Human Power: A Divine Gift

In the birthdays, marriage parties and other festive occasions gifts are offered as a mark of honor or affection or respect or love. Likewise out of love towards man God has also given him a gift which is present in him. That is why the saying goes that ' 'What you are is God's gift to you and what you do with it is yours to Him.' God is not a merciless or an inhuman spirit. God has given man freedom to think and do what he thinks, feels and likes. So, we have to be thankful to God because of this privilege conferred on us.

Using this privilege it is necessary first to discover what is the special gift present within us. If we think introspectively about our real nature, it will look plain that the gift we have is the power we possess. It will look sufficient if we simply discover our power; we have to develop it to the maximum we can so that it can be put to effective use. Why? Our power only can help us to survive for the purpose of fulfilling the noble cause for which we are created and that can be the only aim of our life even though money, men and other aids drift away from us.


Already there are a lot of miseries, chaos, troubles and problems in this world. So, either we have to do good deeds or simply keep quiet, because if we do the things that is not expected of us to do simply for the sake of doing something so that we can be thought to be dynamic, it will further accrue unwanted miseries making this world a hell rather than a heaven or a paradise which is our own making. Everybody loves paradise or Utopia. It is our duty to convert this miserable world into a Utopia. Each one should think about the part one has to play in this venture. That is why the discovery of one's own power is primarily essential for everyone.

Evolution to Divine hood

The God given gift of man is the only real power of man. The rise and fall of man depends upon the use of this power in his hand. From the theory of the evolution of man we understand that from the Stone man has evolved to the present stature. Because of his special capacity to think, analyze, understand, discover and use the God given power in him, man is actually distinguished from animals, plants, insects, stone and other things on the earth. With the help of his special power he has developed himself and the world to the present stage and is developing further to the necessary extent in line with the creative expansion of evolution in the broader sense. More and over it is interpreted that man is in-between beast and God in nature. But with the right use of his special power he is capable of achieving divine hood, which is the top point of ascent of the evolution of man and is prevalently an accepted assumption as far as the interpretation of the intellectuals are concerned in general.

Variety in Creation

The Supreme Creator is a lover of variety too. That is why each and every creation has an individual trait. No two creations are the same. On the earth man is placed in a unique position because of his mind to think about everything and act according to his thoughts much prettier than other creatures. Among men also the mind varies from person to person and hence everyone must be an individual. Therefore it is true that God has certainly gifted every person with some special power suitable to each one's nature. Every individual with the aid of his mind chooses a field in which he is best at and uses his special power to express what personality he has. The fields in which individuals have shown their powers are Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Politics. There is variety in God made nature and so also there is variety in man made arts.

Creative Evolution

Step by step God has created so many things by evolution and is still continuing the process of creation by modifying the already created things through evolution. It is quite evident to know that the work of God is creation through evolution. From the scientific observation it is detected that the Universe is ever expanding. Therefore it is clear to note that the expansion is the cause for the creative evolution of God. What God is doing in the macro level man is capable of doing in the micro level. Due to this fact it is said that man is an image of God. Hence the creative activity has to be the best form of function of any living being.

Evolution and Revolution

Natural evolution brings about changes in the existing order of things as a sort of improvement or development leading towards a new order of life. Man also brings about changes through revolution, a temporary thing which cannot stand before the all round natural change in line with the pace of evolution taking place in accordance with the evolutionary trend. Then only it will be possible to preserve the investigations of truths against the natural destructions for the convenience of the posterity to explore the other parts of the whole truth without starting the process of investigation right from the beginning as it is being done in our centuries or a little bit earlier.

It is quite amazing to note that in spite of the great destructions of the world due to the natural causes and the causes of the war lords the mind is ever the only helping device for man to patch up the remaining things of the past to find out the truths of the past men or creatures, to know how far man has succeeded in his pursuit of the whole truth and what he has to do next. In this respect man has become a revolutionary in order to compensate the precious losses of things and Time so that he can keep himself up-to-date and go ahead confidently in life.

The Work of Mind

For the past five centuries human mind has tremendously developed to so high an extent that the performance of the psyche classified under different nomenclatures shows a high degree of minute delicacy in many human enterprises. It has now come to the stage that mind is everything for man. In the 18th century poet Alexander Pope had said that 'the proper study of mankind is man' in The Proper Study of Mankind.  Even now the study about man is going on as man is still a great mystery, because of the intricate activity of his mind. Without the mind, it is impossible to realize the soul, conscience, heart existing in the living body, the world and the Universe. Both the intrinsic and the extrinsic activities of the body are totally governed by the mind only. There is also variety in the very functioning of the mind. It is ceaselessly capable of remembering, memorizing, contemplating, reflecting, perceiving, conceiving and speculating day and night. Even the sexual instinct, emotion, sentiments and passions are understood through the mind only. Therefore whatever things man does, it is entirely the work of his mind.

Time, Waves and Mind

There is a well known comparison between the mind and the sea waves and between the mind and Time. Waves do not rest. Time never stops. Mind works incessantly. In nature everything functions under the principle of cause and effect. Human mind is also functioning under this principle only. What is the cause for the ceaseless working of the mind? Time is the basis for all kinds of activities and without which no development is possible and no progress is attainable. The natural forces make the waves agitate constantly in order to make chaos null and void. The activity of the mind cannot be kept in a standard position. Mind has to collect information, analyze and investigate truths and associate ideas to solve problems. This is the cause for the ceaseless working of the mind and is the purpose for which mind is created. Hence, it is to be said that mind is the only reliable guide to man for his marvelous activities in the world.

Three stages of the Mind

The natural functions of the mind are considered to take place in three stages. They are 1. the sub-conscious stage, 2. the conscious stage and 3. the super-conscious stage. The sub-conscious stage of the mind is in charge of heart beating, breathing and is in control of automatic withdrawal from pain and indulgence in pleasure and such like things. The conscious stage of the mind as said earlier is doing the work of thinking, reasoning, perceiving, acquiring knowledge and so on. The super-conscious stage of the mind which is called the spiritual mind or Supra-mental Power is concerned with the truth consciousness in everything. The spiritual illumination of the super-conscious mind is an experience of bliss obtained in pursuit of absolute truth. Like the human body has evolved so long from the stage of the stone to the present stage of man, the mind of man, it is said, is evolving to a far developed stage of perfection which is the full fructification of the super-conscious stage or the spirit of human being.

Synchronization of Mind and Time

It seems that the time taken so far for the evolution of human being gives the clue for the time needed for the full evolution of human mind too. The time consciousness of man for all sorts of activities has become so essential that time is considered to be a great spirit which guides man as to how the proper use of his body and mind can be effected. This Time-Spirit calls for accurate knowledge for the developmental activities of man so that the right use of the body and mind is easily possible. The mere ambition of man cannot bring about the necessary result without the possession of real knowledge along with the pace of time. Even though Mind has advanced far beyond Time, man's activities should go in line with the pace of time, then only the transformation of man to a developed stage will be a healthy one as per the gradual evolution of Nature. Hence, the synchronization of the mind and Time is needed for the steady pace of development.

Knowledge needed to discover Power

Indeed the vast scope of the mind is a great boon to man whether the physical structure of man is healthy or unhealthy or strong or weak. But only the right use of both the mind and the body simultaneously can fully express the personality of a person in any field like Arts and Science. The power of man is known or understood only from the self-expressions in such fields. Just like the saying goes that 'the face is the index of the mind,' the acts of a person reveal what sort of a nature or personality he has or power he possesses. Hence for the right use of the body and the mind what is most essential is the right knowledge. Then only the self expression of one's personality or power in any field will be truthful and truly great. Therefore importance has to be given to the attainment of True Knowledge before any attempt is made for the discovery of what power one possesses or how best it can be used for the benefit of all concerned.

True Knowledge

Whenever the issue of knowledge arises immediately the idea of the institutional education comes to the mind. The educational institutions are not providing every individual with true knowledge. True knowledge comes of intellectual understanding of the Self and the World. This is certainly reliable as True Knowledge alone can reveal what for one is born in the world and what duty he has to perform both for one's self and for the world. That is why knowledge is virtue and power for man in general. In this respect the ideas of The Republic and The Bhagavad-Gita are relevant and still useful. The individuals with freedom and right in the democratic States can choose a line suitable to one's physical and mental nature and go ahead rendering true service to humanity. That is the best way to find out what power one possesses and how it could really be used satisfactorily for the benefit of all in the world.

Two types of Individuals

Individuals are responsible for bringing about many changes in the world. Individuals are to two types mainly. The individuals of the first type are the Men of Thought and the second type are the Men of Action. There are many characters of literature and personalities of real history to quote as examples for these two types of individuals. Men of Action are like Othello, Macbeth, Napoleon and Hitler and Men of Thought are like Hamlet, Brutus, Carl Max and Mao. There are also Men of Action like Orlando and George Washington and Men of Thought like Prospero, Voltaire and Shaw. The flaw in the mental make up of the individuals in the former set has proved the truth of the saying that 'too much of anything is good for nothing;' and the goodness of the individuals in the latter set has shown to the world that 'all is well that ends well.'

Apart from these two types there is also a third type of individuals who are not very common in the world. Individuals of this type are equally thoughtful and active in such a fine measure that they never fail in achieving their targets. Solomon, Vikramdhitya and Gandhi belong to this type of men. The unique ideas of these men gave new hopes to humanity.

Nature of Intellectuals

The great thinkers, intellectuals, philosophers, professionals, artists and scientists are all individuals. They are the lovers of freedom and happiness that are the sole and spirit of humanity. They have independent views about Nature, Culture and Religion. They are interested in Facts only. They make facts out of their own experiments and experiences in life. These facts printed in the form of words in Books impart knowledge to the readers. Reading guides the sense of observation in real life leading towards the development of the thinking process, which produces better ideas useful for bringing about required changes in the society time and again. They are the seekers of truth in everything and make truth prevail over everything.

They relinquish pomp, power, position and possession for the sake of truth, because truth is the only reliable and guiding force for everyone in the right direction in every matter in all the activities of men in the world. Hence they never commit themselves to any ideologies as they are not the permanent solutions for the betterment of men. What they think as truth they express it to others and practice it in life without bothering about the consequences. Their only aim is to achieve perfection in everything and for that whatever efforts they feel necessary they will sincerely undertake. That is the true nature of the individuals.

Discovery of Nature by Gifted Men

Nature is a great open secret! It seems Nature reveals its secrets to a chosen few among the whole of mankind, who are deeply engrossed in the study of its activities. The chosen few are the Scientists and Artists who are concerned about Nature as well as Human Nature. In the course of time only one among the few, who are deeply interested in the things of general nature by chance, are capable of seeing the ultimate significance behind the activities of everything in Nature and expressing it clearly to mankind.

Then comes another brilliant person after an elapse of sometime to interpret why the things are going on like that, how the things are functioning and how they can be harnessed for the betterment of the posterity or how the things can be made to function in the manner that can be useful for the benefit or the comfort of man. Such top persons are called the highly gifted or the most powerful human beings on the earth. They are the immortal men. The power that has brought them to such a top level has been developed by the utilization of the resources totally within their own reach. They are the ones who have really gratified the gift conferred on them.

Three Types of Powerful Men

About human power there are still a few more things to be decisively discussed. It is now clear that the successful expression of thoughts or ideas in words and works during the life span of every human being gives the complete idea of what human power actually is. But there are also a few types of powerful persons available in the history of men. To be more specific for our understanding they can be classified under three types.

1. Men of the first type are born powerful.

2. Men of the second type become powerful.

3. Men of the third type are forced to be powerful.

Buddha can be mentioned as an example for the first type of powerful persons. Newton can be mentioned for the second type. Rousseau can be mentioned for the third type.

These well known gifted persons rose to immortality in a unique manner. They were not aware of what they would be like in the future before they realized by some accident for what purpose they were born in the world. After the great discovery of their own power, they open a new world for mankind groping in the darkness to go on steadily doing interesting things beneficial for them and the posterity. But till that hour of their won discovery they were also just like any other men living without knowing what aim they should have or for what purpose they were living in the world. All the three great persons were thinkers of general problems. They were interested in knowing the truth of things. They were deeply probing over the mysteries of Nature and Human Nature. In this sense they are the true philosophers.

Buddha, Newton, Rousseau

Buddha was born in a Royal family. Both by birth and nature he was a powerful person. His heart was so pure and good that he was not aware of the evils and bad things of the world. He was not having any personal problem in life. Newton, though was not born in a highly well placed family, was also concerned about the general nature of things. He too was impersonal. But Rousseau was not well placed even by birth. He was a melancholic person by the very nature of his birth and bringing in unfavorable circumstances. To forget himself he sought the bosom of Nature. He used to be a very depressed person. All these three general persons used to indulge in some muse or other in Nature.

The miseries, sufferings and old age of men gave Buddha a great shock one day. He left his kingdom and roamed about in the forest as his mental energy was suddenly let loose. He became enlightened after sometime and came optimistically to solve the problems of mankind. After him, Buddhism developed into a new religion in the world. Even after relinquishing power, position and possession, true to his nature, automatically he had to take the position of a great genius in philosophy.

When Newton was in a state of reverie lying under an apple tree, an apple urged him to discover a natural force called gravitation, a open secret of nature, which opened a new world for many scientific discoveries after him. He became a genius in Science.

Rousseau who was returning after seeing his imprisoned friend was so much choked with grief that he sat under a tree shedding tears, while a storm of thoughts was raging in his mind. Though romantic by nature, after that strange experience, he was forced by himself to utter his social thoughts and ideas like liberty, equality and fraternity, the seeds of democracy that largely affected and changed the world. Soon he came to be called as a political genius (against his will).

A shock, an accident and a depression released the potential energy of their vast general mind to concentrate on a particular thing. The result _ they investigated the great truth, defined the problem and discovered the solution to solve the problem.

From the above three cases it is quite evident that all human beings are having some powers. Some are aware of it and some are not aware of it. But time and necessity certainly make men use consciously or unconsciously such powers both for satisfying their curiosity and for perfecting their manhood in accordance with the pace of evolution.

Method to Detect the Power of men

Finally, by devising a method it would be possible to detect the power of an individual and to harness it in the field it can be best utilized for the benefit of mankind. So let us see how a method can be devised in order to satisfy the above need. For most of the time it is the general tendency of every human being to act according to one's natural inclination. One is capable of doing the best only in the thing one is deeply interested. Therefore the natural inclination of a person lies in the thing one is very much interested or one likes most.

The agents like the parents, the teachers and the intimates ought to spot out the natural inclination of an individual. The society that expects much to be done by the individuals ought to have done this most vital duty to them first. As the whole world today is in a hurry or in a state of pell-mell condition the budding individuals, whether they are artists or scientists or intellectuals, are constrained not to expect cooperation or support or assistance from the society. Therefore the self-discovery of the individuals by themselves is the best possible method by which something really effective can be done in the present day world.

Observation of the Self

How can one do this? Mere observation will do. It is enough if an individual observes oneself introspectively and retrospectively what were one's general interests and activities. Basing these two aspects of One's Self, it would be possible to infer in what field one will be best at. These observations and inferences would be of much help to judge where one's skill or natural talent lies. There are persons who are naturally inclined in some fields like Arts or Sciences or Philosophy, which are the essential factors helpful for deciding correctly the actual talent of a person. Therefore it is to be said that empirically one's talent or skill or ingenuity represents the natural power of a person.

One may be prominently best at singing or painting or writing or inventions or creations of new things. In general this kind of prominently noted activities of a person will be sufficient to indicate one where lies one's real power and from which it would not be difficult to find out the field in which one could express oneself to the satisfaction and the benefit of all concerned. It is not sufficient to discover the power; it has to be utilized appropriately by constant efforts. Then only a person can retain his power forever. Therefore the discovery and the right use of one's power are most important. But the use of such power in the suitable field only can keep one bright, strong and steady forever. This is the secret of man's power. This is the gift of man.    


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