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Pros and Cons of Science and Literature!

Arts and literature have helped to express new ideas and
Reformed society to go forward intellectually and spiritually;
Science and technology have helped to speed up human
Activities by inventions of machines making world modern!

Constructive endeavours of humans by arts and literature
Ever have been inspiring not only social change for the better
But also to invent new things for the benefit of mankind
Making the world not only progress but also achieve peace!

But negative kind of creations by arts and literature and also,
Destructive discoveries and inventions are utilized by harmful
Politicians of the world have driven the world down to the abyss
Changing heaven like world into hell like realm needing correction!

Science and literature are powerful as fire that can save and also destroy
That by wisdom all crooked intelligence should be converted to constructio

Be Wise to Choose the Best rather than Worst for Destruction!

Nations may have conventional weapons for self defence;
But stepping up for sophisticated weapons is dangerous;
Yes, Nuclear weapon is greatest threat to whole world peace;
That can destroy not only enemy nation but also stockist one!

Moratorium to weapons of mass destruction is must and
Spending of money on them is greatest waste in the world;
Instead funds can be used for agricultural developments,
Discovering medicines to cure AIDS, Cancer and Corona..!

Spending money on controlling pollution can save world
And provide pure drinking water and facilitate irrigation;
Problems of poverty and unemployment need to be solved
By utilizing money for education and training of jobs to many!

World has to decide between weapons of mass destruction
And preservation of natural world for human habitation ever!

Let Not Lessons of Corona I Be Neglected for Good!

Business competition for capturing world market and also,
Corona in new version spreading to the whole of world sure,
There is no efforts being taken for world unity and peace...;
Even for vaccine there is only competition to market it sure!

This is the attitude in the international politics making peace
Process getting slower and slower worsening the situation
To see dawn of peace shining for redemption from chaos
Making complication still more complicated than before...!

Unless there is sincerity and honesty by all rulers of world
Nations and cooperation to follow safety measures by all
People, how can peace and unity be established in anyway
To make the world a heaven of peace and paradise forever?

Lessons taught by Corona I should not be neglected to be
Caught by Corona II to meet deadliest hell very soon sure!

Human Life in the Modern World has to go on Along New Diseases!

Corona diseased is fast doing havoc in Brazil, South Africa,
Japan, England and so on as far as health is concerned sure;
There is competition to produce vaccine to put an end to
Corona disease in the whole world as new trial everywhere!

The after effects of vaccine seem to be muscle exhaustion,
Worries, depression, sleeplessness and pancreas problem;
Such kind of reports from medical experts surely create big
Alarm  in the hearts of world men needing sure hope for all!

Even after vaccination, following precautionary measures like
Wearing face mask, maintaining social distancing and hand
Washing often need to be followed to get real improvement
From the phantom disease called Corona everywhere now..!

Human life in the modern world has to go on besides new
And new diseases like Corona, but how long is difficult to say!

Wise Decision Now Opens Door to Real Progress Sure!

Like ant caught between fire and flood, human life is the
Modern world oscillating between pollution and disease;
But the pollution is the cause for all problems humans are
Facing today and has to be dealt with suitable measure!

Modern life devoid of touch with Nature has totally changed
Natural activities of humans everywhere in the world in the
Hunt for money to live a life of dream sophisticated and full
Of bed of roses sans any wisdom that such a one is disaster!

The problems world men facing today is just the harbinger
Of colossal apocalypse sooner or later, if no change is now
Made and if wise decision is made now, the good change
Later will make the world a heaven to live sans any trouble!

Natural life of humans only is the best solution to make a
Good turn from bad way leading to peace and progress real!

Let us Change Life Style for the Better!

Due to mutation, new versions of Corona disease are coming
From London to Japan making it complicated to deal it now;
Vaccines to are produced in many countries of the world
To inject in the patients having Corona disease to see cure!

Maintaining health seems to be the first work of mankind now
And all think about cleanliness, sanitation and follow all
Measures of precautions to avoid rather than suffer from
Corona and its auxiliaries capturing mankind everywhere!

Now at least realization has come up in everyone all over the
Modern world about the way of life being followed is not
Up to the standard to call ourselves civilized as we have not
Following the system of culture tested and accepted in past!

The benefits of cultural life need to be familiarized to all now
So that at least now on life in harmony with Nature will lead well!

Live according to Will of Nature to enjoy Healthy Life!

Living not according to the will of Nature otherwise called
Will of God, world people face a lot of hardships due to
Heavy rains, storms and long drought caused by climate change
And that after Corona attack only come to realize blunder!

Civilization by technological development cannot make man
Above Nature like God in the world as all are part and parcel
Of Nature and have to follow culture of living in harmony
With Nature to enjoy good, healthy and peaceful life in joy!

The discipline of living following norms of cleanliness only
Gives good health with natural immune system to resist and
Fight against any viral disease to live in a natural way sans
Any difficulty as all are encountering in daily life in the world!

Ecological balance, recycling of natural resources and also,
Preservation of forest and maintaining purity of rivers, lakes
And ponds greatly help to have timely seasonal changes all
The year for all to live in beautiful atmosphere of Nature ever!

The Drawbacks of Modern World and its Remedy!

Technological and economic developments leading to the
Civilization of modern world are possible mainly by skill,
Knowledge and intelligence accompanied by hard work;
But greedy ambition has failed to see pollution and disease!

Ideological differences and religious terrorism are adding
Fuel to the suffering world by wars and conflicts ever and
Violence is forever threatening world peace, unity, progress;
Religion and civilization don't work out well for world's good!

The study and love of perfection of human culture are ever
The best way to keep up-gradation of humanity anywhere;
By its influence, maturity and wisdom help much in deciding
What to develop and what to shun to make really civilized!

All drawbacks point out to lack of culture in civilization in the
Modern world and underline the need of its revival for good!

Like Internal Love of Beauty Perfection of Culture for Real Modern World Civilization!

Like beauty, civilization does not lie in outward show,
But in internal development of perfection in all respects;
That is possible by culture which loves to attain perfection;
Harmonious human development is what culture is all about!

Love within urges to do all things in a beautiful way to make
All look beautiful by completion in all respects is the nature
Of beauty and likewise culture as base makes civilization so
To be real reflecting maturity and perfection in men and matters!

Civilization is not lopsided development but real perfection
In all ways unlike economic development only at the cost  of
Social development that lies in living life in harmony with
Nature which is possible by preservation of natural resources!

Peace, Prosperity and progress of modern world lie in all
In and out harmonious developments to make civilization real!

Importance to Humanism only Can Make Modern World Civilization Real!

Modern world civilization has driven human life live under
The threat of pollution of air, water and environment and
Ever in the fear of new diseases like Corona besides the
Diseases like AIDS and Cancer sans eradication still here!

Neglecting Nature and ignoring culture with civilization
Alone, it is impossible to deal with political ideologies
And religious terrorism ever creating havoc to the peace
And unity of nations even under the roof of UNO in world!

UNO has to play an active role bringing together all nations
To work in cooperation and coordination for the promotion
of art and culture along with intense propaganda for the
Preservation of Nature so as to save world from disaster sure!

Civilization to be real should give importance to humanism
Rather than any isms that perpetuate only hatred and wars!
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Comment Hitting at Two Mangoes with One Stone!
Almost whole nation stands still due to lock-down for stopping Corona II spread;
Hospitals are filled with patients, oxygen is in demand along with medicines;
Almost all friends and foes of nation are extending helping hands now
In spite of Corona crisis affecting them also sans relief uniting all as miracle!
Except terrorist groups all over the world, all nations are united for humanity;
This shows there is no difference between terrorists and Corona virus;
Both the diseases need to be eliminated by united efforts of all world nations;
Perhaps that way, peace will have a chance to prevail over the whole world!
This is the apt time to hit at two crises with one united blow of final shot to
Bring victory for the war on terror by all peace loving nations of the word;
Let silence of UNO turn into mighty action king to fight out Corona and terror
With a single united shot of all nations of the world to bloom peace and prosperity!
Tree may have many branches and fruits, but hitting at two mangoes with
One stone requires skill, if aim, ablution and goal of all are one only sure!

T A Ramesh
27-Apr-2021 13:31 PM

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