Soaring High to Sublimity

1. Life of Man 


Without completing one's duty there is no chance of getting peace of mind in life. It is worthless to hesitate in the middle of a duty, fearing about the outcome of one's efforts. If one is in such a state, it is like Arjuna's case; after going to the war field, what is the use of hesitating to start and finish one's job there? If one is clear in thoughts, words and deeds, one will feel free and get peace of mind at the end. It happens so to all one time or other in life. There Bhagavad-Gita helps one how to overcome one's sluggishness in life.

After a long, long travel and travail if one does not see even an oasis in the desert, naturally one thinks about the nature of life in the world. Hunger, old age, disease and death do not leave anyone untouched one day or other. Thoughts of this nature affected once Buddha also and he found out a doctrine for safe life in the world after a long meditation, which is nothing but contention of heart but not competition triggered by desire or ambition.

Nature of Life

One time or other like Arjuna and Buddha everyone thinks about human life to have a conclusive view so that life can be lived with confidence, courage and perseverance facing all problems without fear in order to fulfill successfully the destiny of one's life. Indian religion says that human life constitutes Existence, Knowledge, Bliss and Absolute in toto. This is the decisive, total view of human life and is accepted by great philosophers of the world like Max Mueller, Emerson, Voltaire, etc. Despite these opinions, it is essential for everyone to know what life is and how life has to be lived in the world.

Soaring High to Sublimity

We should not be indecisive like Hamlet but determined and casual to achieve things ahead of time like Prince Hal (Richard III) or Lord Krishna. Our thoughts, words and deeds should be appreciated by others and praised by the nation and the world. This is how honor can be obtained by one and if one has a good heart by nature, one will get special respect from everyone and special treatment everywhere in the world. To achieve such a status one should realize what is one's Self, the World, Nature and God, and live according to natural justice or eternal order in the world. To such a person, whether the status in the society is high or low, one needs not be a slave to anyone and can lead a straight forward and bold life in the world. Soaring high to sublimity can be possible only by persons of this type in the world. But others also, by realizing the nature of life in the world and the Self, can soar high to sublimity whenever possible to redeem themselves and rejuvenate their inner spirits.

Development of Society

It is not enough a few individuals are enlightened in the world; everyone in the society should become enlightened. The expositions of great seers and mystics enlighten the minds and elevate the spirits of all making the whole being soar high to sublimity; and which is the purpose of the message, they have left behind for the whole of mankind to recognize and realize themselves in life in order to enjoy bliss in the world.

Competitive World

Soaring high to sublimity, everybody wants to enjoy spiritual bliss in spite of trials and tribulations in life. In this specialized, compartmentalized and modernized world, life has become much aimed routine life everybody has to live in competition with time whether one likes or not. There is no chance for human sense, human sentiments and humanistic approach to problems faced by men here. For everything man is constrained of time. When this is so, how is it possible for human expression in nature according to his wish, desire, dream and liking as the birds and animals freely do around him?

2. World of Man 

Unfortunately the whole world of man and his activities are confined, in one kind, to a circle of currency called Money. Money can buy everything except the departed soul in the world. Without money, man cannot wield power over the affairs of others. The whole of his life man works for money to live a life comfortable, convenient and honourable to him. He faces a lot of hardships and difficulties in the world because of money and dies also for want of money. He loses his peace of mind and thoughts in higher things of life because of his pursuits of money in the world. Sound economic condition develops social status that helps man finally to develop himself spiritually. Otherwise, man has to relinquish everything in the world and lead the life of a hermit in isolation, which perhaps gives him peace, freedom and bliss he cherishes most and longs for in the world.

Life of the World

In this way caught by the web of life, man struggles to come out and longs for peace, freedom and joy, which all remain only as things of dream that come true perhaps only after death! So, in his materialistic pursuits man works as a machine and lives like an animal but not as a human being in the world. This is the usual plight of ordinary men. Some, who wish to have a change, seek the advises of philosophers, religious leaders, or asylum in some association or religion only in vain because they all prove to be useless or not permanent solutions for their problems as they cannot change their ways of life, habits and customs. Hence the life of the world is a kind of punishment rather than a pleasure to know, enjoy and live here. But, for many, politics becomes the last resort to survive as they wish in the world, not knowing that it is a one way ticket; following the political ideologies, they become inhuman creatures, do more harm to the society and themselves and die a horrible death unaware of and uncared for in the world. 

Materialism, Mechanisation and Fear of the Future 

It seems science and technologies have developed, are developing and will develop all fields of human endeavours in the modern world. So, without machines and technological aids, it is impossible for man to do anything, go forward, detect and solve all problems in the world. Technological developments, invention of computers and computerisations in all walks of human life have turned man into a slave of technology to such an extent that man feels that machine is power, money, wife and life in the world. 

His dependence of electricity, computers, motor cars, aeroplanes, TV, Cell phone, etc. makes man feel that without them living life is impossible in the world today! Is it really so? Is this what man calls development of mankind? All these and many other questions man has to think about, realise where he is now, what he has to do, what he is doing and how he has to change himself for the better for the survival of himself and the world in the future, before he is caught by the fear of the future sooner or later.

Measure of Human Value

Divine value is infinitely superior to human value. Human value is far higher than animal value. Animal value is better than material value. But the achievements of man are measured by material value, which is calculated by money. Divine and animal beings do not bother about material things. But, after all sorts of developments man's mind is confined only to material things in the world at all the times. It is quite strange why man is struck up with material things only like children with the play things forever! 

Human Nature not changed 

Like the child that enjoys coarser or animal pleasure in an aggressive manner with his toys in the homes, with the plants and flowers in the gardens or with his other boys on the sand in the play grounds, men enjoy going in the newly produced cars, on the motor bikes, in the helicopters, or playing video games, etc. in the public. So, many are physically grown up and mentally not developed leave alone the development of their spirits. When they are in the best of moods, they use the gadgets well. But, when they are in the worst of moods, they indulge in violence and crimes that stir and shake up the peace of the world and destroy lives and properties everywhere. Therefore undoubtedly human nature of the past has not changed in the present and will perhaps hardly change in the future too!

Love is All

By force and power, man believes that he can dominate other people in order to satisfy his ego instead of conquering the hearts and ruling the minds by love and care. By love many things are achieved. By force noting has been achieved in the history of mankind. This fact man has to take into consideration and do social service by love for the well being of the world. Love is developed by the appreciation of beauty and truth in art, music, poetry, etc. Aesthetic pleasure satisfies man much better than animal pleasure. So, more than politics, man should pay attention to literature, history, sociology and culture in order to live a beautiful life in the world.

Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom

Philosophic truth of life is interesting to know; laws of nature are fascinating; and intellectual thinking brightens the mind enabling man to live life with purpose, confidence and meaningfully in the world. Analysing over the experiences of the past, man gains new knowledge and wisdom as time passes on to live better, enjoy intellectual pleasure in the world, which is challenging and charming at the same time. Remembering the history of the past we are able to correct our mistakes and live creatively, enjoying the beauty and love welcoming us everywhere, if we are aware of the truth behind the things and pure in heart with a wonder to appreciate the grandeur of creations around us.

Materialism and Terrorism destroying Art, Nature and Culture towards War

Actually everyone is for materialism but not for humanism or spiritualism in the real sense because of world modernisation by science and technology. So, because of our exploitation of natural resources for energy, raw materials, etc. the world itself is driven to the brink of destruction by environmental pollution and global warming. Industrialisation everywhere and destruction of forests are destroying not only art and culture but also Nature, which are dangerous and threatening the very existence of humankind in the world, which is the only living planet in our Solar system in the whole of the Universe as far as man is aware of so far! Besides these, extremism of race, religion, etc. and terrorism as a result of which are constantly keeping the world on the hot bed and preparing men ready for war ever, which is not good for human relationships and relationship with Nature in the world. 

3. Solution

Reforms for One World through Non-Violence

Reforms are needed to avert bad incidents occurring in the world. Reforms should start from education; ideas of reforms should be implemented in the social and legal systems of the nations of the world to bring about social harmony, religious harmony and harmonious relationship with Nature leading to the formation of One Human World. That too, weapon less, non-violent, free world union is what every great intellectual including Einstein expects to see in the future by the united efforts of the nations following the principles of M.K. Gandhi such as non-violence, non-cooperation for evil things, etc., by which he successfully used to achieve his goals and earned the name Mahatma Gandhi and is the dream of all of the future world.

Transition of world by Democracy 

Clearly the world is in the stage of transition now. Modernisation everywhere is leading the world towards the formation of an industrialised world state controlled by the Nuclear Power nations of the world. But the threats of terrorism, militarization, exploitation and pollution cause concern to the world people regarding the safety, security, peace and very existence of the world in the future. So, with an eye over these aspects, the formation of an industrialised modern world state allowing harmonious human development in a democratic system is what everybody likes to see in the future.

Preservation of Nature 

For that, the safety of the world is the responsibility of everyone and that depends upon the preservation of Nature in the world, because man is born out of, the part of Nature and not treated as a separate species independent of Nature. Therefore harmonious human relationship with Nature is necessary more than just the preservation of Nature. Even Aldous Huxley in his analytical book on Human Situation has advocated that expressions of ideas about Nature in Art such as painting, poetry, etc. cannot be altered or stopped yesterday, today and forever, because Nature is the body of the All Pervading Spirit; and man in mystical communion with Nature can soar high to sublimity to enjoy spiritual pleasure, real bliss in the world.    


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