Expressing Love & Care

Understanding the human behavior and mind is an experience. I don’t know how others view it. But, personally I feel many times incidents and personal acquaintance with some are revelations and educative too. Let me share some of my recent experiences with a student of mine who is very much younger to me and an aged lady who will be closely of my age.

I always bear a feeling that life has been unfair to many. Notwithstanding, it is surprising how they overcome the misfortune and also be nice to their close ones. My direct interaction revealed it; made me feel ashamed of my own selfish grumble and mumble about my own life.

Let me narrate and you decide about it. The first one is a case of my young student who needed to undergo an emergency surgery. It was indeed a difficult one because I know the surgery is quite painful and his parents were not also at the country at that moment. But the youngster was bold enough to face the situation and sought my help. I just had a very tough time after sending the young boy to the operation theatre and waiting outside for him to return successfully. When the doctor called and assured me of his good condition I profusely thanked him.

Like any surgery’s after effect, the boy suffered severe pain and spent a restless night and me too with him. I brought him to my home; he slowly but definitely improved in a week. But suddenly on the seventh day I picked up a silly argument with him and asked him to leave the house the next day. He didn’t speak a word but collected his belongings and left that night itself around 11 o’clock. I was so furious and never even bothered to stop him.

The next morning only brought me to my better senses and made me realize my irresponsible and impulsive behavior. I felt like crying and sent him an apology message for which he replied politely that he didn’t keep anything in mind but he left only to make my anger subside. What a matured gesture! I felt absolutely small and cried bitterly.

The meeting with my fellow writer who is surprisingly a young lady contrary to my expectations, as I have been conversing with her only over the phone till I met her in person. She was living with her aged mom and during my visit she told that her mother was taking care of her brother who suffered multiple ailments from meningitis to seizers and stroke and lived for 42 long years most of the time confined to bed. The mother who nursed him all those years still carried good things to say about her son and shed tears at the thought of him. I cannot but feel amazed at the love, tolerance and affection showed by that mother to an absolutely invalid son. I compared myself who many times loose my temper in attending my bed ridden sister due to Parkinson Disease for the past 3 years.

Once again felt ashamed at my intolerance and bad temper. I was moved by the bereaved mother’s unconditional love for her son. So was my young student’s love and respect for me.

I feel humbled before their expressions. But I stand tall and feel immensely proud because I do have such wonderful human beings around me who know how to spread love and care. 


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