Why is the Creation of One World Necessary?

The world is functioning mainly due to the sincere efforts of the good, the disciplined and the patient people in all walks of human life. If their hopes are shattered the world will be paralysed. So, the first duty of every writer is to take up the problems of humanity for analysis and try to find out the best solutions for them so that humanity can be saved to survive with confidence, courage, endurance and perseverance in the world.


There cannot be a person without any problem in the world. If there is a person without any problem then that person will be a problem to others. Some problems can be solved but some cannot be solved. The insoluble problems which are like invisible diseases are causing concern and increasing worries to men. No cry or tears can solve this crisis. Perhaps this type of situation can be termed as illusion which everyone has to face boldly though a time consuming thing and proceed in the direction to fulfil the purpose for which one has started one's life. As illusion is not a permanent thing no one can be bogged down forever. The worries come and go but the goals, the thoughts, the imaginations, the dreams and the ideas of a better tomorrow should not be forgotten because these are the things that make men get inspiration, enthusiasm and the zealous mood to go ahead hopefully and cheerfully in life and make human life worth living.

Outside Education

Education does not end in schools and colleges but continues in life and work in the outside world. Actually real education begins when one comes out of the portals of educational institutions to Nature, arts, sciences and so on. Whether one is educated or not most of the time one actually spends for the day today activities only which certainly produce monotony, frustration, depression and so on. It is not sufficient to spend one's life in the mundane things only which would certainly make the world too much to live for everyone. Each one should use the special power that lies within to explore the nature of things existing everywhere and enquire the truth behind them so that the helplessness of man or the ills of human beings can be overcome. There are so many interesting things in life which man has to pay attention to. Unless such an attempt is made the social problems cannot be solved.

Dreams and Ideas to be Experimented

One man's food is another man's poison. What is acceptable to one may be allergic to another one. Therefore common solution cannot solve the particular problems of each and every individual. Religion and philosophy may give asylum to the pessimists. But such an asylum cannot last long, because religions and philosophies have lost their grounds before the discoveries of the scientific truths and knowledge in the modern world. So to be optimistic about one's onward journey of life knowledge about all possible things has to be gained and the development of the self has to be begun and pursued at any cost. Naturally dreams and ideas have to be experimented, experienced and explored in order to add new truths to the already known and the creative way of life should be made a habit so that the best of life can be enjoyed with full satisfaction in the world.

Social Change

The big question everybody discusses everywhere is why the society is not able to change, reform and develop itself even though there are a lot of treatises, discourses, seminars and speeches on social changes. In reality it is an impossible magic to change the society over night. The society as a whole cannot be changed without convincing the individuals because they are the backbone of the society. Therefore to change the society, first individuals have to be taken care of, otherwise change in the society is not at all possible; and the society will function as we see today forever.

Education for Freedom

Even in the modern times in many societies of the world the budding individuals of the future are not given the liberty to choose their subject of interest in education, the work interesting to them and the life they like to live in the future as the so called experienced seniors who have fought for the national or political or social causes do not like to give away their dictatorial attitude with the youngsters as they feel that their status quo would be lost and they would have to live like slaves at the mercy of others in the old age. Further though there is freedom in many States of the world, because the aspiring individuals do not have liberty, opportunities and scope for development as a result of the State control, restrictions and licences the freedom becomes no freedom at all. Therefore the famous feeling of Rousseau that man is born free but he is in chains everywhere is quite true even today. Hence it should be realised that without freedom nothing worthwhile could be possible on the earth and so people have to be educated for freedom.

Wrong System of Society

It is predominantly felt that something is wrong somewhere is the system of the society in which we live. Is it due to the civilisation or the economy or politics or what? It looks the combination of all these is perhaps the cause for the crisis. Ever since the economic thought effectively came into vogue and the barter system was replaced by the use of coins and currencies for exchange purpose all activities of man revolve round money as the centre, under which anything and everything settles which the future only has to say why this is so and find a solution or alternative for it. Indeed money, business, etc. are all symbols of civilisation and industrial growth, scientific and technological inventions and computerisations are all advancements of human civilisation. But driven by the force of ambition to become rich and great man works with machines like machine and lives like animal after work caring little about conscience and losing human sense in the long run transforming himself finally into a machine-beat-man instead of a divine being. This is perhaps sociological thinking began very lately after economic thought established itself firmly everywhere controlling the attitude of men even today even after a lot of technological advancements and economic developments in the world and mainly due to this fact man never bothers about corruption and even becomes an inhuman creature without shame or sense. This was not the aspiration of man, but the present world society is breeding such men like mushrooms in large numbers!

Lack of Quality

On observation it is found that two categories of people are in great need of rescue now. They are 1. the educated people who are bogged down in quagmire of tradition, malpractices and corruption rampant in all walks of life and 2. the people who are not well educated but want to live a honest and sincere life doing works in a peaceful way against all malpractices and corruption in the society. Also, the intellectuals who feel shy to face the social problems, who fear to do anything of social importance, who hesitate to wade through the evils of the society, cannot themselves overcome the illusions created by traditionalists. This is because education has made them not merely specialists incapable of moving with and dealing the over all problems of the society but has failed to develop leadership qualities in them. Hence leaders of poor quality are rampant in all fields today. As a result the quality of thoughts, speeches and works have miserably gone down in the parliaments, courts and various social institutions of the world and violence is raising its ugly head everywhere. When this so, who will care about the exploitation of natural resources, art and culture? Therefore what things have to be done to solve the crisis at present are 1. Preservation of Nature, 2. Development of human culture or humanism and 3. Creation of One World.

One World

The thoughts of the world unity inherent in the expressions of great intellectuals developed into a possible practical idea with the formation of first the League of Nations and then the United Nations Organisation. Since the end of the World War II for four decades cold war, arms built up and threats of nuclear war loomed large. But since 1987 many unprecented changes like the end of cold war, reduction of nuclear weapons, conversion of socialistic countries into democratic ones and centralised socialistic economy into decentralised market oriented economy etc. give the hope that the dreams and ideas of One World is going to become a reality soon! This dream is concretised by the unity developed among the world nations in the fight against terrorism thanks to the globalisation of economy that slowly integrates all countries into a single whole or world community. If the trend is pursued with suitable reforms the goal of One World State can be achieved and perhaps that will solve all the malaise of mankind in the future.


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Comment The only absolutes in life are principles. The rest is by nature transitory, but achieves a sense of permanence in the phenomenon of identity wherein everything that exists is defined in the principle of rightness. Identity manifests principle, and everything is raised to the permanence of principle: things, persons and events attain an absolute quality in the midst of the transitory by virtue of the principles they manifest. The context of principle is eternal, and the absolute nature of identity in the transitory is testament only to the eternal nature of principle: things, persons, events though identified pass away. One cannot build in time what is eternal in principle, but one can pass through time in realisation of eternity in principle. The classic anomaly is to identify the temporal with the eternal; with what passes, though identified in principle, with the permanence of principle itself. This is to limit expectation of fulfilment of principle, truth, goodness, harmony to a transitory and totally inadequate temporal sphere. For example, how can one talk of the dream fulfilled on earth of a united mankind, when the earth itself is an unreliable platform - full of destructive natural phenomenon, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis – albeit themselves manifesting by default of principle breached under the surface of respectability - including the real threat from outer space of devastating asteroid strikes – as a final judgment? If the whole world were united as a people, which is a dream that proves itself to be continually and progressively thwarted, despite the indications of an aspiration to the principle of unity, would the imminent threat of natural devastation be appeased? Rather, what we are about in dreams of unity is a realisation of a haven of principle, an eternal realm, which is given to us to realise in the form of a promise by the source of principle, God, in which secure realm there is eternal fulfilment.

14-Jul-2015 20:58 PM

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