Demystifying the 2 G Scam for Children!

Once upon a time, a badly managed cinema hall was taken over by a new management due to the desires of the people to see better movies. The people now put their trust in the woman of the most powerful family of the town to run good movies for them at reasonable rates. They also thought they liked the bearded managing director who looked like a Professor, but they were a bit unsure of his ability to show good movies. But since he had gone to a good college in England, they thought he may show good judgment.

One day, the new management heard of a real blockbuster adult’s movie that was being released that many important big people of the town wanted to see. The new management had a meeting and some members were in favour of raising the prices of tickets based on this huge demand to increase the revenue of the company, so that they could bring better movies later.

But the experts in the management disagreed,  saying they must do what the old management did and continue to sell the tickets for ten rupees a ticket, as the new and  young movie goers could not afford to pay more.
They said they will sell the same way as before – first come first served to those who stand in the queue and no black tickets will be sold. 

A ticket manager was appointed to sell the tickets – but he was a cunning little fellow!  He told 20 of his nephews and nieces, all below 18 years of age to stand first in the line. When the counter opened, before others knew,( as he had changed the previously announced time,)  he quickly sold all the tickets to the children.
Then he put up a HOUSE FULL board outside the hall! 

The children could not see the movie for which they had tickets, as they were not yet adults. Now what would they do? 

The manager cleverly went outside - and in a dark alley - where no one could see - he bought the tickets back from the kids. But the kids were very smart too; they sold it for 40 rupees to the manager. But the manager was still smarter, he now sold the tickets  for 200 rupees to the eager adults who were milling around outside, and were desperate to see the adult movie!

When the people in the town came to hear this – they got really mad! But the old management was the maddest!  Why didn’t they think of it before!  


More by :  Col. Gopal Karunakaran

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