Vision of the Whole

The vision of man develops on the memory of the best portions of one's life in the world. Utopia is a wonderful discovery of a vision of noble persons of the past, the present and the future. The vision about Nature has developed men as poets, scientists, philosophers, mystics and spiritualists depending upon the nature of various persons. The vision of a great scientist would be the discovery of a Final Theory for all the Laws of Nature. The vision of a litterateur would be humanism governing all walks of human life. The vision of a historian would be the creation of One World. The vision of a noble intellectual would be a divine life in the world. 

The vision of life, the vision of the world, the vision of God are very important for mankind, because the vision of great persons on such vital matters at adverse situations has changed the attitude of men, has given hope, inspiration, encouragement, ideas and guidance, and has come true! Therefore vision is very important and needed for the development and smooth running of human life in the world.

Working of Mind

Like the time, mind is endlessly working whether we know it or not. Psychologists have classified the working of the mind as sub-conscious level of activity. The work of vision, imagination, intuition, etc. takes place in the subconscious level of the mind. But generally mind is activated by the indwelling spirit or urge or curiosity, Nature and its living things, books, external activities of the world and experiences of the self along with the inner spirit actually activate the mind to know the truth and gain knowledge. So, man gains knowledge by the mental association of ideas and intellectually progresses and almost perfects himself out of necessity.

Knowledge Necessary

Knowledge is power. Knowledge gives confidence, courage, encouragement and freedom. Knowledge does not mean just the hearsay knowledge or the knowledge of sense experience only or the knowledge by reason but the knowledge by intuition is true and powerful. For that first everyone should have knowledge about 1. the Self, 2. the World, 3. Nature and 4. God. They are the basic requirements, upon which only exploration and discovery of true knowledge and Ultimate Reality are really possible.

Nature of Mind

Though man fails to recollect, memory never dies. There may be aids to recollection, but Nature is ever the best aid to man. Mind, which is not a silent spectator but a dynamic organism, accumulates a lot of information, stimulus, observations, etc. in memory and goes on arranging, breaking and rearranging them or forms order out of chaos from many broken pieces. But Nature stimulates mental activities and mind forms perception out of stimulus, conception out of perceptions, knowledge out of ideas. This is how poets, scientists, geniuses work to create wonderful things, show the truth to the world and make mankind progress.

Necessity of all round Knowledge

Basically knowledge of the self, the world, Nature and God are necessary before one has the vision of life, the world and God in Nature in order to have an ambition to do one's natural duty in the world to achieve or fulfill one's dream or vision. Knowledge of the self is knowledge of one's nature, interest, ability, fitness, etc. Knowledge of the world is knowledge of world's geography, history, scientific and technological developments, economy, religion, literature, culture, etc. Knowledge of Nature is knowledge of things in Nature such as flowers, birds, rivers, seas, mountains, Stars, Sun, Moon, seasons, etc. Knowledge of God is knowledge of various forms of God representing various religions of the world. Then intellectually musing over them one should attain true knowledge, basing which one should have vision of life, world and God. 

1. Vision of Life

First, the vision of life is necessary for everyone. According to the Indian philosophy or culture the stages of human life are existence, knowledge, bliss and absolute and each individual has the choice to choose according to one's nature the mode of life among the modes of life such as the ones based on Love, Knowledge, Duty and Concentrated Contemplative Action as one prefers. Great philosophers have dreamed about divine life in the world (Sri Aurobindo's THE LIVE DIVINE); great poets have written literary epics in detail (RAMAYANA) as to how human life as human being has to be lived in this world; which are great examples for anyone to follow in life. But the life of any individual is one's own tailor made one depending upon one's own vision of life.

Misty Snow covered Mountain Island touching the Sky

For all the people whether educated or wealthy or otherwise, the struggles will be there in one form or other in the beginning of their career in life. After overcoming all trials, difficulties, swimming against odds, shore could be reached. There, by strenuous efforts experience is gained, the world is understood and confidence comes to one to venture boldly on any field later. After that only stability in one line could be possible for anyone. Then the pursuit will be to achieve perfection. After achieving perfection the journey will be smooth as the birds fly free in the sky or rather in a pure state of mood. This analysis of life shows that the vision of life for one would be like the swimmer on the sea trying to reach a mountain island in order to go to the top to fly free in the sky finally. Therefore the total picture of the vision of life is like the sea surrounding the mountain island with snow and mist on the top touching the sky. 

Evolution of Man, Soul to Perfection

From the scientific research theory of Charles Darwin we come to know that man has evolved from animal which has evolved from a single living cell called amoeba. The Indian religion says that by up gradation of human life man is capable of becoming divine being and attains liberation from this world by repeated cycles of birth and death. Like the man who has to swim on the sea, cross the plains of the shore, forest, hills and reach the mountain top to muse with the mist and mingle oneself with the sky in one state of mind, man's soul too has to reach perfection by purification.

Only a person of steady state of mind could get the vision of bright light of void like the white snow or the transparent mist of the top. For others the vision of colored light will be of attraction, which means a romantic or adventurous type of life they like to lead. To attain permanent bliss instinct and passion should give way to intellect and reason. Only when harmonious human perfection is achieved there will be beauty, truth and love in human personality which would be divine in nature if total selflessness is achieved in thoughts, words and deeds.

2. Vision of the World

Second, the vision of the world is necessary for living a happy and peaceful life in the human society. Unity, love, friendship, cooperation, liberty among the nations of the world are very essential for the survival of human race in the world. This was felt very much by the world community during the last post World War period. H.G. Wells, Russell and other intellectuals suggested the idea of the formation of One World State in the future could be the best solution to avoid war among the nations. 

The value of love, friendship, cooperation, liberty, peace were very well understood by all the nations during the two World Wars and felt co-existence and non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations were the best way to run the affairs of the world in a peaceful way. Yet, instead of love, fear is still ruling the world today due to the threat of another World War as a result of Nuclear arms build up among the nations, ideological differences in politics, religion, etc., terrorism of various brands, drug trafficking and smuggling activities, etc.

Further too much mechanization in all walks of life in the West has increased indifferent machine-beast-men and due to too much politics in the developing countries inhuman creatures or men of no conscience are dominating the affairs of men. So, civilization without culture is turning now this beautiful paradise, our Earth into a jungle of the ancient world! Therefore the vision of creating One World by human culture is dominating the minds of the peace loving intellectuals and peoples of the world. Hence our thoughts, words and deeds should be for One World which is the only way to save our beautiful beloved Earth from chaos and change it into a better place to live than before in peace, love, beauty, truth and joy!

3. Vision of God

Third, the vision of God is the highest act of human endeavor to see in some form the formless Universal Consciousness, Spirit, Power or the Whole Truth within which everything exists and functions as Matter, Space and Time. Food is needed for the survival and health of the body. Knowledge and intellectual thinking are needed for the well being of the mind. In the same manner meditation over the Whole Truth is needed for the spiritual glow in the human being. As all the matters of the Universe are evolved from this All Pervading Spirit they all have to dissolve in it. The presence of such a power can be realized in the heat of the Sun, the force of the wind, water, fire, energy in the matter, in the intellect of the mind, in the love of the heart, in the truth of everything and in the indwelling spirit of various forms of objects of Nature. Therefore Nature can also be called as the body of the Divine Spirit. 

Mysticism in Nature

All the things in the Universe are in various forms of evolution or development towards maturity, saturation or perfection. Of all these, man because of his mind is far more developed and superior to them all. Hence necessary human progress may be the plan of Nature and perhaps man's mind in communion with Nature is its modus operandi. 

Nature, the body of God

For all ages of men Nature gives solace, comfort, encouragement, visionary mood, blessed mood, dizzy rapture, etc. to one in loneliness as a mother, friend, philosopher and guide. Whatever invention man makes man's dependence on Nature cannot be overcome. The blessed mood or the bliss man enjoys in Nature though may be for a short time yet it remains immortal in the mind and gives cheerfulness and freshness whenever recollected later in life. Those who are living in Nature are healthier, dynamic, strong and live longer than the city dwellers who suffer from different types diseases and take medicines to prevent themselves from infections, allergies, etc. when they travel from one place to another place and so on. Nature not only gives precepts but also serves as examples. Therefore Nature is the library, laboratory, refuge for artists, scientists and worn out souls.

The Laws of Nature are truly the Will of God. So, if we go according to Nature there is happiness, success and satisfaction in life and work of the world. For poets, mystics, philosophers and others the pleasures they enjoyed and enjoy are also classified as animal pleasure, aesthetic pleasure, intellectual pleasure and spiritual pleasure. Among these four types of pleasures there is certainly one or the other reserved for all depending upon their needs, nature and vigor or weakness. With some need in mind if one approaches Nature certainly one gets it from Nature.

Though we cannot see and hear God, yet we can realize it by our sense perception from the body of God, Nature; that is why perhaps Nature was created for man with man himself as part of it! Therefore Nature is the link between the inner soul of man and the all pervading spirit of God, the origin of man and all matters in the Universe! That is why the vision of God can be more truly had only in Nature as the snow mountain top covered with mist, the transparent clouds of the sky, etc than in any other form of creations by man in any field in the world. Finally indeed man's mind in communion with Nature only can connect man's soul with the all pervading soul of God and gives divine pleasure quite immortal and ever energizing the soul whenever one needs it.

Ambition based on the Vision of The Whole 

Seeing the vision of the whole only it is possible to have suitable ambition in life. 1. For the individual the ambition of life would be the synthesis of love and knowledge to achieve human perfection. 2. The ambition for the world society will be the creation of One World based on Human Culture. 3. Above all, the preservation of Nature is a must for all as Nature is the source of inspiration and exploration of the Ultimate Reality or the Whole Truth in order to solve the problems of human limitation in the achievement of Total Liberation which is the Final Goal or Ambition of man in the life of the world. 

Then only it would be possible to plan what duty one has to do according to one's nature and nurture. That is the way one can express one's personality successfully in life. The achievement of these goals one day would make this world a paradise where love, freedom and joy would help the people create beautiful things for the appreciation and enjoyment of the generations to come. This vision is the real perfection and permanent truth that needs to be conceived first more than anything else in this human world.            


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