Is Money Powerful than God?

Money was invented by humans as a substitute to the barter system. But, of late, money has become powerful ' more powerful than the humans themselves, who invented it! Money can now substitute justice, truth, honesty, and reality with injustice, falsity, dishonesty and imagination. It won't be an exaggeration to state that money has become so powerful that it can now substitute God! People have made such a fetish of money and given it so much importance, that we humans seem to have lost our own identity. Our identity is now established only with money. The more money a person has, the wider and stronger is his/her identity. Alas! What a shame! Money was invented by humans, but now we have become slaves to money in every sense of the word.  

There have been umpteen instances where witnesses have turned hostile and justice has been bought and killed by the people in power, wielding money as an infallible weapon against justice and truth. There goes an adage that 'Justice delayed is justice denied.' In such a scenario, what would you call the killing of justice and truth by trading it with money? If justice and truth can be bought and sold for money, then, is there any relevance of God in this modern era? Has the influence of money superseded God? Or has the power of God enervated in this Kaliyug? If justice can be bought for money, then what about the poor who cannot afford to pay such exorbitant amounts for buying justice? Does it mean that it is the end of the road of justice for the poor? Does it mean that the affluent and powerful honchos can always go scot-free by doing whatever they desire? Where will all these end? Why do we have the lawyers and judges then? Are they here to dole justice to the unjust or make quick bucks and provide justice only to those who can afford to buy them?

Today, the so-called educated doctors in North India commit the sin of scanning a pregnant lady to determine the gender of the child in the womb (sonography) for a few bucks. And not just that; they are responsible for killing the girl child too. Would they do this to their own child? Aren't they going against God and his ordain? So, doesn't this again prove that money has become more powerful than God?

Money can buy almost anything and everything in this twenty-first century, including God, or so it seems. Some believe that money can buy happiness and even peace of mind! Has human spirit become so emaciated that it has been allowed to dominate by money? Or, has money become really powerful and indomitable than the collective human spirit? If the human spirit is really so weak, how can it ever conquer the world, which is full of scamsters, fraudsters, and people waiting like a hawk at the slightest opportunity to attack a weak or an impoverished person? This again begs the question, 'Is money powerful than God?' Can someone give me an answer?   


More by :  P. Mohan Chandran

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27-Mar-2012 14:00 PM

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