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Significance of Culture and Nature to follow in Life is Art!

From life experience only culture is adopted in practice to
Maintain hygiene for enhancing immunity by taking proper
Food, fruits and vegetables according to seasons to resist
Any disease and live healthy life to do effectively all works!

More than before only in the modern world men are seeing
So many new diseases due to taking of stored foods in the
Fridge long and also eating new foods of various kinds sans
Testing its hygienic conditions leading to pandemic illnesses!

Everything is going on fast in the modern world today with
No time to stand and stare at the beauty of Nature and the
Life thriving therein in healthy joyful state that man fails to
Adopt and enjoy in life sans any illnesses in all respects ever!

Following culture and living in harmony with Nature are a
Simple art needing to be adopted in practice for good of all!

Can Peace Be a Matter of Dream Only in Poems Ever?

Has civilization in the modern world changed the nature of man
And refined him to be almost a divine in character sure?
World history is full of wars not only in the past but also
In the modern time too endangering the very existence of world!

Unity of mankind and peace of world are still not yet look
To be achieved even after establishing UNO for that work;
Is the UNO a mere waste or still working effectively to do
Greatest good envisaged by experts of the past and now too?

Past wars of might has been replaced by dialogues of right
In the present but it seems sans democracy being in vogue
All the over the world by sorting out ideological differences,
Right of man cannot be effective in bringing about unity first!

Without unity being made possible among nations and men
Of the world, peace can only be a matter dream in poems...!

Modern World of Real Civilization!

World without wars, violence and conflicts is what the dream
Of many not only in the past but also in the present sure;
But even after modernization of nations by civilization, wars
Go on with modern weapons from guns to missiles now!

This is against the very word of civilization in meaning that
Needs to be understood before venturing upon new arms;
Fear, anger, hatred, lust and jealousy are of animal nature
Need to be modified by courage, patience and love ever!

This is possible by discipline from childhood on by taming
Emotion, improving mind by good and great knowledge
And love to foster friendship so that war mindedness will be
Conquered by peace and friendship to real civilization sure!

Civilization based on sense of goodness, truth and beauty
Only can turn mad world into modern world of heaven ever!

Civilization of Modern Life is Virtual Life!

Sans Computer and cell phone, virtual life of modern time
Can't go on in the real world, which is also illusion as life
Itself is not permanent along with Earth existing as magic
With other planets in the beautiful Universe vast and wide!

After the advent of TV and other electronic gadgets, no one
Seems to have real contact with anyone being carried away
By virtual contacts with many all over the world via websites
That occupy everyone's time and interest sans an end now..!

Nature, Culture and Art are known through the small screen
That shows the heart felt expressions of poets through their
Poems wonderful reminding and reviving them for all to see
Life in their true colours and reliable unlike virtual world life!

Civilization of modern world life is also an illusion and the
Virtual life of electronic gadgets lasts as long as possible!

See Reality out of Dream like Virtual World!

Virtual world of computers and cell phones use is just more
Than dream world sure but not real world around us ever;
Virtual world is like a dream world only but not real and so,
It is only illusion as our own world is as we are not ever here!

Living ever relying on virtual world and doing all things
Online we lose touch with real dealings of things and men;
Not having personal contact, our social behavior  and also,
Social movements become experience less for many sure!

Sans contacts in person, it is impossible to develop any
Friendship leading to unity of all people to achieve world
Peace in the larger sense as each one is in one's own world
Minding only one's own business as one wishes alone ever!

Selfishness and self-centredness cannot develop social
Consciousness due to virtual life and to undo it, all have to come out!

One World of Heaven and Peace!

Duration of human life even in the modern world is mot an
Easy thing to predict making all realize that our life is not
Permanent and is only ephemeral like a bubble on water;
Anytime this bubble will break and become one with water!

Men and materials in the world are all temporary only ever;
Realizing this truth, let us use our time for a good cause of
Love, friendship, peace and spiritual development to attain
Fulfilment in world life and reach our source as destiny well!

Let us dream about these matters and not waste time in the
Virtual world only sans having any contact with others ever;
Let us mingle with all people to build up unity, friendship and
Love to make this world a paradise of peace in Nature ever!

If we make this dream into reality by united efforts of friends,
One World of heaven and peace is sure to see very soon....!

Fear Controls Savage but Love rules All Beings of Civilization!

Force of any kind creates fear to one to achieve results unjustified;
But kind words kindles love to all to do all by natural interest;
Only animals do all by fear, but humans do all by love;
Savages are controlled by fear but humans ruled by love!

Things done out of fear cannot be a mark of civilization;
But things done out of love surely is a mark of culture;
To make civilization real, culture as background is necessary,
But never force and fear, only natural interest of love does it!

War brings fear of death but truth kindles love even to die;
Fear and love are two opposing aspects of living beings' nature
That control animals and humans n the world since longtime;
Love and knowledge only make all free of fear to be bold in life!

Real civilization fostered by human culture is for peace, but
Rules of force controlled by fear is savage act of war to be shunned!

Our Earth is Not Permanent Abode for All!

The modernized world boasting of civilization isn't an abode
For permanent stay, but only for a sojourn being perhaps
A junction in our journey of soul in the vast Universe long
Just as for the aliens, who visited once so and flew away!

The so called civilization by technological development can
Never change our natural destiny by putting an end to the
Death or hunger or old age or illnesses but can prolong our
Stay by good health and preservation of natural resources!

But the greedy ambition of the few is affecting the whole of
Humanity by their senseless exploitation of natural resources
For fuel, raw materials and food by deforestation, expansion
Of urban areas and pollution of air, water and environment!

Sans Nature we are nowhere here, even if we boost op our
Economy and technology boasting ourselves of civilization!

Possible Progress of Civilization in the Modern World!

Evolution of man from human to divine is the journey of
Civilization in the modern world by human culture which is
Best thoughts, words and deeds covering all aspects of life
Like Nature, books, music, songs, dance, behaviour and all!

It's simply man's journey from animal via human to divine
Evolution should continue after physical evolution by mental
Development of knowledge, exploration of truth and later
Proceeding in spiritual exploration by mysticism in Nature!

That is real civilization in the modern world instead of over
Exploitation of natural resources by technological progress
Not bothering about pollution, disease and destruction by
Greediness and indulging in military interventions in all sure!

Material development is only to do works with ease and
Living life in comfort as aids of civilization to higher level progress!

What is the Actual Dream of Civilization to Modernity?

Self, social and world developments together contribute to
Civilization real in the modern world pruned by culture ever;
Best of Art, literature, science and philosophy through great
Poetry by way of culture tames human emotion is top sure!

That's necessary as basis along with the development of 
Body, mind and soul living life in harmony with Nature ever;
That is the way real modernity of true civilization takes up all
Humans to the level of divinity by joy, bliss and peace sure!

In that situation only science and technology can be utilized
As material developments go on for constructive progress
Rather than for destructive works in cut throat competition,
Violence and wars for domination and supremacy over all!

Progress of humans along with economic and technological
Developments so is the dream of civilization to modernity!

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