatever be the tricks of evil!

Beauty composed of artificial make up cannot become real;
Once the face is washed with pure water truth is revealed;
Natural beauty developed by divine grace shines glowing
And cannot be approached by the false face of anyone sure!

Truth and love of mind and heart give real beauty to body
That attracts all through natural talk, behaviour and act,
which are beyond the capacity of anyone to imitate and
Hoodwink public to gain undue advantage over good one!

Natural beauty is truth that has no parallel or comparison
And cannot be toppled by the artificial make up by anyone!

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