Let the World Wake Up to Know Notorious Villains!

When Will Tail Stop Shaking?

Animal Farm and 1984 novels of George Orwell are still happening in the countries ruled by puppets under the full control of military force supporting extremism, terrorism and Communism as people are just pawns there! It is a great pity people are so patient, enduring and tolerant as if waiting for some other country to take action on their governments by teaching lessons so that animals can be kept in cages by humans there! Instead of humans ruling the nations, animals are ever ruling humans needing reversal of their positions there! Are the humans waiting for the time to change status there or God to set right the setback in such nations? Satire of George Orwell’s novels has changed the status of then supreme dictator of world with tail still shaking?

Respect and Honour Can’t Come by Cheap Means Ever!

Two kinds of nations have overwhelming support in world market; the one producing quality products and the other one producing cheap price products are the two vying with one another now - America, Japan and European countries for 1st set and China for 2nd set! Just seeing which is moving fast and copying it for producing at cheap price for marketing, China does its level best sure. By doing so, China doesn't earn a respectable place in world and a honorable status ever in the economic race of the world! Cunning and clever not only in economic pursuit but also in controlling people by providing jobs that way and stopping of the voice of youths for freedom and democracy in China. Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong demonstrations none forgets! Economically and socially to have a respectable and honorable status in the world, China has to go a long way by reforms sure!

Let World Humanity Wake Up to know Notorious Villains!

The more Chinese Corona Spreads in the world, the more anger of humanity turns on China leading to no compromise with Communist China that takes benefits from all over the world by returning only more and more harms to all! The world notorious fraud, China and its world notorious cut-throat chief of epi-centre of terrorism, Pakistan none can ever forgive, compromise and have friendship in the already paying heavy price for pollution, disease! Sans knowledge, good thoughts, love and friendship, how can any nation like China and Pakistan have coexistenceas good neighbours in the world along with love and friendship loving progressive nations here afterwards? When all are for high recognition for achieving ever perfection in deeds, China and Pakistan do worst deeds to be notorious in cheap tricks of business and ugly acts of terrorism to hoodwink humanity as stooges sure!

Evolution Needs to Turn Animal to Human in Man!

Natural evolution has developed man out of animal; but animal nature of man has not completely changed yet due to economic competition overshadowing ever humanism leading to force, violence and wars of world! Unless rationality is developed by education and nice training, knowledge, experience, wisdom, love and peace though imparted by world religions, animal nature will dominate by race, force, hatred, wars! Terrorism fostered by extremism instead of mysticism by sufism and military power inspired by communism instead of non-attachment and love by wisdom make nations indulge in wars till youth succumbs to old age! Love, knowledge, experience and wisdom fostered by high education only can turn animal nature to human!

Justice or Just Ice?

The unprecedented incidence we are witnessing in the world what can anyone say is when such stuffs will come to an end! Corruption. Pollution and infection are all outcome of some chronic disease humankind has been managing with out of no way! Wrathful Nature is making havoc due to climate change and also, Earthquakes occurring in the East or West or in the middle indicates a big change is what the world is going to see for good or bad God only knows to wake up all from sleep! Without pondering over these visible havoc, some are still indulging in competition to take the reign of power to make the world dance to the tune of comedy villains acting as if chivalrous knights of the past to establish peace! These charlatans can only smash peace to pieces but not establish justice but only just ice that melts away soon!

When Will Words Become Reality?

When will Corona pandemic come to an end in the world?
World is suffocated by pollution and threatened by wars;
Warrs of the world have changed it seems by disease;
Disease made in China is now transmitted to all places!

Places famous and remote are under the spell of Corona;
Corona, Corona, Corona ever seems to be echo in globe;
Globalization of Corona is new way of war by China now;
Now despite the deaths of its own people world men die!

Die all with the label as Made in China even for deaths;
Deaths by Corona China has made biggest achievement here;
Here in the world, how is it going to make this -ve +ve?
+ve achievement only can make China a reliable friend..!

Friend in need is friend in deed all know that as words;
Words when are they going to become reality by who now?

Protect Good Earth Forever!

Love, beauty and joy bring peace, unity and fulfillment to humanity driven to hunger, poverty and unemployment by corruption, extremism, pollution, disease and all ideologies dominating all by military dictatorship..! Ideals in support of freedom, democracy, justice and Knowledge have whole hearted welcome by all lovers of borderless one world functioning by friendship for peace, prosperity and progress of humanity ever sure! The present world has been driven to the precarious state of destruction already by negative aspects of governance sans a sense of goodness, beauty and truth lacking human sense and love needing to be revamped! Realizing the mistakes of past history of world, all need to strive for protection of this good Earth ever!


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