It's a Dog Life*

Any genuine dog owner realizes there is no basic barrier between the connection and relationship of human and dog. The oneness that encompasses the non-physical bond between a loving human and loving dog is inseparable in nature's true texture.

If we look back in human history, we will discover how the dog became man's (and woman's) best friend. Around fourteen thousand years ago, humans started to domesticate wolves. Over a period of many generations, the wolves lost much of their adrenaline used to hunt and attack other animals. This altered the chemical balance in the wolves and thus altered the physical appearance, as well as their habits and actions. No doubt, the early wolf/dogs would be trained in the hunt for game, whilst other wolf/dogs were trained to protect the family whilst the men hunted.

In today's world, there are four hundred different breeds and four hundred million dogs. There are over sixty-five million dog owners in the USA.

The wolves that still run wild are just the same, but just look what difference domestication made to their relatives. If a slight tilt in the chemical balance changed wolves into dogs, then what has happened to human beings during the same time span. I'll not go into the changes in humanity pre-fourteen thousand years ago, because history is vague at best before the dogs became our manmade buddies. Probably, humans started to become more domesticated, less fierce and more social inline with the domestication of the wolves.

There are a few question to ponder since the outset of mans relationship with dogs ...

  • How authentic is the modern human being in comparison to the fourteen thousand year old model?

  • Did the dog influence our beliefs in any manner and is it a coincidence that in today's language, dog spelt backwards is god? ... Do both give unconditional love?

  • Did analytical intellectual thinking evolve by slight changes in brain chemistry at the expense of dulling the sensitivity in the minds inherent wisdom?

  • Did humans detach themselves from their natural source of intelligence and evolve by slight changes in brain chemistry into ego-beings, detaching themselves from their original source of information?

  • Could it be the reason why people hold hate, anger, jealousy and a whole host of negative emotions are because we have lost control on how the chemicals in our brain evolve?

  • Are all the wars and conflicts being enacted by a mass of out of control chemicals and we do not realize it?

  • Has the minds neglect of live alchemy, that produces divine chemistry, been ignored, so that the point of life has become meaningless?

Well, let's get back to the dogs for more questions and see if you can fathom the answers.

  • Did humans, with their love affair with dogs, make dogs their gods ten thousand years ago?

  • Did ancient dynasties make idols of dogs and pray to them?

  • Did dog idols guard the tombs of ancient pharaohs?

  • Did this evolve into superstitious tales and myths?

  • Did the Greeks take this to a higher level, and with their mythological tales, did it lay the ground for the one male god to evolve?

  • Did unbalanced chemicals in some human brains create world religions outside the realms of true spirituality, at the same time as reorganizing spirituality's truths to fit into their new be-lie-f system?

I have yet to find a dog that prays to God for something it lacks... I guess dogs have the intelligence to know.... Thinking the lack - creates the lack ... In fact I have yet to locate any animal that prays to the big chap in the sky. Maybe dogs know they have everything it takes to enjoy life and to ask for more would be futile.

So, is the male God and religious doctrine/dogmas true or did erroneous brain chemicals alter the human mind to believe in an invisible man with super powers?

Are humans separated from other animals and each other because they misuse their evolved reason and logic and misplaced their divine alchemy?

The final unresolved questions are;

  • Have humans evolved into a caring society or one that is propelled by greed and fear?

  • Has manmade religion distorted the spirit of nature that flows through all life forms and replaced with a macho male God image?

  • Have the doctrine in religious differences been the cause of wars and conflicts more than any other form of human teaching?

  • Has universal intelligence been annexed by people in power, who want to divide and conquer humanities true authentic form, at the expense of just being a connected part of nature?

The latest scientific study on dogs has revealed they can sniff out cancer and other diseases in human beings and thus help them to recover before the disease becomes un-treatable. Perhaps if we study dogs a little closer and observe how they transmit unconditional love to their owners, we may be able to return to our original form of loving, caring humans ... Who only desire to live in peace and harmony with all earths' creatures, large and small.

Intellectual mind believe it can wag God.


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