Dead Cert

Can there ever be anything in life that can be classed as a dead cert?

I was recently watching a horse race on NBC TV. A horse named Smarty Jones was a 1-5 favorite and designated as a dead cert by most of the experts in the racing world. The horse was running for the third leg of the Triple Crown and if it won it would have been valued at $50,000,000....Alas, it was pipped at the post and millions of fans were let down and disappointed.

How many times have we heard from people who say they came close to winning a fortune? How many times do people make their expectations too high only to come down to earth with a large bump! The elusive big fish that got away.

Yes, life holds no guarantees apart from one...Death. The only one thing we can be assured is that someday we will leave earth in our physical form. If our life is lived filled with resentments and bitterness because expectation did not materialize in the manner we envisaged, then that life is traveling on a fools errand. It is fooled into thinking everything should be handed to us on a plate. We only have to follow the advice of so called experts and then everything will work out just fine and dandy. Once we have been led to believe we should accept the predictions of experts in the outcome of future events, then most times if we follow them and they fail, we are encased in blame and resentfulness.

Many times we will blame others of our own misjudgments. The experts are not to blame if we blindly follow their predictions, for even if they mean well (and most do) they are only as good as their source of information. If that source is only their intellect, then the chances of success will be slender, for that source may come from a confused and fallacious origin. An intellect that is not guided by universal intelligence is an unaware circuit, certified by its own circuitry..... Definitely not one to follow.

It is often said that if something looks too good to be true it often is. So, if we cannot depend on the experts, who can we depend upon? Well, the answers is, only ourselves, because nobody has a more vested interest in our well-being than ourselves. With this in mind we must become diligent and prudent within the resourcefulness of all our actions. For instance, just because an expert tells us s/he believes the stock market will go up does not mean it will, no matter how many time s/he has been correct in the past. Looking in the rear view mirror can help us overcome past mistakes, but it cannot ever guarantee future outcomes.

Whether we are chancing our luck on a horse race, the stock market, our job, or marriage, the gamble is considerable and nothing can predict the fruits of our harvest. However, if we remove the word gamble and chancing from our vocabulary and replace them with an awareness of possible dangers and strategies for prosperity, then perhaps we can prosper and flourish in most of our aspiring goals. We take the gamble and chance out and replace it with astuteness and clear-sightedness.

When we get advice from smarty-pants experts we should thoroughly research ever aspect of what the future possibilities may become and allow for unforeseen circumstances. There could be developments when we may need to take risks, but if we are armed with the knowledge of almost every possible outcome and we have contingency plans in case things don't turn out as anticipated, then we will be a true favorite that cannot fail overall. It does not mean we will not make mistakes, because everyone will experience misadventures. However, from each misfortune we gain resolve and fortitude that brings success in other areas of our life. When one door closes we learn how to open two more. Misfortunes start to produce the energy and determination to find fortunes elsewhere.

No-thing can hold back the passions of authentic human potential that are ignited by the spirit of true intent.

The secret ingredient is our intuition and that should not be guided by our ego's wants and desires.

We have no need to keep up with the Joneses or to outsmart other people.
We should not become a donkey who is tempted by a carrot of easy money. It is essential that we look beyond the normal herd mentality and focus on an energy force that cannot be located in physical form. It is shaped by love & joy. Only those two essential authentic compositions can orchestrate our medley of successful well-being.

No intellectual philosophy, dogmatic religious text or cool scientific knowledge can replace the authenticity of what has naturally been assigned within a human mind. We have everything it takes to become a shining light within the illuminated brilliance of the human race. We just need to become skillful in switching on our radiance. In Synchronicity with each other, we can light up the world.


A Happy Hobby Horse

Lets raise our glasses and make a toast,
to a simple pastime we embrace the most,
joy is our hobby, what a powerful force,
entering the human race as a happy hobby horse.

Contentment of living should never be a wager,
keep a steady pace, don't become a galloping major,
jockeying for position could make us interfere,
in the celebration of life which we all hold so dear.

Steering our course on the right track,
reining in the anxiety that sometimes does attack,
a smile on our face we'll be in the frame,
a photo finish winner, more happiness will be our gain.

Every moment, a pleasure, no whip to crack,
with love on our saddle there is no looking back,
cantering up the straight, gifts of wonderment unfold,
jumping over hurdles, lead by a soul of gold.  


More by :  Michael Levy

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