Did You Make the Rich List

How Long Will It Take you To Become A Happiness Billionaire?

Every year Forbes gives a list of the fortune 500 companies that represent the richest companies. They also publish a list of the 100 richest people. Did you make the list?

Well, not to worry if you did not quite make it, for there is a rich list that Forbes does not publish and it is far more significant in the lives of every person on earth... Even people with billions of dollars crave to be on it.

If fact if you asked them I'm sure most of them would give up most of their money if they could buy their way on to the list ... Alas, money will not get them listed.

What is this authentic rich list? ...

It is a list of people who spend all their moments in a state of joy. Top of the list are the people who spend their time going from moment to moment in higher feelings of blissfulness. It is an infinite scale to climb and one can never reach the pinnacle in one lifetime.

Even if you lived forever (and many religions say you do) you can never achieve peak blissfulness, for it never ceases expanding. It is the live alchemy that transforms a meaningless life, into a joy filled life, for without true joy life becomes meaningless humdrum struggle.

How long will it take you to become a happiness billionaire ... Well let's do some sums

1 hour =          3,600 seconds
1 day  =        86,400 seconds
1 year = 31,536,000 seconds

I reckon it will take about 31 years and 8 months to get passed the billion seconds of happiness mark ... So you can become a happiness billionaire in less than thirty-two years but if any of the seconds are spent outside a state of joy it may take you a little longer.

The good news is it is never too late to start saving up your riches. Even if you only can manage to stay happy for one hour a day that is still 86,000 seconds you have deposited in your memory banks and it will pay you big dividends. You see the more you save the more interest you accumulate for being happy...It feels good, real good ...

Therefore, once you become a wealthy savor of happiness your appreciation for the true treasure of nature will grow and flourish. You may even find your health starts to improve and yes, even your money may start to grow faster.

Set out to be happy for one hour a day and then see if you can extend it. Have contests with your friends and family.

See if you can find happiness even in the most miserable circumstances.

Remember you only have 32 years to become a billionaire if you are happy 24 hours every day.

If you are only happy for 12 out of 24 hours then it will take you 64 years to become a happiness billionaire... If you are only happy for 6 hours in every 24 hours then it will take you 128 years to become a billionaire... Since time is not on your side can you afford to squander your riches? Is it time your realized the magical potential of your powerful live alchemy?  


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