The Sweet Aroma of Value Investing

There is a sweet aroma in the air flowing from many individual stocks in almost every sector of the USA stock market. The latest stupidity coming out of the negative mouth of so called stock mavens is...

"How do we know what a stocks PE (price to earnings) will be worth in the future."

Well, there is no doubt that we are in a recession right now and it may get worse in the coming months. However, with PE's at historical lows, only folks who believe the end of the world is near will talk about PE's that may never go up again. After all is said and done, here is an example, from many questions, a six year old will have no difficulty answering but may stump clever negative experts who cannot see the woods for the trees.

  • With three million people in the USA... Will digital TV take the place of analogue TV in February 2008. If so, which companies make the insides of the flat screen TV's and how low are their stock prices?
  • With six billion people in the world ... Will people in work stop buying computers, and cell phones? Also, who are the companies that make the best? Also who are the companies that provide the best service and do any pay good dividends?
  • Will people still need to put gas in their car and how cheap are the leaders in that industry?
  • Will people still need to eat, if so, how cheap are stocks in that industry?
  • Will people still be living in houses in two years time, will their circumstances change and will they need to move to bigger or smaller houses... Or do you think houses are going to disappear?

These questions are only a small sample of many. They may seem a little dumb to a six year old but clever experts are giving their negative slants as though people are going to stop enjoying themselves with all the modern day trappings. Money may be only the icing on the cake for describing a successful lifestyle but people will always have a sweet tooth.

Most folks will still have a job in six months time and the mayhem and confusion will pass. The smart people who understand you have to time the market to buy low and sell high will be enjoying the aroma of prosperity that started when they bought stocks from a low point and averaged down if the stocks went lower... They also understand when to sell them when the stocks reach a level that they are satisfied with without waiting for a home run. The time to sell is usually when the doom and gloom experts all start to say it is time to buy because the future looks bright and the PE's are trading at the low level of 18 times future earnings ... Enjoy Sweet Aroma of Value Investing!


More by :  Michael Levy

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