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Most of us are aware of these oft-quoted lines of Thomas Alva Edison : 'Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration'. This stands true even with our poets and writers. Artists and poets often tend to say, 'We create when we have mood'. But is it a right standpoint? How would it look when an officer states, 'I will look into the files when I have mood', or a student has to say, 'I will study when I have mood'?

Writing is an art. Of course, it is 'inspired art' but as Edison's words go, inspiration is responsible for one percent only. The rest depends on 'perspiration'. As a soccer player has to go for his daily practice even if a match is not in schedule, as a professional singer or pop star has to do his rehearsal even when a public program is not chasing him right now, or as an athlete has to put his muscles into effect; a good writer or a poet must also make it a point to write daily, no matter all he writes may not go in black and white. This is the quintessential secret of a professionally successful writer.

As for the term 'inspired writing', who holds you back from being 'inspired'? If you are a sensitive human being, much less to be a writer, everyday events happen around us that serve as valid and sufficient factors to leave you 'inspired'. Flowers bloom, birds chirp, rivers warble, clouds kiss the bosoms of mountains, an innocent girl is raped in daylight, thousands starve, millions are sick with moral-spiritual maladies, the globe is warming while the hearts are cooling, thousands of children are still forced to child labour and prostitution in developing countries, cinema and television channels are cunningly curbing the 'docile' minds of people and youngsters through their fictitious and exaggerative programs as well as ad campaigns, an outwardly advanced human society is increasingly revealing its hidden claws of savagery, God created earth and we created passports and visas, clever and powerful nations and their 'sophisticated' diplomats are 'exploring' myriad ways to undermine 'unwanted nations' with double-dealing strategies, everyday a heart breaks, everyday a hope shatters and, yet, everyday life blooms on its thorny thistles and new rainbows shine on novel horizons.

Are you yet not inspired in the wake of such a wide and varied spectrum?

So pick up your pen and write everyday.

If you have a heart, you surely have an expression.      


More by :  Suniti Chandra Mishra

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