Love happens naturally. Love happens as south breeze touches; as flowers bloom; as moon-light cools; as sunshine warms; as affectionate and dear touch soothes; as rivers flow; as currents swirl; as waves drench; as rains pour; as bliss fills; as peace descends and as Divinity obliges and illumines.

Loving is a delightful human trait. The one who is not drenched by rain and who has not fallen in love does not exist. Next time you fall in love, ask yourself: is this hedonistic love. Or a role-bound relationship?

Simon Watts of Nottingham Trent university and Paul Stenner of university college London analyzed the nature of modern love by asking 34 men and 16 women to agree or disagree with a set of 60 propositions. They identified nine varieties of love, reported in the British Journal of Social Psychology today. They are: - A grown-up version that involves mutual trust, recognition and support. - The “Cupid’s dart variety, in which couples—are swept away by blind passion - Hedonistic love, concerned with personal and perhaps fleeting pleasure - Love as the ultimate connection: an essentially romantic view - Demythologized love that recognizes the need for hard work and patience - Love as transformative adventure: the emotional roller coaster experience of a Bridget Jones figure - From Cupid’s arrow to a role-bound relationship dictated by society’s expectation - From Cupid’s arrow to the security of close friendship - Dyadic partnership love, in which two people become a single unit We are all in search of real happiness and are shrewd.

But men exhibit naivety in dealings with women. Especially for sexual favors, they will be in the mental state of a beggar and sheepishly and slavishly behave with and believe women. Women know this and use this innocence or lack of knowledge of men when they do not like the man and or the experience with him.

This is the bane of nature to men and boon to women. Most of all modern elite men and women have everything in life but an intimate person to love and be loved. All their relationships are guided and dictated by their profession where calculation but not passion is the chief thing.

All human-beings crave for affectionate words, conversations and deeds from loving hearts of near and dear. When it is missing, they with false hopes, turn to drugs, drinking, companionships or commercial spiritual gurus for happiness, peace and solace. Here also they do not like to shed their egos and the clever spiritual gurus cater to their egoistic mind intelligently. Of course, this is the professional secret of all the commercial spiritual gurus. Any attempt to be joyful without commitment and responsibility will ultimately lead to sorrow and misery. We being famous, rich or beautiful have nothing to do with this. Only our sincere cultivation of love and relationship gives us the required happiness and fulfillment.

Merely craving for intercourse without the merger of the hearts is not the path of salvation. Heart plays a major role in these matters. Emotions are fulfilled in the exchange of sweet and pure hearts. In the cultivation of a harmonious and beautiful psychological relationship lies the secret of happiness, peace and bliss.

Love should be like cash in hand. It should be exchanged freely. Love should not be a treasure hidden underground. The love-life sustains us and our life. We must continue to love one another for life in life. We must be Radha and Madhava or as intimate as them in our readiness to love and be loved.

Love is invigorating, sublime, blissful, beautiful and everlasting delightful nature of us. Love is panacea for human psychological wellness and health and we give that to each other in each of our moves. All of us must not only fall in love but also rise in love when we fascinate one another. Our love must be unalloyed mutual devotion, admiration, appreciation and togetherness of our Selves. Then a single Self dwells in us. Love is Divine. Loving is Divinity.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment VEry Beautiful and meaningful article Mamaji.

04-Jul-2012 06:29 AM

Comment This post is so full of love..and meaningful! :) <3 <3

Vanshja Gairola
04-Jul-2012 05:15 AM

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