Deciphering the Inter-Dimensional Plain

of Social Existence

The very notion that supports the conceptual idea that dares to contemplate a form of existence that is inter-dimensional compares everything that we deem as normal from our third dimensional reality. There are a series of elements that symbolizes the main attributes that makes a planetary existence a feasible possibility.

On the face of the Earth, we possess soils, water, wind, and fire which symbolize the four main planetary resources that represent the most elementary methods that permit the formation of life to our humanly senses. Is it then possible to envision a reality that escapes these elementary conceptions of being?

Any inquisitive disposition that is directed toward the realm of science will confirm that a platitude of multi-dimensional realities is out there even though we cannot immediately see them with our own eyes. Our being within the third dimension seems to preserve itself in a subliminally blissful method that exercises an almost absolute sense of independence from any other dimension. In some certain capacity, there will always be a sort of limitation that will regulate the so called human capability.

The limits that meter human potential seem to be never ending and once we are able to overcome the challenges which cloud comprehension in one particular area, the finding of a new truth can put an entirely differentiated thread of perspective into the conceptual idea of reality. An individual who has enough compassion to direct their livelihood to the pursuit of a particular truth can confirm that when they are able to distinguish the various variables designated beneath the umbrella of their hypothesis, an entirely new depth of inquiry is put forth before the same individual.

It is this repetitive cycle that seems to be limitless and overshadows our movement as human beings. We are only able to establish the points and particulars of reality through what we are able to confirm based on what we can test, think, feel, and see with our own two eyes. If we are to utilize our human senses to uncover the haze of the unknown, have we actually uncovered a fulfilling explanation which satisfies the most curious onlooker?

The very notion of faith presents itself as a certain substance that cannot be seen with the naked human eye or for that matter our atypical human senses which put the exterior of our reality into a much greater perspective. Interconnecting ourselves to believe in anything whatsoever requires a tremendous leap of faith and this in itself demonstrates the “taking a walk into the relative unknown” analogy.

In this case, we could consider the very idea of faith as a method that can serve as a gateway which can lead us to an entirely different dimensional reality; of course, the actual placement in itself is still confined within the vortexes of our minds and consciousness. These are the two substances that actually make us feel that we are alive and the serenity of the self emerges as we attempt to reason with a belief which assists with finding that individual placement before the vastness of the outside universe.

We inherently attach ourselves to the planet Earth because we would never know any other plain of existence from beyond its proximity. Observing the hypothetical what ifs builds and consolidates the central wingspan that enables the escalation of a field of endeavor. We often neglect all of the various clues that are distributed throughout our own planetary environment in addition to the universe in its entirety. The sheer complexity, diversity, and enormity that can surround the actual details which sustain the livelihood of a single species can take an entire lifetime to appreciate and comprehend in a way that creates an entirely different perspective which adds and creates a thread of context to the respective subject matter at hand.

If we are able to look upward into the cosmos, we are then in a position to take a grasp at its phenomena and the inquisitive human being who retains enough curiosity to explore into its depths is given a great beacon of opportunity. In this case, if we are to observe the very notion of endlessness we are then confronted with the sheer number of possibilities that would otherwise emerge in a differentiated outcome when compared to what actually happened when observing the development of a particular event from the past.

Differentiated dimensions of reality present us with a wild card of endeavor which does not necessarily produce a thread of absolute certainty, but generates a wide array of imaginative inquiry which puts the actual method in which we view the rest of the outside universe into a separated array of perspective. It is through the embracement of this mannerism that is able to produce new threads of inspiration and revolutionary thought that can elevate our existence as a human race to an entirely different plain of existence. We can then confirm that the individual plain of existence generates a particular substance that is relative to the inquisitiveness of the human mind which emanates from cognitive imaginations and is then explored through our intellectual brain power.

The extra dimensional universe or diversified universes which take on differentiated shapes and forms can begin from this particular beacon of inquiry. We need to be in a position where we can accept and embrace the fact of such a potentiality. If not, a singular view of the world will inevitably ensue which will then hinder our ability to progress as a human race. Of course, the very notion of progression stimulates another substance that is subject to further inquiry; perhaps it is not the sole purpose of humanity to work toward degrees of progress.

We need to be in a position where we can actually know what to do with all of that progress and utilizing the diverse facts and figures that can emerge from the perception of a differentiated dimension of reality can assist with the determination of being, zeroing in on substances that pertain to the truth, and balancing these principles through states of equilibrium. Thus forth, the hypothetical what ifs and potentialities can create the dimensional plains of existence which can generate those micro civilizations that may happen to exist from within the deepest depths of our minds.

This exists as another method that alludes to an individual’s view of the perfected world and what they need to do in order to enable its full realization into the absolute reality in which they can confirm through the utilization of their human senses. It is from this point that will stimulate our ability to comprehend and cope with that inter-dimensional perception of civilization, existence, and being without the metaphysical undertone, but through intellectual aphorisms.


More by :  Omar Alansari-Kreger

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