Becoming One World: A Dream Only or Reality?

Are, Wars and Violence Necessary?

World is in a precarious condition due to pollution leading to water, food and new viral diseases needing ever preservation, protection and safety of world..! Natural disasters by cyclonic storms, heaviest rains whether it is hottest summer time or coldest winter time world is witnessing destructions unimaginable! Not only storms and rains but also longest droughts no water for drinking, washing and irrigation of agricultural lands make people look for green pastures! Ever frozen ice lands of North and South of world also losing its steadfastness to the extent of increasing the sea and ocean water levels all over the Earth..! In this precarious condition of the world, all crazy nations must think over if wars and violence necessary!

Reckless Inglorious Death!

Whether service or disease, lack of discipline leads to the inescapable and inevitable dangerous end in world life. This is true for professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians and soldiers whether they are capitalists or communists! Terrorists or communists, relying on weapons of mass havoc and adhering to terrorism or communism go beyond limits to achieve their goals without analysis of the worthiness only to meet with the horrible end of extermination sure! For them, their terrorism or communism is thicker than any blood relation or human love or friendship forever. They don't rely on any religion or creed as that is only Opium to them that will will distract them from mission! Such hardnuts never respect any agreement and indulge in their worn out plan of reckless action to inglorious death!

The Nature of Incorrigible Hardliners!

Hardnuts cannot realize, understand and know truth for sure unless things are explained from A to Z and proved by science; for, they cannot acquire advanced knowledge by reading books because they don’t believe them due to lack of understanding! Extremists and communists don't realize that all Stars and Planets are functioning activated by Universal Spirit, God. This is due to the fact that they don't accept a thing called soul or spirit is keeping body and energy intact till death! Such hardliners don't confirm the existence of God and also don't rely on wisdom of Buddhism or Confucius too after being swayed by Communism that doesn't care for human sense and love but only money, force and power under the rule of dictatorship! Due to lack of understanding and faith in love, wisdom and God, hardliners believe believers and nations as weak and aggressively invade and bring them under their hard rules not realizing that love, wisdom and God can’t be wiped out!

Sans Freedom and Democracy No Peace and Progress in World!

Extremist ideologies following dictatorship nations like China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and so on make all wonder when their people have rights and liberty as in the well developed democratic countries of the world! Looking to be modern in look but still in obsolete in mind, China has only two classes of people such as dictatorship military rulers and subordinate people whether they are doctors or engineers or all workers! In the same way, Pakistan though has democratic govt., only has military dictatorship govt. to rule the people following fundamentalistic Islamic religion harnessing terrorists prowess by its intelligence to survive! Pitiably living people in dictatorship nations should rise ever against slavery to get freedom to progress!

Reform of Chinese Govt. A Must to be a Respectable Neighbour!

Just changing Chinese dress to modern dress, China can't become a civilized modern country in the world unless it respects friendship, coexistence and good neighborly relations with all countries everywhere! Russia was staunch follower of Communism and was administering Soviet Union for long till its change. Realizing the incompleteness of Communism, Russia has changed over to democracy to get its due respect! Being a disciple of Russian Communism, China should also reform itself politically, socially, humanly and internationally accepting democratic plurality, liberty and fraternity to be respected by all nations! To be respected by civilized countries of modern world, China should become free democratic country sooner...!

Who is Great Now in the World?

When the whole world has thrown out the obsolete, incomplete and irrelevant Communism, China has bagged top status as the big Communist country by its population, a Big Achievement? ! Likewise when the whole world wants to eliminate terrorism, only Pakistan supports and by becoming epicentre of terrorism, Pakistan has made a Big Achievement in that way if not in any way! By heroic deeds some achieve status of greatness and become popular in the world and by great achievements beneficial to all, some become great and become famous appreciated by all! But China and Pakistan too become well known in the world by their notorious acts of worthless military force and good for nothing military under the shadow of terrorism! Shakespeare says "Some are born great, some achieve it and for some, greatness is thrust upon them! " Who is great now?

The Act of Undiplomatic Nations!

Diplomacy is possible only if nations respect it for forward international relationship in the world. Disputes and conflicts may be there, but once settled it is diplomacy to forgive and forget as friends! After ceasefire and peace talk there after both sides withdraw troops from occupied areas of border sure. But this is not the case with China and Pakistan for decades in Kashmir, the integral part of India forever! Inch by inch acquiring others land sans following peace measures, both China and Pakistan try to fish in troubled waters whether there is natural disaster or Corona 2019 pandemic disease all over the world! Political ideology and religious terrorism, China and Pakistan stick to materialize their goals sans diplomacy!

Will Dream of Borderless One World Become a Reality?

Freedom loving birds fly anywhere and live joyful life in the natural world as all places and species are their kith and kin unlike animals who demarcate areas and live watchful of trespassers for security and safety! Freedom loving all humans like unity, friendship, development and progress in a borderless one world. This is the wish of culturally developed and also, technologically developed nations in civilized world! Only nations ideologically obsolete in thoughts, words and deeds indulge in expansion of borders worse than even animals in the forest that civilized nations in modern time today shun and aspire for borderless world! Nations adhering to extremism and communism need a lot to learn to up to date their knowledge and culture so as to become one with other civilized modern nations of the world to enjoy a free life as birds unlike animals in Nature!


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Comment Thank you so much for your nice view on present day world scenario !

T A Ramesh
24-Jun-2020 01:01 AM

Comment In the era of nuclear arms there has been no Armageddon. In the sixties it was reckoned we came within an inch of it between the USSR and the Kennedy regime. Non-nuclear nations have grown in status, as recently, in the Arab world, and socially, the BLM movement, as between two social classes, that convulse world society with their concerns.. The talk of world peace is hedged round with the nuclear deterrent - in a sense its guardian, even an un-mentioned context of the ideal life.

R D Ashby
23-Jun-2020 16:35 PM

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