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Every age group has its own way of thinking and working, the passion and hunger for goals is highest in youth, whereas the same passion and hunger fades away after a certain age.  and this is the right way.

When elders give knowledge, they forget what age the person in front is and what is the priority of that person right now, elderly people just keep imposing their experience.

It is a good thing to give knowledge but one should never try to suppress the enthusiasm of that age, one should never break the morale of the youth by talking too big, the youth want to live his youth, they want to get their experience,

Perhaps as soon as he crosses the youth stage, all those things may seem small to them, and they may think about very deep things, but it is important to enjoy every age. Make mistakes and learn, feel your own experiences too.

It is better to learn from your experiences and your mistakes rather than always living your life with fear. I have experienced many times that as people grow older, they start saying on everything - do this do that, don't do this, should do this, should do that, but at the same time in the minds of the youth what thoughts are going on, we ignore this and keep judging based on our own experiences.  Whereas it is important to understand the thinking of the youth and inspire them.

|The youth is not able to understand big things, due to the aggressiveness inside them, it is necessary that they concentrate on their goal and puts full dedication in achieving it. Their hunger to achieve their ideas will take them far.

The youth mindset can vary widely, but in general, it often includes a sense of idealism, openness to change, adaptability, a desire for self-expression, a focus on social and environmental issues, and a willingness to embrace technology and innovation. Keep in mind that these characteristics can differ among individuals and across different cultures and generations.

The youth mindset in more detail can encompass various aspects:-

1. Idealism:
Many young people are idealistic and hold strong beliefs about making the world a better place. They may be passionate about social justice, environmental sustainability, and other causes.

2. Openness to Change:
Youth are often more open to new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. They are willing to challenge traditional norms and are more adaptable to change.

3. Desire for Self-Expression:
Young individuals often seek ways to express their unique identities and viewpoints, whether through art, fashion, music, or social media.

4. Tech-Savvy:
The younger generation tends to be more comfortable with technology and digital tools, as they have grown up in a digital age. This influences their communication, entertainment, and work habits.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Some youth have an entrepreneurial mindset, looking for opportunities to create their own businesses or side hustles.

6. Global Awareness:
Due to globalization and the interconnectedness of the world, young people are often more globally aware and concerned about international issues.

7. Social and Environmental Consciousness:
Many young individuals are actively engaged in social and environmental causes, advocating for sustainability and equality.

8. Risk-Taking:
Youth are often more willing to take risks, whether in their career choices, travel, or personal experiences, as they may have fewer responsibilities and commitments.

9. Emphasis on Education:
Pursuit of education, especially in higher education, is a common goal for many young people, as they see it as a path to personal and professional growth.

10. Mental Health Awareness:
There's a growing focus on mental health and self-care among youth, as they navigate the challenges of the modern world.

It's important to note that these characteristics can vary greatly depending on cultural, socioeconomic, and individual factors. Youth mindsets are diverse and dynamic, influenced by the unique experiences and circumstances of each individual.

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