Human Love Known and Unknown Ever!

Love is Known and Unknown too forever!

It’s a great wonder to explore whether love has a beginning and end in life! It is also great mystery how and what make love to bloom in the hearts ever and researches are there whether there is age barrier for love among humans. It is an endless subject in religion, literature and life since the beginning of world!

In the race between heart and mind, heart always wins as far as love is concerned! Love is a great emotional feeling nothing can be compared with it in this world. Beyond age limit, love blooms between young and old, known and unknown ones, and also hidden in the hearts of some long and comes out after a long, long time!

Gentle, humane and kind natures of some rare souls kindle love in the hearts of all. Like a treasure love cherishes in the hearts unknown ever due to social taboos long. But such a unique love inspires best of mood to some and lifts them up in life too. The power of love is comparable only to the Almighty God praised for doing miracles! Sure love only makes many miracles none can do in the human world then and now. This is why needs to be explored only by human experience in the world forever….!

None Can Stop the Passion of Love Natural!

Building a dam, the flow of flood from a river can be stopped. But can the passion of love arrested by any restriction ever? Natural flow of music of a nightingale bird is not taught and no one can teach because it's out of love it sings sure! The passionate urge of poet expressed in words ever is a natural art that flows as poems of one of a kind forever. No one has taught the art of singing songs to nightingale as the art of a natural poet who creates by gift of God! Love is a natural feeling that does magic as the poet does using words to create poems of great inspiration to all. Likewise each one has a gift of God needing to be surely discovered first before learning anything to shine in life! Natural passion of love when channelized in some field of Art, its creativity is amazing and ever inspiring wonder!

Only Flying Kiss for Love Now!

Reciprocation of words of love is possible between lovers. Kiss is the response to words of love among humans ever. I had only flying kiss from my favourite one longtime ago. But even if we meet in Corona time only flying kiss is now! Lovers or not, no touching, hugging, hand shaking and kissing now are possible even if we are willing out of love in the world. What a pity for the supporters of love and lovers true now in the Corona time being separated and isolated everywhere! Most of the time engaged with competitive works in the modern world, there was no time dream or think about love for long. Now when isolated from all and dreams of love come often, it is a great punishment for lovers of past to crave for union! It is fate that has sent its agent Corona to punish all with separation from loved ones far or near to realize what's love!

Before Death Know Love to be Peaceful at the End!

Teaching by love how life has to be lived is the best. But when there is no one to love how life has to be lived becomes a big journey of exploration to know Truth unknown earlier in the world full of fakes! Love in life is rare as none is taught about it now. Literature only has the truth about love to be known by all not late in life but in the childhood itself for all to respect, know love and practise it in life!

When sex itself has to be taught by demonstration..., how can love be taught by demonstration to cherish it? Devoid of touch with Nature and literature as non-profit ones to earn money, love one enjoys by luck only! Not knowing Nature, history and literature, the life many live in the world is a loveless hell and waste!

Love is Source and Means to Eternal Love of God!

Wherever we live in the world, we love to return home one day; for, only at home, we enjoy freedom and joy of selfless mother. We long to return home as child loves to hug and rest in mother, for, mother is like Nature that gives air, water and food ever!

Nature is the mother of all mothers, who only can love as God! Earth is the greatest creation of God for man to live in love. Like Stars and Sun, Earth is the sparkling diamond of love...; only due to its incomparable love, it is Star of love in Universe!

If God is infinite knowledge, Earth is boundless love for man. Only by knowledge and love, we can have freedom to enjoy bliss mystically in Nature to have fulfilment, satisfaction and peace in the life of the world before we spiritually become one with God! Love is the source as mother, home, Earth and Nature ever for all living beings and is the means to eternal love of God sure!

Enjoy Superconscious Love Superseding Conscious and Subconscious Love!

Physical kiss confirming words of love is conscious love in life. Spirit penetrating deep in another spirit by love to soul is kiss in Subconscious love possible by full union giving full satisfaction. But in Corona time, such passionate love is impossible to enjoy!

This gives time for higher level of love to enjoy in world life. Yes, like the mystics by meditation musing over glorious divinity, lovers musing over each other by seeing themselves by video chat can deeply enjoy union as in dreams kissing in superconscious love!

Thereafter, the memory of superconscious love like the mystics experience in Nature, when recollected in loneliness what a high and glorious pleasure like bliss, one can enjoy to satisfaction and peace glorious anywhere at any time whether alone or otherwise! Like a yogi enjoys divine bliss in Nature by mystical mood and muse, superconscious love one can enjoy superseding other loves!


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