Shift Your Energy Towards Love

Life gives us each day and people we meet in our life for learning life more profoundly and deeply, knowingly or unknowingly. We meet people and experience things sometimes, as a mere incident or sometimes as a series of events, for learning something from them, with them and sometimes, because of them!

The deep truth is each one of us has unique story to tell, unique lesson we have learnt in our life, even if we were exposed to the same incidence or event! That’s because of the responses we did. And the causes of that responses somewhat lie deep down in the past; the series of events we already have experienced in our life, the environment where we were born and exposed earlier. They all play a major part in our understanding, maturity, awareness, decision making consciousness, thought processing and the depth of emotion we are experiencing.

Whenever we experience disappointment, injustice, neglected, humiliation, loss, abandonment, betrayals or mishappening, there are always two paths lie in front of us; the first path is to live it and move on but with cold heart, bitterness, hatred, closed mind, making more boundaries and high walls to protect us from the future pain or mishappening, and the second path is to live it and move on with more understanding, awareness, openness, lovingness, acceptance, endurance and forgiveness of the people who did wrong to us intentionally or unintentionally, and more importantly forgiveness for ourselves too. That’s the most important part because sometimes its harder to forgive and accept ourselves than others. And until or unless we forgive ourselves, we cannot be healed totally. And unhealed wounds are the causes of the hatred most of the time.

But I choose the second path. And the best lesson I have learnt in my life is shifting my energy from hatred to love, from close to openness, from limit to abundance, no matter what and that path makes all the difference.

We feed what we concern , either love or hatred. To walk in the path of loving, we must shift our energy first, towards love! Though the path is not easy but it will lead you to light but the choice is yours!


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