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Civilization without Culture is a Sheer Waste!

All neglect Nature, literature, art, history and culture in the
Commercialized modern world of civilization ever rushing
And working for money believing it easy to buy all needed
For survival and sustenance sans any problem what so ever!

That serves only economic and technological development
At the cost of social and spiritual development of humanity;
The result is pollution and lack of hygiene leading to climate
Change and new disease affecting whole of mankind ever..!

Now saving world and humankind from all the dangerous
Mess made by world society in the name of civilization has
To change bringing in the well beneficial way of human life
By Art, Culture, literature, history and Nature for good fo all!

Civilization without culture is like great tower of building sans
Strong foundation to sustain it for many years sans any harm sure!

Farmers are Smiling and Crying for Rain for Good and Bad!

Rain drops are falling on my head, when I see down my
Balcony full of motorbikes parked sans an end of road;
In the middle of the road it is full of wet colour of rain that
Has fallen on the night and the morning is misty cold sure!

Rain has fallen through out the year without a pause any day
Making all shun it expecting bright and hot Sunshine all day;
Nature is showing its plenty sense of offering to all whether
All like or not and the overflowing rain waters are with Sea!

Too much of rain in all places makes the world seem to be in
The Sea or Ocean all over the world making farmers smile
And cry for destruction of about to be harvested crops soon
Drowned in water everywhere and they wait for relief now..!

One side farmers go on strike against government's strict
Laws that affect their freedom to enjoy fruits of hard labour
And on the other hand, suffering for too much of rain ever
That spoils hard grown crops for months seeking mercy..!

 When All is Fine?

As in Joint family, alliance in politics, partnership in business
And friendship among persons share good and bad, victory
And failure, profit and loss leading to bitter fight sure due to
Sharing of loss and failure even by partners not responsible!

For a longtime going on so makes all disintegrate and try all
Works separately facing both victory and failure and profit
And loss with full responsibility and satisfaction in world life;
But new partnership with like mindedness and talent shines!

Group of such talented artists or persons of any adventure
Work hard in cooperation and coordination to achieve great
Success and create history serving as example to many men;
Partnership of poets and scientists have achieved miracles!

Unless all share both burden and comfort in a give and take
Policy way in politics, business, family and friendship all is fine!

Contention of Heart in Life Possible only with Nature!

Modern world life goes on money like the fuel for running
Vehicles on the road to go anywhere to do various works;
Human life depends on money and food to pull on the days
In a smooth fashion whether one is rich or poor in the world!

That is city life dong all things like a machine by all sans fail;
But in the village and farms, life goes on in harmony with
Nature whether others anywhere work for money or do all
To  achieve goals in life to feel proud or dejected by failure!

Life of all lovers of Nature is contended one unlike others in
Great ventures to make big money to be the greatest rich
Man in the world always indulging in rivalry and competition
To win or lose in adventure for money sans peace and joy!

Contention of heart is the only way one can be happy and
Ever peaceful in world life, if one lives in harmony with Nature!

Modern World has made Man a Machine in lieu of Human to be Divine!

There is a race between man and machines for living only
Mechanical life under the control of time in modern world;
Everything has to be quickly finished before going to attend
Another work in the fast world to earn more money faster!

For. to fulfil the need of modern man money is not enough
Ever making him to look for some other means to achieve it;
Like a prey caught in the spider web, man does a lot of jobs
To achieve his goals to meet both ends of  modern life long!

What a pity!  Is it fate or man made hell to live doing things
so in such a uncongenial fashion that man has also become
Another machine in this modern machine world, where all
Technological things are created to reduce his burden once!

But due to economic progress, life style of civilization has
Made man a machine but not a human to become a divine!

Status of Modern World Leading to a Mad One!

Civilization is knowledgeable way of life based on reforms
Shunning superstition based on mythology and religion
Making use of Science and Technology to reduce burden
Of works in life but not to make all slaves of machines ever!

But nexus between businessmen and politicians has made
use of that for maximum profit increasing works to the level
Of making men as machines living by the tick of time forever
Expanding urban area into villages and farms shrinking latter!

Pollution caused by effluents out of industries and smokes of
Vehicles have made air and water everywhere as poison to
Breathe and drink and has led to the destruction of Earth
Sooner or later making man seek asylum in some other planet!

Profit making business at the cost of agricultural activities
And social development has made modern world a mad one!

 Civilization with Culture can do Miracles!

Human culture is not just obsolete tradition as many think,
But is best way of life following the system of best thoughts,
Best words and best deeds to fulful the purpose of life here;
It is adopting best knowledge and thoughts of past in use!

Had modern civilization adopted such a culture in practice,
Many bad effects the world is facing in the form of pollution,
Climate change and new diseases could have been averted;
Destructive developments could have been stopped earlier!

Rectification of misdeeds needs to be changed by reforms
And strict discipline to go on the right route to achieve all
Best things needed for mankind now and later so that by
Wise decision new discoveries and inventions can help all!

Civilization of modern world with the base of culture can do
Great miracles dreamt by noble souls of the past for posterity!

When will Man Change his Mechanical way of Life?

Mechanical life of machine man in the modern world does
Not make him praiseworthy of the civilization he is proud of;
Neglect of Nature, art and culture but only economy based
On technological marvel at the cost of society is farcical....!

In his pursuit of profit only based business, man has not
Bothered about pollution that has led to climate change
Causing natural disasters and new diseases affecting each
And every one dreaming about the golden age of life ever!

Living in harmony with Nature and indulging in creative arts
Like painting, music, Poetry and all when is man going to
Revive and achieve great feats to social progress, peace and
Change positive and fulfilling in world life to have blissful end?!

Technology is only an aid to facilitate man's work and life,
But not for intellectual and spiritual progress to fulfilment!

Mad World Modern World Is!

Civilization has brought in modernity in life to make human
Life to live in a higher level highlighting best of human deed
That might change world into a human realm unlike animals
And pseudo divinity as angels live in heaven we all imagine!

But what has happened after the two World War, cold war
Started between USA and USSR dividing world into two to
Decide who was great, powerful and leader in the world
And still such a cold war is going on between many others!

Scientific development has made so many nations powerful,
Yet, poverty is there, unity, peace and friendly humanity is
Still not developed due to economic race, military race and
Technological progress at the cost of human sense forever!

Mad world is modern world so to say by pollution, not
Bothered about lack of pure water and new disease needing
Realization of human sense born of love to live not as rivals
But as friends cherishing culture to live creatively in Nature!

Revive Culture to make Civilization of Modern World Meaningful!

Only savages and wild animals fight killing each other for
Food, territorial aggression and domination of others ever;
Slowly such beings realized the importance of safety, peace,
Security and good end in life and that became culture sure!

But even after great stride in making a lot of developments
To live a long and luxurious life of civilization in the journey
Of modern world, wars are there between brutally big and
Strong and moderate and weak men and nations even today!

By long experience of simple living and high thinking by
Doing agricultural and weaving jobs, mankind by
Experience has established culture as the best way of life;
But civilization they have again become like animals for all!

Is it not time think about our wonderful best life of past and
Renovate our habit and revive culture with civilization now?
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