Human Limitations: Is it possible to overcome them ?

Is it possible to overcome them?

There is no possibility to overcome thirst, hunger and sexual urge in the world. Human beings are advanced and higher than other living beings. Yet there is no difference between animals and human beings as far as perpetuation of species by the method of mating are concerned! As far as this aspect is concerned, human beings are evolved only from animals and everyone is a part of Nature. From this it is concluded that Nature itself recognizes sexual activities of all species so that perpetuation of species is possible on the Earth. So, only by culture, civilization and rationality, it is possible for man to restrain oneself of the natural urge to a certain degree but not completely by nature. Because of imperfection, incompleteness and limitations it is impossible to control oneself of one's natural urge unless it is satisfied by some means. Hence all living beings live in couples to achieve fruition or destiny of their creation in the world.

Power of Man

In spite of his natural drawbacks, handicaps and limitations, man tries to overcome them by creativity and the inventive power of his mind. Man is capable of doing many things by the use of his hands and feet; he is able to walk, run, climb on the tree and over the mountain, swim like a fish, but not fly like a bird. Animals and birds, when once they have known how to search for their prey or food, they survive independently without the company of their parents. But man is different in this respect. He needs the company of everyone and is also called as a social animal because of this nature.

It is well known that after crossing forty years and becoming blind John Milton composed the Classical Epic, Paradise Lost and then Paradise Regained that had made him immortal. Also, naturally deaf Beethoven composed classical music that brought him the title, genius. Very recently, physically crippled Stephen Hawkins, who is noted for his view of Space Science, especially the theory of Black Holes in Space and has become famous for his book, A Brief History of Time, is considered only next to Albert Einstein today. Likewise man has done so many things despite his drawbacks in the world. He has invented diving suite and submarines to discover the secrets of the ocean beds. He has invented aero planes and rockets to fly in the sky and also in the Space to discover the secrets of Nature. Materialistically man has almost mastered human body and mind but has to go a long way to know about soul or spirit.

Limitation of Life

Childhood, youth and old age are the three phases of human life that constitute the process naturally everyone has to undergo. Even in this, any one of the phase of life cannot be prolonged according to one's wish. Also the span of life cannot be extended according to one's desire. This is the fate of limitation of human life in the world. Youth is the phase of life everyone generally loves most as it is like the spring season so colorful, beautiful, enthusiastic, sunny and romantic that nobody forgets in life. Longevity of youth is the dream of everyone that scientists too do a lot of researches to discover a medicine only in vain. So, human life is also a perishable commodity like the fruits, vegetables and flowers one can see in Nature. Hence, if the health is good, youthful appearance can be maintained but the spring of youth cannot be maintained. So also old age is accompanied by disease, and finally death, which no scientific researches of man have yet found out a medicine to stop. That is why, after trying all sorts of things, it seems, man finally seeks spiritual satisfaction as the only good in life to put an end to his useless efforts in the world led by his endless desire.

Human Culture

Knowledge gives power to a person. But experience in life only gives wisdom to one. So, for many it is safe to live according to culture as it is based on wisdom. The aim of culture is harmonious human perfection. But in reality total perfection is impossible to achieve in the world and nothing is also permanent here. Culture that includes Art, Literature, Music, Dance, Religion, Nature and Universal Spirit gives an opportunity for humanization or refinement of man. Youth is the time sensual pleasure is enjoyed, which is only a small pleasure that cannot be prolonged in duration for many years together. So, this small sexual pleasure is not a permanent feature to achieve perfection, when the physical health, strength and vigor go away. Aesthetic pleasure or intellectual pleasure, though difficult to achieve, can be enjoyed for a long time depending upon the opportunities one gets if people of similar interests in art, literature and intellectual matters or criticism of literature and society are available for one's company. But this kind of pleasure is better than the first one. Finally, spiritual pleasure in nature, whether one has or not the company of a better half or persons of similar interests in other forms of pleasure, is available to one at anytime in life, which is permanent and in which real perfection can be achieved.

Defects of Modernity

Human pursuits leading towards perfection and in quest of permanence have achieved many remarkable things in Art, Literature and Temples of various religions. Also long before it has been well realized and established that more than human love and love in the beauty of Art , Music and Dance, spiritual love alone is ever non-perishable, immortal and permanent. But in the fast moving modern world how can man escape from the technological shell and stand and stare at Nature to appreciate its beauty and love or enjoy aesthetic pleasure impossible to avoid and forget or enjoy the blessed mood in communion with the divine spirit present everywhere in nature? Caught by the comforts of scientific technologies in AC residence and office with TVs and Computers, man lives a timetable life in the world dictated by Time. So, there is no chance for one to spend sometime in the Works of Art or go under the hot sun, where the AC Car facility is available, to see a glimpse of Nature around in the polluted environment in which mankind is living at present.

Nature versus Mechanical Life

In the civilized world man has forgotten Art, Culture and Nature, which are the friends, philosophers and guides or rather the stepping stones for his developments. Becoming a technocrat, man plans to start many industries not bothering about the environment or the natural resources dwindling in his ambitious pursuits in the world. In his fulfillment of his ambition, he has forgotten everything about natural or human life. Not bothering about his limitations or real problems man enjoys mechanical life in the world. To overcome disillusionment at the time of death, man goes to the extent of taking pain killers and dies peacefully too! So, after destroying Art and Culture, man is not bothered about the destruction of Nature either. Technological development leading to economic development has made man not to worry about other things, not even the other aspects of human life to such an extent that man has completely forgotten that he is part and parcel of Nature and with the destruction of Nature the whole of mankind too would be destroyed one day.

Terrorism against Culture

Art, Culture and Nature have become nothing before Religious Taboos, Technological Comforts and Money Power that are so influential that Human Values based on Beauty, Truth, Love and Justice have become meaningless and a thing of no importance at all. The religion that has made compulsory growing of beard and wearing of faz for men and wearing of purkha from head to foot for women, has encouraged Terrorism as the instrument of its policy to dominate the minds of people so that other religions, cultures and civilizations of the world can be replaced by it to have the world under the control of One Religion somehow or other. Not only that but also the terrorists had banned Cinema, Pop Music, display and sale of Audio and Video Cassettes, beautiful Pictures of Art and so on. But they destroyed buildings with bombs, made people hostages by hijacking planes and killed innocent women, children and men with sophisticated guns and grenades!

Kalidasa on Reflection of God

How is it digested by pious religious men, whose Religion preaches about Peace with God or Submission to the Almighty? How would any person of culture bear, when Beauty, Knowledge, Love and Justice were crushed to Death? It is written in the history of a nation that when aestheticism, genius and power have mingled together the nation will be peaceful, prosperous and joyous, which is the mark of a golden age. Even the great poet Kalidasa has said that when he happened to hear the heart moving melodies Music or see Beauty in everyone and everything, he saw the reflection of God. When this is so, how is it possible for the warriors of holy war to crush to death beauty, genius, and natural human expression in art, architecture and technological endeavors in the world, that too in the name of God? When man is supposed to overcome and excel his limitations in some higher order of endeavor, how can destruction of the kind, the terrorists are blindly and heartlessly venturing, be tolerated in the civilized world?     


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