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Immunity to any Disease and Hunger too!

Nuclear proliferation and Space technology advancement have
Stood still before worldwide Corona pandemic now making all
Think about new ranges of viral diseases that could develop
After the present deadly viral disease threatening mankind!

Space journey to Moon and Mars have become a matter of dream;
When it becomes impossible to control a pandemic kike the
Present Corona, if any disease affects the settlers in Moon
Or Mars, how are the Space explorers will deal with it....?

Now the speculation is that after Corona, still more dangerous
Viral disease in an advanced stage will attack mankind in a
Most horrible state to bring an end to mankind sooner than
All scientists estimate and predict now and them later on!

All the trends indicate the development of humankind with
Highest level immunity to any disease and hunger too to make
Space journey not a dream ever but a positive reality in the
World full of negative thoughts only forever and ever sure!

Rely on Wisdom Rather Than Face Value!

Which is safe, reliable and wise - saving what we have in
Good condition or discarding it for new place unknown ever?
This is what our advancement in science and technology and
Economic pursuit we are doing with by corruption, pollution!

Earth is like a bird in hand we have to keep it well for
Our long lasting life rather than two in the bush like Ma
And Moon or Saturn for seeking fortune as in green pasture
Not reliable, sure and perhaps not ever lasting too then!

For deciding any pursuit for reliable progress it is apt
For man to remember that distant look enchants the view;
Though familiarity breeds contempt, what we know is safe
To rely and follow rather than being a prey to first quote!

Broad analysis and wise decision are always helpful to
Adhere to rather than jumping to wrong conclusion in hurry!

Life Goes On like Rise and Fall of Sea Waves!

I have been out of station for the past five months
With the hope that I will return home before the end
Of each month and still with that hope I am going on
Fully occupied with TV news and writing 130th Nook!

Water, electricity bills and house tax all pay ever;
Then general sales and services tax affects everyone;
Now likewise Corona affects the whole life of everyone;
We live life only with faith but for Corona with hope!

Everything happening according to our wish and thought
Seems to be like getting prize in lottery ticket shake;
For everything we should have luck to smile on us ever;
Otherwise, nothing can click positive for an end, it seems!

That too good or bad end also not for us to predict sure
And life seems to be going on like rise and fall of waves!

Life is to Experiment and Experience Pain and Pleasure!

Days go on whether one's body has pain or not sure;
But without pain, there is no life for anyone here;
Body is there to feel both pain and pleasure sure;
Perhaps soul is imprisoned to know pain and joy..!

Values of both pain and happiness in the world one
Cannot know and understand without body and with
Soul or spirit alone existing in the world or any
Where else in the whole of the vast Universe sure!

Knowing pain and pleasure and learning control of
Anyone and realizing that spirit is the final stage
To return to the home, all have to up grade soul
For achieving birth-less and deathless state ever!

Life is to experiment and experience all effects
Of feeling by body not possible only by spirit;
To realize this truth, man with body is created
In the world in an imperfect state to be absolute!

Genesis of Natural Poetry!

Free flow of words direct from the depths of heart
When expressed using knowledge, dream, imagination,
Desire, emotion, intellect and intuition lines of
Natural Poetry is constructed for enjoyment of all!

This is a great natural art being practised by well
Known romantic poets of the 18th century reflected
The great genius of philosopher Poet Samuel Taylor
Coleridge in friendship with Wordsworth did miracles!

Great poetic heart only created that kind of artful
Natural Poetry that involved and involves whole soul
Into activity According to Coleridge to produce such
A feat in world literature by natural Poetry sure!

Our gratitude goes to Poet Coleridge who only laid
The foundation for combining philosophy, poetry, art,
Science, politics and modernity to create the most
Flexible form of natural Poetry that all try to use!

Change Yardstick System to Measure Progress of Humankind!

In the modern material world, money based way of life
In the name of economic progress is the indicator of
The overall development of humankind everywhere sure!
The coming of Corona pandemic all over the world has
Led to clamping of curfew, lock-down of all businesses
And social distancing for want of medicine is a check!

Corona has put a great check on money system of men;
After a few months, relaxation has caused increase of
Prices of all items making honorable people beggars!
Money-less migrant employees in millions sans money in
Hand are begging for food, transportation to their
Homes and a place of shelter though no fault of theirs!

The system of measuring the progress of humankind has
To be changed to a new standard of yardstick sans money!

Regain Freedom to Live Life as All Wish!

Since time immemorial to all, animals and humans never like

Restrictions, hurdles, underdog status and controlled food,
But like to roam about anywhere, eat as much as one likes,
Fly free in air, dream beautiful ones and live in freedom!

Without freedom, no one likes to do anything and live as
One pleases in the world, where best things are free for
All to enjoy offered by Nature as all are children of
Nature and wish to die in control rather than in liberty!

But without discipline, sanitation and alertness, no one
Can enjoy eternal freedom in world life sure and due to
Man's free status, has lost control over himself and is
Learning lessons of discipline by Corona control in world!

Too much of freedom has led to present precarious status
Here needing all follow restrictions to regain freedom..!

Reckless Inglorious Death!

Whether service or disease, lack of discipline leads to

The inescapable and inevitable dangerous end in world life
This is true for professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians
And soldiers whether they are capitalists or communists!

Terrorists or communists, relying on weapons of mass havoc
And adhering to terrorism or communism go beyond limits
To achieve their goals without analysis of the worthiness
Only to meet with the horrible end of extermination sure!

For them, their terrorism or communism is thicker than
Any blood relation or human love or friendship forever;
They don't rely on any religion or creed as that is only
Opium to them that will will distract them from mission!

Such hard-nuts never respect any agreement and indulge in
Their worn out plan of reckless action to inglorious death!

Love and Humour Reform All for Progress!

Witticism has satire and humour blended in one
That kindles quick laughter and provokes thoughts
To correct irregularities in politics, society
And human world to act with good sense and love!
Human world is starving for good sense and ever
Longing for love, beauty, truth and bliss to live
To live a life of fulfilment achieving best things
For humanity as all things of Nature do for all!
No idealism is true, beneficial and progressive
Without fostering and flourishing on love ever
In the world always reeling in turmoil and fights
Sans an end for anything for the betterment of all!
Loving act of criticism with humour makes all think
Better to make reforms for the well being of all sure!

The Nature of Incorrigible Hardliners!

Hardnuts cannot realize, understand and know truth for sure
Unless things are explained from A to Z and proved by science;
For, they cannot acquire advanced knowledge by reading books
Because they don’t believe them due to lack of understanding!

Extremists and communists don't realize that all Stars and
Planets are functioning activated by Universal Spirit, God;
This is due to the fact that they don't accept a thing called
Soul or spirit is keeping body and energy intact till death!

Such hardliners don't confirm the existence of God and also
Don't rely on wisdom of Buddhism or Confucius too after being
Swayed by Communism that doesn't care for human sense and love
But only money, force and power under the rule of dictatorship!

Due to lack of understanding and faith in love, wisdom and
God, hardliners believe believers and nations as weak and
Aggressively invade and bring them under their hard rules
Not realizing that love, wisdom and God can’t be wiped out!

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