This is the Moment

It is this moment. Be the best that you can be.  Confined within this need of others to see tomorrow. Why? And yet the need to see a better horizon seems to snare us in this cage whose constraint is time. Live it up, live it out, various slogans devised by those who think themselves to be eloquent in the language of wisdom and thrive on the power it has on the masses. When all one needs to see is that time is endless, it has no beginning. It controls those who let it control them and gives freedom of the mind to those who let it flow with them. Time is no enemy unless you make it one. Don't follow the dogmas set by so called 'saints of wisdom' do not live it up or live it out ' when you can just live it to it's fullest? ' life that is.

These fascists want you to hang on to every word like you would to a twig on a cliff. In the realm of confusion and stress and perturbed times they lay the very net that grasps the most vulnerable. And in the end they are living their dream to the fullest at the expense of your social dogmatic reasoning. I would expectorate on the smallness of your mind confined by the say of society.  Do you care so much for what they say? Time tells all. What goes around comes around. And yet I detect this fear in your resolutions. Ramifications from your stand perhaps? Elaborating on your every action, justifying your every move.  Bah! You are your own person what do you care of their approval every time? Sometimes, some things are to be done for you not for them. But you will not really follow this through will you? Ah these fascists have indeed carved a deep niche in your need to fit in. Time heals all and time teaches all. Your turn will come to grasp the light of this all. You could see this as pure rambling out of hatred for something rooted too deeply. Or you could see it as something very subtly put. Either way you are going to give it a thought before you put it aside and that is all that matters. For it is this moment. And I can tell that you will have spent this moment thinking about something worthwhile ' or maybe not'. Depending on your perception of a moment being worthwhile. To the hunter it is the difference between being fed or going hungry.  To the hunted it is the difference between seeing another day or -!

It is this moment. Be the best that you can be. Do the best that you can do. Perceive the best that you can perceive. And the rest ' well as for the rest ' time will tell J


More by :  Trupti Derashri

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